Derby Day Report Card

The big day was upon and I was locked and loaded. – I guess that means I had my E-Z Win Forms in hand and bankroll burning a hole in my pocket. Last year I started slow and went on fire late in the card. I was wondering how the day would treat me and decided on a plan to make my day a winner. – I decided to box the top four tier level selections for a $1 trifecta as there were full fields, and $6 to win on the top tier choice. That was $30 per race for 14 races for a $420 wagering plan. I was sticking to my guns come hell or high water and wasn’t going to change up this year. Here is my report card for Kentucky Derby 142.


Race #1– Wagered $30, caught the trifecta with the 2nd,3rd,and 4th choices.-The $1 tri paid =$33.20


Race #5 -I didn’t snag the trifecta, but my $6 to win on the top tier runner paid $17.80 for $53.40


Race #6 –I caught the “chalky “trifecta and had $6 to win on the top tier selection who paid $2.60 = Trifecta came back  $40.20 and the win ticket $7.80 total for $48.00 for the race.


I went a on drought watching races 7 through 11, and decided in the Derby for race #12 to box the exacta as well for the rest of the card for a $2 ticket. This added an additional $24 per race for races 12 – 14 for $72in addition. – I didn’t change up, but tossed in the exacta wager as the Derby has paid some blowout and Winning Ponies had prices dialed up. -I missed the chalk fest in the Derby but caught some steam in the 13th race.

Race #13 – The 2nd and 3rd selections ran one-two.- I missed the tri, but caught the exacta which paid a sweet $231.20.


My total wagering budget was $492, and the payoffs came back $365.80 for a net loss of $126.20 for the Derby card. – It wasn’t my brightest moment, but a million miles away from some of my great bone-head moves in the past. – It came out to be right about $9.00 per race, and I played the entire Derby card. We may have witnessed another great runner, and in a little over a week we’ll know for sure. – I didn’t pull away from my plans, but did bet a little more in the last three exactas from the same top tier selections. That Derby payoff was on my mind as I left some additional monies on the table by not snagging the 1st, 3rd, and 6th race exactas. I’ll have to factor that in moving forward in the Triple Crown, and we’ll check back and talk about our Preakness report card once the smoke clears. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies, and we’ll be bankroll building until they’re at Pimilco for the 2nd jewel.