Goals for the Second Half of 2016

If it has the ring of a boring financial report don’t worry. We visit the doctor for a wellness visit, and we make needed appointments for our vehicle maintenance. – This is the time when we revisit our goals and see where we’re heading. If you’re on target and doing well, we wish you nothing but the best and continue doing what works. – If you need a little tweaking to your game, then sit right back and take account of what you’re doing.


1. You need an edge over the competition = I’ve had the opportunity to work with gamblers on all levels. Some fly by the seat of their pants and hope they win today. The best players look for an edge that allows them to stay at the top of their game. – The bigger bettors and better handicappers spend most of their time deciding on how they will wager with their bankrolls. Hence, they utilize money management as much if not more. They have a data provider that allows them to use this time more wisely. I’ve seen every site that has a huge monthly membership charge and gives you an idea of potential winners. They are based on years of trends and some of the info is good. But you’ll have to spend hours pouring over the info and it takes a great deal of time just learning to use the data. I have never seen two players use it the same way. – Winning Ponies allows you to see in easy-to-use color coded tiers showing where runners fit into a race. They have all of the info you’ll find in any and all past performances, jockey / trainer stats, meet statistics, and they do work as a team. – The E-Z Win Forms allow you to change the weather tab if the weather gets sour and for no added charge you’ll have updated data at the click of a mouse. – Most providers put out data 72 hours in advance and let you play who they select. Did they take into consideration weather, last minute changes, track biases, or rider changes ? – No. It’s out there and they hope you score. – Winning Ponies offers up-to-the minute real time data, and you can follow along and see how the E-Z Win Forms are doing. As soon as the race is official, you’ll see the tier selections and how they did. – Many data providers charge the same amount for one race or the entire card. If you get a late start at Winning Ponies, you’re only charged for the races that are left to handicap on the selected card. – Use your time wisely. Use your edge to give you more time to decide how your going to put your data into action.


2. – Watch the races closely = When we have a wager sometimes we find ourselves looking for excuses during a race to make notes. – This is one of the worst moves you can make as you may be deceiving your senses. – You need to spend some time and go back with an unbiased eye to re-watch the races. – There won’t be ten notes per race, and if you keep an open mind for runners who are not getting the best trip. You’ll find yourself being more familiar when it comes time to sit down and handicap.


3. – Money management = You have to employ restraint. I know it’s hard, and I fight this battle from time-to-time. The wagering percentage I’ve watched the best gamblers use is the 5% rule. – Bet no more than 5% of your bankroll. No matter if you have a $100 or a $1,000, stick by the rule and watch yourself start turning a profit. – As your bankroll grows, so does your 5% wager. This allows you to protect your bankroll and stay in the game.


4. – Take Notes = Your teacher was right. Take notes and you’ll look back and remember what you were doing. – Be sure to take copious notes on who and how much you wager. This will allow you to go back after the fact and determine what you need to change or keep doing.


5. – Don’t rush, take your time = Don’t fly out the door with coffee in hand and drive 100 mph to make the daily double. This is a sure-fire way to have empty pockets in the long run. – Do your homework prior to wagering, keep tabs on the weather, and know how much you’re going to wager on the day. – Eliminate distractions, and keep your cool. Being prepared, beginning early, and spending more time on how you’ll wager is a recipe for a winning day. Give yourself a chance to win, and don’t just run and in and plunk down your bets.