Finding the Answer Maybe Easier Than You Thought !

I’ve been going through a rut of three outta’ four in the pick-four for quite awhile. I know, we’ve all fallen prey to the beast of gambling and we can’t stop this train wreck. – But for this gambler, here’s a little snapshot of me pulling my self out of the abyss.


I started at Belmont Park. Known to the faithful as “Big Sandy,” I was going to conquer the day with a little pick-four wager. – This time I wasn’t going to even handicap the race with my hours of pouring over material. I was going to the E-Z Win Forms and utilize the data. It has served me well in the past, and from time-to-time I fall off the wagon.


I was going to use the top three selections in races 1-4, and make two 50-cent tickets:


Race #2 – #7 Firestarter won and was the third top tier selection to pay a sweet $13.20


Race #3 – #2 – Comfort won and paid $2.90 as the top three selections were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


Race #4 – #4 – Orino was the second tier selection and it won and paid $14.00


Race #5 – #5 – Shoot from the Hip won and paid $5.80 as the third tier selection


My tickets came out to be 3 X 3 X 3 X 3 = $40.50 for a 50-cent ticket and I punched it out twice. – It came back to pay = $311.00. – That was for a $230 profit. – Not a bad start to the day if I say so myself.



Happy as a clam and overcoming the dreaded three outta’ four dance, I decided on making a pick-five and a pick-four at Gulfstream. – College football was playing in the background, and I was calling races. There was very little time to handicap and I was happy with my early success. – I chose to follow the E-Z Win Forms with the top two selections in each race, and was in the dark for the final race. – I seldomnly use the “all button” but I was in the dark and it looked like anything could win. So, I hit the all button in the final race making two 50-cent tickets. One for the impossible pick-five and the other for the pick four.


Gulfstream Park


Race #7 – #8 – Dave Hoeght won and paid $5.00 as the top tier selection


Race #8 – #7 – Dixie Doll was the 2nd tier selection and won and paid $9.20


Race #9 – #10 – Maid on a Mission was the 2nd choice and paid $8.60


Race #10 – #1 – Peace Militant was the top selection and paid $12.80.


Now comes the moment of truth. I had an all ticket in the last to land both 50-cent wagers. – I had a total of $80 in the pick-five and $40 into the pick-four wager. – In the past I usually end up with the big chalk hitting, hence not using the all button.


Race #11 – #10 – Fallen Leaf was the 10th overall selection and paid $4.00 / I was mad as hell at myself and started kicking the wall until I saw the payouts:

The 50-cent pick-five = $830.80, and the 50-cent pick four paid $486.15. – For an investment of $120, I received $1,316.95 for a profit of $1,196.95 for the final two wagers ! – On the day I was up $1,426.95 and all I did was drop back and use what’s been profitable for me in the past. – I told a couple buddies and they just looked at me like I was crazy, but then asked how to use the E-Z Forms. – They have called me twice looking forward to the races this week. They like Florida racing and I love New York. – I’ll keep you up-to-speed on how we do !


Take it from this handicapper who had very little time between catching glimpses of football and calling the races. – The Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms were solid and dependable. They are easy to use and were pretty darn profitable for me. – I wouldn’t start your handicapping without them, and who knows maybe you’ll have a good story or two for next week ! – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies !