Three Ways to Tear Down Your Race Track

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 23, 2016 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

You got it, and let’s get rid of it. – Nothing like an old eyesore in the days of ADW madness and phone betting.  Let’s blow up the joint and build another shopping mall that will be empty in two years. Nothing like the smell of demolition in the morning.

But if you’d like to have your iconic oval around for the near future, here are a couple of things you’ll want to keep in mind when you venture out next time. – Trust me, the demo men are just a call away and we’ll have turn this place to mountain of rubble in no time flat.


#1 – How many times have you seen players sitting in the carrel seats at the track and they’ll pick up their phones or iPad to make an online wager? I’m guilty as sin on this little problem, and let me tell you what’s going on. – When you wager with an ADW the track does not get as much money. That percentage of money the track gets and what goes into purses shrinks. – This helps the horsemen run for better money; the racing office to write bigger purse races; and the bigger purses attract better horses and bigger fields. – Bet you didn’t think that little phone call could cause all this trouble, but it surely does. – If you bet from your computer four times a month, go out and support you local track with two of those four visits. They make money to keep the game alive, and the better product may allow growth and bigger field sizes. – The little convenient phone call costs the track money all the while your sitting in your free seats.  – Think about the next time you reach for your device to wager. Your cutting your track out of the profits. – Not a good idea….


#2 – Patrons sneak in coffee, lunch, and one gent used to bring in a large cooler with lunch, snacks and dinner. – Food options at most tracks have gotten better over the years. – No longer do you have to choose from an old hot dog spinning for hours or a hamburger that cost a second mortgage. –  Tracks have become savvy and present a whole new menu. Some have a light sports bar fare and others have an upgraded version of the tried and true. – Long story short – when you sneak in your goodies, you cost the track a great deal of money. Food and beverage accounts for many of the profits and sometimes can be the difference of keeping the doors open. – If you use the four visit formula, sneak in your coffee and donuts once, and the other three times purchase from the stands. – They make money and you don’t have to stash your donuts in your jacket pocket. – F&B has kept tracks alive in many districts and it is an important source of revenue.


#3 – Let’s meet at the track! – That was the mantra for years before ADW’s and off-track betting parlors. We need to replenish the track with fresh players, and why not ask the guys from the next cubicle to meet you this Friday night to have a couple beers, bet a few races, and catch the local popular band? – The track has plenty of folks looking for a cheap date night and the tracks have honed in on the idea quickly. Use the track as the meeting place and enjoy all it has to offer. By the time your done, it was time to go out and hit the town anyway. – Tracks have become entertainment destinations and it is our responsibility to take part. – What’s the rub? Your going out so why not meet at the place where many are starting their evenings. – Who knows, you may have a real good time and it will become part of your weekly plans to meet friends.


I won’t cry a river, but keeping money away from the tracks and not supporting your local oval is a sure-fire way to watch the place turn into a another Bed Bath and Beyond.  – Go on out and you may be surprised what you see. Nothing like the hubbub of humanity swirling around and your night is off to a great start. – Just like the signage that begs you to shop local. The same goes for the track. If you don’t come, they will sell it and tear it down. – Give it the old college try. I think you’ll fall in love all over again.