Adjusting Your Sail to the Wind

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 18, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on Adjusting Your Sail to the Wind

There is no mistaking. When you make errors that cost you the big score, it hangs on you like a cheap suit. But, you can take it off at any time. Many turn the page and move on, and others will punish themselves for the day. – Do you know anyone like this, or did it hit home close?


Dick would ponder and study the program. He was finally set on betting the #4, but when he came back he had a ticket on the #8.- Well, needless to say, we can all imagine the outcome. – Dick was a good handicapper but not focused. He would let a person sway his bet with a few words waiting his turn in the long line.

John liked to play speed. Blistering speed in a sprint or going 2 miles. Didn’t matter. – He cashed a few tickets here and there but left plenty of money on the table not looking at the race completely. He could find the speed every time, but when the bias tilted toward closers he was done.

Thom loved to chase the big pots. – Races where multi-race exotics would have swelled carry-overs. – But, he never played these wagers. If the carry-over was huge he became a pick-six player. Good handicapper, but was a money chaser that took him out of his game. – He could play his tried and true wagers and have great days. It was only when he tried to shoot the moon and take down a P-6 would he get mowed down.


The name of the game is cashing tickets and keeping your bankroll moving. “Stick to your knitting” and play the wagers you are most comfortable with. – If you don’t play supers, don’t start today. Use the wagers that you win with. It’s when you try to stretch out and get out of your comfort zone. – As we approach Derby weekend there will be a heap load of money in the pools. You’ll see more (7-2) shots go off at (9-2). Stick to the wagers that you use every day