Wagering Ideas 101

by Ed Meyer

posted on November 1, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | Comments Off on Wagering Ideas 101

Keeneland has come up with a great new wager. The $3 all-turf pick three. – Incredible wager, and the base cost can insure it will pay a sweet return. But, in the times of racing falling behind the times of gambling/gaming. Is there more we could do to entice players to get involved in a multi-race wager that could have a big return?



If you like the $3 turf pick three, you may enjoy this. You may make a win, place, show parlay on any horse(s) in a race. Now, if it your first wager scores the entire amount goes on to the next race. – You could make a 5 horse parlay, or anything you like. You could go from turf to dirt, and play the wager anyway you like. All you have to do is keep alive for the entire amount to carryover to the next leg.

If there is $10 winner for example in the 1st leg, it would break down to $5 to win and place if you chose to make your 2nd leg a win and place wager. Sound easy? It is. – Tracks, ADW’s, OTB’s would love the wager as it would have a takeout for each leg. That means the purses get more money in the coffers, and the track makes a percentage as well. Everyone is a winner and all you have to is keep alive to the next leg. The entire winning amount carries over to the next. A true parlay, and you call the shots on how many races you want to play.


The E/3

Make an exacta wager in any race you like, but it has to encompass three exacta races. – Just like the parlay it would carryover to the next leg. – Talk about a sweet payoff! – Three exactas of your call, and the more horses you have involved the higher price the ticket. Maybe worth thinking about. – Three exctas and the entire amount minus the takeout rolls into the next. Sounds like it could have some big payouts for you!


Racing has to allow players plenty of room to reach out for bigger payoffs. Let them choose the races and be the decider of how the wager will play out. – Once upon a time racing was innovative, but has grown complacent over the years. There is too much competition without allowing players to chase the bigger pots, and the best part is they decide which races. Take a look back at Harness racing from back in the day. They had some great innovative wagers and players chased the big win. We need to step back and see how we can draw more horse players into the ring to have a chance at a big time payoff.