Old Tricks / Old Dog

by Ed Meyer

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Who says we can’t learn something new? The usual theory is we have to embrace new ways of thinking. – But, what about the old school ways we were taught coming up? – Here is a couple of old school handicapping tips we use to know but may have forgotten along the way.

This past winter I have been watching every race at Turfway Park. – A brand new surface, quality runners, solid connections, and a tough rider colony. – So, what ‘old tricks’ have caught my eye?


  1. – I’ve been going back after each race and looking at the program to see if there was something handicappers could have missed. – There were a couple of nuggets we may have overlooked. – Look for horses cutting back in distance with a drop in class. This holds true for two-turn races. Pair these two old-school ways of thinking and you may see a few winners that escaped your grasp. Give extra points to a trainer going to a high percentage rider.

2. – Sprinters going the distance for the first time. – Even if the runner has been traveling 6f and now faces           a mile. – Once they take the lead they’ll relax. Going the added distance has not been a problem except for               the horses who turn blistering fractions. – Keep this in your arsenal when glancing over the race.

3. – Going back to the regular rider. – Many times we’ll see runners who have a new rider and the new pilot             may not be as familiar with the runner. – I’ve been seeing a trainer have his regular rider in past starts only to           lose him/her with a new person in the saddle. There may have been scheduling conflicts to ride another horse           in that race; maybe the rider was injured or was out of town. All good reasons, but when you see the barn               bring back the rider, pay close attention. Nothing like having your regular boot in the irons.


For the year, I have taken notice of just a few ‘old school’ rules we tend to forget. Just use them as a kind reminder and I think you’ll see some change. – There is so much information and we try to keep up with all changes. This can be a tall task, but going back to a few tried and true rules may make your day a winner! – Give Turfway Park a try this week, and see if any of these rules can be found. – Check back for Wednesday’s card for some free selections.


Free Selections / Turfway Park / Weds 3/17/2021

by Ed Meyer

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Florence, Kentucky is going to have some rain late on Wednesday and thunderstorms on Thursday. – But, the good thing about running on the synthetic it’s always FAAAAAAST! – Best of luck!


Race #1 – #4- One Lucky Girl = Tim Hamm trainee who is dropping down two class levels where he wins 25%. Ships in from Tampa Bay and owns solid work to prepare. The class drop and turn back are good signs for the opener.

Race #2 – #3 – Master of War = 2nd time off the layoff dropping down two class levels. Switches to high % Chris Landeros winning 24% at the meet. 

Race #3 – #5 – Barton Hall = Retains Julie Burke and drops back a class level. – In this company, she came rolling late in the lane.

Race#5 – #8 – Extreme = 1st timer for Thom Drury who wins 23% with Mdn Sp Wt runners. His dam Extent has 6 starters and 6 winners to her credit. Malcolm Franklin and Drury win 31% as a team. (8-1) on the M/L may be a gift.

Race #6 – #1 – Nineeleventurbo = Play of the night – Beaten chalk last three efforts for Mike Maker who usually scores at a 22% clip on this angle. Sharp work and switches from Bejarano to Gerardo Corrales winning 26%.

Race #7 – #5 – First Deputy = 2nd start of 2021 and this New York-bred is in the hands of Jack Sisterson who wins 80% going to first time claiming.

Be sure and download your complete E-Z Win Forms for the definitive approach on how the race will take shape. Easy to use, and very effective in finding runners who will rise to the top. – Best of luck from Winning Ponies!



The Long Strange Trip to the Middle

by Ed Meyer

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Once upon a time, the big three games of chance were baseball, boxing, and horse racing. If you wanted to get a bet on you had to go to the track, Las Vegas, or have the number of a local bookie. – It may sound simple, but times were good and the action was constant.

Sports betting erupted and rolled like a downbound train. Betting was only getting bigger. Pari-mutuel wagers allowed the house to take a cut and keep the action funded. Betting with “your man” got your action down without having to leave the house. It seemed like betting was getting easier and the action was non-stop.

Enter the casinos. – If you wanted to play the one-arm bandits you had to travel to Vegas or Atlantic City. As the years rolled by, interest in the “big three” began to wane. – Racing was sold a bill of goods where casino companies could save racing. Sound too good to be true? It is…

Casinos would come in and buy up your old track and sell the plan of making a glitzy destination where the faded old track once stood. – The racing game became complacent and instead of investing back in the sport when the handle was good for decades, they just let them fall into disrepair while raking in the handle. – Casinos had an ace up their sleeve. They did buy up the tracks and plan to do little if anything to keep racing alive and flourishing. Funny thing, it was that old track with a gaming license that brought them there in the first place.

Gamblers thought they would have a rejuvenated racing product to play and could even venture over to the casino side to play some games. – From what I’ve seen. The racebooks are nothing more than a small room with a teller and a couple of self-bet machines. Three TVs showing various signals, and that is your state-of-the-art betting palace. – The rest was large areas of varied slot machines guised under many names. – Betting on the horses wasn’t as lucrative as watching grandpa drop his monthly check into the machines. Glitzy, fast, and mindless with a higher profit margin than racing.

We had come all this way thinking we were finishing the journey only to find out we were lingering in the middle. – Racing is being slowly and quietly pushed out, and it won’t be long until it’s gone. – I attended the grand opening of a new casino. It had all of the glamor advertised on the billboard and a new generation of guests had arrived. They enjoyed the rapid-fire action and didn’t know if they won until the wheels stopped spinning. – A marketing specialist came up to me and pushed the loyalty card and all of the wonderful rewards they had been trained to offer. It was after a few minutes of casual conversation that the truth came out of the mouth of the marketing guru. “We’ll get those horses out of here soon and we’ll start major expansion.” – Little did they know I worked in racing and cringed at the words being given to me on the down-low. – That is the plan, and if you doubt one word just take a look at the racing landscape.

For the folks that support the demise of racing, just wait until the same folks make their way into your favorite sports. Football is too brutal, baseball is dangerous, and basketball is tough on the athletes. Trust me, it’s coming, and the only televised sport will be kickball in a plastic bubble. Maybe. – Thoroughbred racing has been taking place since the 1700s and with all sports, there can be measures instituted to make the game safer for the horses, riders, and a host of others who are behind the scenes. Instead of ridding the gambling landscape of beauty and pageantry. What can we do to make it better, safer, and more interesting for new players? – Those are the questions that need to be addressed.

Just wait until your favorite team has a player who twists his ankle. They’ll start finding ways to sanitize the game until it’s all but gone. You have a voice, and it is your discretionary dollars that will fund the venture. Even if you’re not a fan, be aware there will be a new victim after demolishing another track, decoupling dog racing until it disappears, and expanding the machines until they are at every 7-11 on your drive home.

In the meantime, I’ll just sit here in the middle and wait for the next track to fall by the wayside. It has been happening for quite some time and it’s only the beginning.



Just Call Me by My Name

by Ed Meyer

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I’m not fond of being called a guest or a patron.- The first is when you invite me to your home for a wine dinner and great conversation.  The second is someone who sends checks to the Arts and supports your local symphony. Both good, but not for me. I’m a gambler, and I wear the moniker with pride.

Have you noticed the names have changed over the years? They have been sanitized for your protection. – We no longer use terms like making a bet, hammering a horse, or going for broke. We use terms like; playing, gaming, and entertainment. – Not for me.

I like being called a gambler, handicapper, or player. – I enjoy the process of breaking down a race and making a bet. I’m not looking to be on the cover of the casino digest wearing a tie and jacket holding a glass of Merlot. – I’m the guy in the back of the racebook close to the betting windows surrounded by a heap of handicapping material. That’s a gambler. No hi-fives over a $4.20 win on the penny slots. – If you hear me stand and raise my voice cheering you can bet I’m closing out a sweet pick-four.

Give me a smoke-filled racebook where gamblers are plotting their next bet or examining the big game. – There is something about being in the ‘pit’ with bettors like yourself. –  Matching wits and coming up with the answer with hard work, study, and luck. No pulling a handle or rapid-fire button pushing to watch reels spin making you dizzy not knowing if you’ve won until you hear the fake sound of coins hitting the tray.

Yeah, you can call me many things, but being a gambler is one of the sweetest sounds to this bettor’s ears. I’m there to win money and make my bankroll swell. Watching the horses or the big game is pure enjoyment especially after you hit the big score. Next time you pass the racebook on your way to play the “Big Buffalo” game. Stop in and give it a try. Bet you’ll love it.

Ranking The Best Weight Loss Pills Of 2021Best Working Diet Pillsare Diet Pills The Silver Bullet For Obesity?

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Ranking The Best Weight Loss Pills Of 2021Best Working Diet Pillsare Diet Pills The Silver Bullet For Obesity?

What people explode is Ye Batian s divine writing fat loss nutrition, which is not true My grandson, I didn t explode the gods King Da Qin comforted himself for a while, it was okay, his grandson was not so wasteful, at least better than Dao Wang s grandson, he killed Sunyue Qizhong bullshit, it was Minghe who killed him At least my grandson didn t kill his teacher Human race no peace This sentence sounded in my heart. Best over the counter diet pills that work If you don t kill Su Yu, all races will not be at ease.Where did that kid go now Chapter 395 The change of the ancient city is over please subscribe to the monthly pass The ancient city is turbulent, and the sun and the moon fall.At the borders of all major war zones, large armies are gathered to prevent the sudden outbreak of a war of ten thousand realms.And the central theater, where the monster race is located, is not so tense because of the natural defensive front of the Star Sea, and the monster race has not been able to unify, the border is the most unorganized.The battlefield of the heavens, a place where the sky is round.The Quartet is occupied by the four major races of gods, immortals, humans, and demons.In the central area, because of the vast sea of stars, other races are troublesome to survive.
Then naturally you will be good looking thermo burn on shark tank, what anxious Liu Hong was unable to complain, and said helplessly Unfortunately, Su Yu is still too weak, otherwise, defeating Zheng Yunhui, it means that he is now confident of entering the top 100 list, creating some pressure on those guys, and it is better to kill those few. Live lean formula 1 The guys in the top 100 list, you will be valued again How fast Bai Feng said weakly He has made rapid progress He is far worse than Zheng Yunhui, so give him a little more time.He is also growing very fast, Liu Hong, I am not in a hurry, what are you in a hurry.Liu Hong scolded, can I not be in a hurry I finally got some benefits from the above, and now it s gone again, and it s back to the way it was before.Can I not be in a hurry Since the news that the teacher s deadline was coming out, his treatment has been worse than every day.The teacher closed the deadlock and couldn t come out.Now his faction doesn t have much right to speak.Good things are offered to other people first, such as Hu Wensheng, this trash, and then he will be considered Liu Hong.Otherwise, where would Hu Wensheng s qualifications ride on his head Bai Feng, you don t take it seriously anymore Forget it, just as you are, you are one line, you deserve to die of the inheritance, just your careless attitude, he, I m not an outsider to care about The fire is big Bai Feng is also very depressed.
For the remaining five people phentermine 15 mg capsule reviews, Zhu Tiandao and Qin Hao each blocked one person, General Manager Hu and General Zhao joined forces to resist one person. How long for contrave to work The five small world guards of the Xia family and the two Quasi Invincible fight each other, and they were suppressed everywhere.In the void, the remaining three quasi invincibles, you look at me, I look at you, are a little surprised and shocked.This was just the beginning, and one was killed They also did not sense the return of Niu Baidao, which had a great relationship with Hu Xiansheng s portal, and it was transmitted instantly.In the distance, Zhu Tiandao laughed and said Xia Xiaoer, the first quasi invincible person killed in Daming Mansion, we killed it Xia Houye just wanted to answer a few words with a loud noise Below, a dark guard commanded, was instantly blown up A demon god with seven layers of sun and moon, coldly looking at the four directions, this is not the first.At this moment, Xia Yunqi Hong Tan and the others are also fighting in blood, shaking in the void.Chen Yong has already advanced to the sun and the moon at this moment, and he has quickly shot out from the city, and he has no time to stabilize his realm As soon as Niu Baidao showed off, he was beaten by the three Quasi Invincibles and he vomited blood continuously, and he no longer had the bones of the fairy wind.
I am I don t really believe that he can perform this kind of perfect exerciseOf course best fat burner 2014, there are exceptions to everything. Best thing to take for weight loss What I care more about is his talent, even if he may have inherited it, you can take a look He shook his fan , Said with emotion It has been more than 4 months since enrollment, from Kaiyuan to now, 320 Kaiyuan Apertures Terrible On average, close to 3 Kaiyuan Apertures a day.Besides, you have to practice willpower.Look, willpower is not weaker than Tengkong., Seven or eight second order divine textsThis guy, in the search realm, that is unique These things, inheritance is not enough, they also need talent.Su Yu had the chance and talent, but lacked a bit of luck, in the Great Xia Mansion, he was very suppressed.Fifty years ago, the five generations were still there, and now they are probably the leaders of the young generation of Daxia Mansion, and even the young generation of the Human Environment Civilization Master.Zhu Tiandao disagreed and said It s just the fortunate generation, who have gained some inheritance, just like that, there may not be some geniuses in our Daming Mansion, the world likes to exaggerate He was talking, a middle aged gentleman.The sound transmission note lit up, the middle aged frowned slightly, and quickly picked it up and looked at it for a while.
The biggest casualties were not the frontal battlefield wellbutrin and weightloss, but were caused by the enemy s pursuit and killing when they collapsed. Over the counter colon cleanse at walmart So, when the human soldiers enter the battlefield of the heavens, the first lesson is not to collapse Those who charge on the front line are definitely veterans.The veterans over ten years, the most elite group, will not collapse even if they are killed or injured more than half of them If the recruits rush to the front line, once the casualties are severe, the entire legion will be destroyed.They were dragged down, and it was not one or two who were blown up by the army by their own people Su Yu nodded, and Liu Pingshan relieved him of his doubts.He had been thinking before, whether the Ten Thousand Clan Religious side was panicking, whether the Ten Thousand Stone was a bit stupid, why he wanted to hide, and simply kill him.Maybe he really hoped to run, and even turned defeat into victory.Now I understand, the key is fear of death.No one is not afraid of death, are they not afraid of Liu Pingshan Also afraid The main thing lies in the idea, persistence, belief, and dare to fight Uncle Liu, that human legion is the strongest in the battlefields of the heavens Ahem Liu Pingshan was a little embarrassed.

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Do Male Enhancement Pills Work?Himalaya Weight Gain Productsotc Erection Pills

It is conceivable that such an ancient existence sex enhancing drugs, How strong can it be Zhou Ming nodded slightly, Lord Dragon God has returned. Pills graphic He has seen Su Hang and gave him a dragon printed armor.The armor is transformed by the scales of Lord Dragon God, although it will not protect him.He has survived thousands of catastrophes, but once Su Hang is in danger of life, Lord Dragon God will have the feeling.But this time, after Su Hang s accident, I have asked to see Lord Dragon God.Lord Dragon God said, Su Hang is not dead.When Guan Shi heard this, his face was a little green, Su Hang, who has such a big background, was actually related to Lord Dragon God To be continued.m.Chapter 546 Wait another month For those whom the Dragon God personally pays attention to, this matter has gone too far.You know, Dragon God is too Ao, that s one of the eight school directors.It took a long time before Guan Shi came back to his senses, Brother Zhou, are you sure Su Hang is not dead If Su Hang really has a relationship with Dragon God, once it is confirmed that he is dead, waiting for Alex and others, I am afraid.It s not just imprisonment.Zhou Ming nodded slightly, Lord Dragon God personally said that there will be no falsehoods.
It has been a long time since they were so scared. Tips for staying hard after coming I wanted to hit you with 20 lashes penis operation, but you actually want to escape punishment, add one more crime, forty lashes, stretch out your hand.Su Hang said coldly, actually wanting to use the rules of time and space to fight against himself., But he didn t know that Su Hang was also a time space supernatural power.Although his reaction was slower, he broke free from the constraints of time and space in time.Hearing Su Hang s words, Ye Qingyang was terrified.He raised his head and looked at Su Hang.He stretched out his right hand without observing the command at all.Down.Ah, God, be forgiving As the feather duster in Su Hang s hand fell again and again, this time, it was Ye Qingyang s turn to scream and scream.Several Zerg elders kowtowed at Su Hang, including Feng Danniang and others who came out of Wanque Forest with Su Hang, also knelt on the ground, and kept kowtow to Su Hang, begging Su Hang to forgive their patriarch.Every time, it seemed to twitch everyone s heart, and every scream of Ye Qingyang made everyone s heart twitch violently.Finally, the fifty whips were over.What s strange is that Ye Qingyang s realm just fell from the peak of the Heavenly Sovereign Realm to the first grade realm of the Heavenly Sovereign Realm.
Although the slave and maid did not know how he suddenly appeared aphrodisiac sister, but the slave and maid guessed that he must have lost his skill. Which food increase sexuality The slaves and maids don t know how much they have recovered back then.Even though the difference between the realm of heaven and the realm is only the first order, it is a world of difference.Su Hang originally wanted to say, someday he would take Liu Ruxu to find Hongjun.If he wants to avoid seeing himself, let Liu Ruxu smash the door of his Purple Heaven Palace.Thinking about it now, it seems that I have been thinking too much You just said, what is the name of your exercise, tell me a good student Su Hang said.Liu Ruxu took a deep breath, Given the master, the maidservant s practice is called Nine Turns of the Sky Demon Magical Technique , which is a magical technique handed down from the immemorial times What is the Nine Turns Su Hang asked.Liu Ruxu replied, The so called Nine Rehabilitation means that after reaching the peak nine levels, you can transfer to the first level and then rebuild it.A total of nine times, which is equivalent to ninety nine and eighty one levels, each time you rebuild., There will be a geometric multiplier increase in skill.
Niu Dali seemed to have only reacted now. Tips to pleasure a man At the beginning horny corner, he was able to worship Ba Zun as his teacher, but it was thanks to the kind words that Su Hang said in front of Ba Zun.Moreover, he could also see the relationship between Su Hang and Huang Tianba at the time.Extraordinary.A word can make Huang Tianba accept him and Xue Qi.If Su Hang wants to apprehend his teacher, I m afraid he would have already done so.Should I wait to fill in this form Tian Dao is orthodox, can you figure it out clearly Huang Tianba was still unwilling to ask again.In his opinion, Su Hang might not know that Huang Tianba had the identity of Tian Dao orthodox at the time, and now he knows it., Maybe you changed your mind temporarily To be continued.Chapter 786 Monk, I m back again What is Tiandao Orthodox That means the preacher of the heavenly path, like a disciple of his own, worshipping under the Yuxu sect is equivalent to worshiping under the sect of the heavenly path, the heavenly path, that is the path that all monks pursue.If you become a disciple of the heavenly path, the road to practice can still be Isn t it smooth This is also the fundamental reason why Shenxian Academy attaches so much importance to it.
Hui really huge penis, my master is in this Xuanhuang world. Enlarge my penis naturally At the beginning of the last epoch, he had already achieved the Dao Realm, and now he has become a monk of the Dao Realm 2nd Rank.The Dao Realm 2nd Rank Hongjun exclaimed, it was almost impossible to close his mouth.He looked at Yin Wushang in front of him in a daze, and was completely speechless.He knew that Yin Wushang must have a high realm, but he never expected that this was actually a great realm.Great realm, the existence above the realm of heaven, isn t this realm, there is only one realm of realm of heaven, and now a realm of great realm has actually ran out, and it is the existence of the realm of great realm at the beginning of the last epoch.It is unimaginable, it is really unimaginable, that in a small Heavenly Venerable Realm, he can actually face to face with a powerful Dao Realm, Hong Jun couldn t help but wonder if he was still dreaming at this moment.No wonder, it s no wonder that such a powerful elder brother, in front of this person, is so cautious.He said that my future achievements will still be above him.Doesn t that mean that I will also have the day when I will achieve the great realm Thinking of this, Hongjun couldn t help but feel excited.
There are many researches on artificial hearts in the world fore play before sex, but who would dare to say that the artificial heart he has developed can completely replace the function of the heart This time, Xue Xuan only felt that it was not very reliable, but Su Hang had always made the impossible possible. Essential oils to make you horney She did not dare to deny Su Hang s research results before seeing the function of this heart.When this heart is installed on Sister Rong s body, let Sister Rong come to answer for you at that time.Su Hang said mysteriously, and then took the heart into the bathroom.The siblings were left looking at each other, and they didn t know what Suhang was selling.Call up the system, choose to refine this source force heart, the energy point is already prepared.Special refining requires 1ooo energy points each time, but the success rate is less than one thousandth.In order to be safe, Suhang could only choose to abandon special refining and choose ordinary refining instead.Ordinary refining requires 1oooo energy points, which can refine items nearly three times, and the success rate of refining is 100.At least, Suhang has not encountered refining failures in ordinary refining.A few minutes later, Su Hang came out of the bathroom, still holding the Yuanli heart in his hand.
Suhang did not neglect sildenafil 100mg walmart, and immediately rushed to the sky. Pills that get you high over the counter Cangwu Palace After learning the ability of Jiang Daoli, a master of the wooden clan, Su Hang could already recognize ancient characters.He recognized the characters on the stone plaque at the gate of the palace.After the vicissitudes of life, the stone plaque has long been weathered, and the words on it are also blurred, but Su Hang can still recognize it.This must be an ancient relic Xiao Kun had already pushed open the door of Cangwu Palace, Su Hang walked in with a bit of anxiety, his chest was surging, but he didn t know what was waiting for him in this Cangwu Palace.As soon as we entered, Suhang felt a little weird.This architectural style was a little weird.I don t know if there was no roof or the roof was destroyed.Anyway, after Su Hang entered the palace, what he saw was the clouds in the sky.This hall is very large, and it is tens of thousands of square meters to say nothing.There are high walls around it, but there is no roof on the head.The whole hall is more like a great hall, but there are no tables and chairs, and it is empty.In the extreme depths, there is a high platform with a jade seat on it.Su Hang climbed onto the high platform, and subconsciously sat on the jade seat, imagining the crowded scene in the temple below, quite the feeling of the Tiandu Peak enshrining the world.
This almost made the hearts of both of them sink to the bottom. Why is cialis so expensive 2016 His Majesty Dragon Emperor does viagra lose effectiveness over time, when did seniors say he will leave the customs The Lung Tuberculosis God asked Su Jin.This can t be said, and you also know that it s unclear to practice such a thing in retreat.Looking at the anxious two, Su Jin smiled and said, The two don t have to be in a hurry, you can be at ease with me.I live in this palace.When my father leaves the customs, I will definitely notify the two of them as soon as possible.This is the official Chinese, it sounds good, but you can t believe it.The two plague gods are old people, so how can they not move these Your Majesty Dragon Emperor.At this time, the Sneezing Man of Epidemic God said, Can you help us to knock, I know this is wrong, but His Majesty Dragon Emperor does not know it, and my master has a very bad temper.It has been delayed for so many days, and if we drag on like this, my host will start a fire, I am afraid that this world will be turned upside down.Sincerely speaking, the two people are like ants on a hot pot.Kneeled down to Su Jin.Su Jin hesitated, Two seniors, what kind of character is the master in your mouth Why do you have to invite my father Where is my father going You have to explain this clearly This The two looked at each other, both of them stagnated.

Handicapper, Interrupted

by Ed Meyer

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We have a path, a plan, and a vision of what it’s supposed to be. Sometimes our love of betting is hitting on all cylinders, and other times there are distractions. I’ve had a few in my life. A place where you try to reconnect with your love of watching and wagering on horses only to find you’re lost. This is a place where inner-soul searching takes place to find your way home again.

Horseplayers are different than other gamblers. We relish the process of mining the data and finding our nuggets of gold. We’re not about speed and rapid-fire bets where reels dizzy our senses and realize we’re broke before we started.

I’ve worked in racing since I was 18 years old. It was a stepping stone into many other opportunities, and I enjoyed every step along the way. – The track I was working was changing. No longer were we making huge strides and breaking new boundaries. It was being taken over by smaller minds who wanted to wash away the creative juices and replace them with rules, and not taking calculating chances with plans for the future. No longer was I in love. It was time to leave.

It was June 2003, and I asked my wife if I could leave and go back to teaching school. – My only real ask was if I could cash in my small 401-k and try my hand at gambling to make money before going back to school. She agreed, and little did she know my plans were never to see the school. I had my opportunity.

On July 23rd, I walked to my car on a Sunday afternoon. No gold watch, ticker-tape parade, or even a handshake. I tossed my keys on my desk and walked out after 17 years. I thought it would be my last day working in racing, but the road has many twists and turns. – I started taking copious notes and kept a journal in a leather binder. I only watched New York, Florida, and California. My plan was to make two to three-place bets every week ( mainly on Saturday due to the size of the pools). I would go to the track after reading charts and making a list of horses to play. Finally, after two weeks of scouting horses to play, I was ready for my first bet. I think he is still running. This first shot showed me quickly it was harder than it looked.

After a few losses filled with worry as I walked to the car. Things began to come together. – I started with $14,000 and it dropped to $10,000 very quickly. – It was a $700 place bet on a turf horse that paid $5.60 that started my fire. As I cashed for $1,960; I knew I had a plan. That summer was filled with many smaller winners; with my acceptable place value of $3.40. Things were fitting like a glove. – No impulse plays, small tracks off the radar, and my focus was New York turf races mainly. I did venture to Chicago on marquee turf days, and California offered many small fields that could hit my target odds. I remember my big score of the summer. I waited for a horse to run for three weeks as the turf was rained off. But, today it was perfect and he looked even better. His odds went off at a sweet 8-1, and I was going to bet more than ever before.

After watching him sneak up the rail and draw away. I was more than elated. He paid $7.20 to place, and I had made a $1,750 place wager. $6,300 later heading back to my seat to watch and take notes. I knew I had a fighter’s chance. – I was only making two or three wagers for the weekend and felt like it limited my exposure to the windows. Every once in a while a list horse popped up on a Wednesday or Friday. I just popped in, made my bet, and headed back to the car after the race. -I was getting pretty good at reading the charts and watching replays from home. Things were moving.

My only change for my regimen was playing Breeders’ Cup. – There is plenty of money on the table and opportunities would soon be dwindling as racing goes to sleep for a few months after Breeders’ Cup. I had made all of my bets for the day and watched the first race. As soon as the horses crossed the finish line I had a call from my wife at work. ” I bet you didn’t have that price horse.- Well, it paid for all of my wagers and the rest of the day is profit.” – Not a bad start for an under-card race on the day. It turned out to be a good day for this handicapper. Things were looking good.

I would skip days just trying to grind out daily wagers. This helped my focus and would keep me watching the better horses. – Off days were playing with son, cutting the grass, and cooking out nightly. Things were working out and everyone was happy. But, as with every story, not every page is golden. – We went to bed one night and my wife never woke up. Life had changed on a dime. In an instant, I became a single parent, no job, and my handicapping experiment monies allowed us to stay in our new home for two more years. I stopped playing for quite some time. I had lost my better-half and my mind was not in the game. The betting experiment was over.

My son and I moved into a smaller home, and we’ve had plenty of good times. Oh, there have been some bumps in the road, but life did eventually move forward. – I found a turn-around opportunity at River Downs as the marketing director, and after my six years of having fun in the sun; other doors have opened since. Racing was my first love. It allowed me many opportunities and has been my partner most of my life. – I look back and feel that time was an interruption for me playing the horses. There was no telling where it may have taken me, but life calls, and things can change quickly. But, the changes to my life may have been a wake-up call. It allowed me an opportunity to take a shot, but as quick as it started it was over. But other chapters and life filled the pages.

With each passing year; I feel gratitude and happiness getting to follow my love. Rarely are we afforded the opportunity to take our big shot. – I count myself lucky to have had the chance to play for a living. I still love to play the horses and the excitement still sends chills down my arm. I’m a horseplayer, and I think I’ll always be. But more importantly, I’m a father, son, and brother to the best man I know. – I’m lucky. To have family and friends and a job history painted with colors of happiness. What more could a man ask for? –  In the title, it says “interrupted.”- Looking up the meaning you’ll see; “to break uniformity or continuity of a hot spell occasionally interrupted by a period of cool weather.” – After many rounds of good and bad, we’re in a good place. It is wise to appreciate these times and remember them on days where we need a boost to get us back on track.


Looking for Trouble?

by Ed Meyer

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Unclench your fist and put away your tough-guy look. – I’m talking about looking for trouble that could make you money. Yes, you heard it correctly. Making money by looking for trouble. – If you want to look for some trouble to keep your bankroll growing. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind.


  1. – Clear your head and don’t make up troubled trips that really weren’t that bad. – Open mind, and keep tabs on just the facts.
  2.  – Watch the gate break.  – Look for immediate bad steps, or if a runner is off slow, forced out, or checked up costing precious ground.
  3.  – Once the field settles watch for horses who are forced wide, trapped in a pocket, or forced to take back due to trouble.
  4. – Middle move action. – This is crucial after a bad start. – Did the horse make up ground only to tire out? – Did they show good energy and fade late? – All good signs. A horse has only so much energy for a race and it’s taxing when they’re forced to use it up quickly. This is a playback I like to call middle-movers. Not enough to get a winner’s circle picture, but enough to come back and look for a cleaner trip next out.
  5.  – Did the rider give an all-out effort or just enough to cross the finish? – Look for a better rider change next out from this move. Very good sign. Trainers know their horses better than anyone.
  6.  – Watch closely as the closers or speedsters cross the finish line. – Did they immediately slow down or did they go on another 1/16th past the wire? – These are runners to playback with gusto. They may have been using this race to springboard onto bigger and better things.

Keep looking for trouble and you’ll find it. – This is an old school tactic many have employed since racing first began. – “Trip handicapping” is an art that takes patience, an open mind, and the knowledge of what to look for. – It will take some time, but when you start recognizing the little things, they will pay big dividends the next time out they run. – Best of luck, and may you find all the trouble you can handle!

The View from Above

by Ed Meyer

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The days of packed grandstands have taken a break. Just a little break, not forever. – There is nothing like looking down and watching the sea of humanity talking horses, laughing, and enjoying the day. Over the years, people have asked me my favorite part of the racing day. – For me, it’s easy. The people.

I love to come to work a couple hours early. I stop and chat about who we like for the card. – Nothing better. Some of the folks are new faces wanting to talk about the sport of racing, and others remember me when I was a young parking lot kid many moons ago. That is the best start of the day.

As the track announcer, I enjoy having friends stop by and catch a race from the best seat in the house. The friends are ones I’ve known for decades and new ones who ask to come up are always welcome. – Many folks in this occupation don’t take enough time doing this. – I like to think of it as being on a roller coaster. Is it more fun to ride by yourself, or have a packed car of excited people there for the same reason. – I like to share the ride. Answering questions, letting race fans watch, or if they’re bold enough they can call them on the track and even a few have tried their hand at calling a race. – These are the best moments.

The booth sits at the highest point and I have the best seat in the house. I watch horses walk up to the paddock, owners, and trainers excited about the upcoming race, and families and friends enjoying the day. – If you’re there and have a birthday in your group, an anniversary, or some great news. Stop up and see me. I love sharing the good news with everyone and give a special shoutout making your day a winner.

Watching the fans has been a one-of-a-kind joy. Some come daily, others make the yearly trek to the races, and new fans enjoy the energy of the day. – On my way out, I stop and speak with fans who are hanging around for that late simulcast race when the card is complete. – We talk about big scores, the one that got away, and what we’re looking forward to tomorrow. Good stuff. -The privilege is mine, and by the time I find my car I’m already thinking about tomorrow. –  Best of luck, and I’ll be looking for you at the races!

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How Fat Burners Work To Help You Lose Weightgarcinia Burn Pillsbest Appetite Suppressant To Curb Hunger

by Horstradamus

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How Fat Burners Work To Help You Lose Weightgarcinia Burn Pillsbest Appetite Suppressant To Curb Hunger

Where there are people skinny girl weight loss pills, there will be complicated human hatreds, and even monks can t avoid the secular. Hydroxycut diet pill Ye Fan probed from him.A wooden box was found in his arms, and then he kicked him open.With the help of the light of Xingyue, he slowly opened this somewhat heavy sandalwood box.There is a pale yellow stone in it, which can be as thick as a thumb and as long as a knuckle.Although it is a small piece, it is very heavy to start.Ye Fan felt a vigorous vitality.According to ancient records, in the era when the heavens and the earth blended together to produce all things, the vegetation was prosperous, the creatures were powerful, and the elixir was endless, and it produced many sources , like amber, but contained a lot of life essence.This is the source Is it Ye Fan observed repeatedly under the moonlight and found that this source was full of impurities, and the crystal clear part occupies only one third, which made him somewhat regretful, this was not a pure source.But even so, he was very satisfied.
This is a terrifying and mysterious scene. Ambrian weight loss pill The copper coffin is only half open raspberry ketone side effects stomach, and all kinds of light and sound come out at the same time.There is so much densely covered there that it is impossible to see through.As if thousands of horses were galloping, all the great chaotic waterfalls fell down and rushed into the ancient coffin.They were extremely terrible, like a violent storm, gathered in the eyes of a mouthful of the sea.Really blocking the Void Mirror, this is a Extreme Duel The copper coffin absorbed the chaotic light of the ancient void mirror, and continued to incorporate it into it.It was like an infinite abyss that would never be filled.Ye Fan was the closest to him, so he naturally wanted to observe what s in the coffin, but his divine mind was like a needle pierced by a needle, and he couldn t get close to it.Moreover, if it weren t for the Void Mirror in the air to contain the copper coffin, causing its various lights and sounds to rush upwards, he would probably shatter, even if there were Xianzhen and the mother of all things, it would be difficult to stop it.
He leaned on an ancient tree with a grass stalk in his mouth no caffeine fat burner, looking at Ji Ziyue not far away, and said Little girl, I will find you a husband s house. Medical weight loss solutions review Go to death Ji Ziyue Annoyed, stared at him with big eyes.Why are you so excited You always want to marry.I promise to find you a good in law s house.Ye Fan held the straw stick and said to himself When the time comes, we will be our own, and I won t look for it.Your brother is in trouble.What are you talking nonsense Ji Ziyue was sulky and didn t look at him straight.Thinking about it, to avoid I accidentally slaughter your brother in the future.The only way to go is to get married.Ye Fan said without embarrassment, and said to himself Speaking of which, your Ji family can be regarded as a big family.Marriage with your family is not a disadvantage.I have never seen a rascal guy like you Ji Ziruyu s cheeks bulged, and he wanted to bite Ye Fan.Ji Haoyue possessed a divine body and was born out of the sky.It was so radiant that it was definitely not comparable to Ye Fan right now.
There is no cure. Cellucor super hd amazon Their expressions changed orlistat reviews, and the Wind Clan spent three million catties for this, and even they were about to marry.In the end, it was such a result that they could not bear.The Holy Physique is about to fall, this news is no less than a tsunami, shaking the city of God, and at the same time spreading to all parts of the world, many big forces have been alarmed.Especially in the city of God, it was noisy, all the monks were discussing, never expected such an accident to happen.The way of heaven is irreversible.Even if the curse is broken, life will not be preserved.It is already doomed.This is really a bustling and bleak ending.Who would have thought such a result.Less than half a year s life, can What has been done, it s a pity that the King of Peerless God has worked so hard.When the Eucharist was first formed, he had already scorned the younger generation, but it ended in sadness, and it will be the end of life.No one is not shocked.This result is too unexpected.No one thought of it.
They were the real powers of the royal family hcg drops with vitamin b12, all of whom were powerful people. Do diuretics help you lose weight At this time, they were also extremely disturbed, and they wanted to run away immediately.Reading Section 599 Ye brother, you are so kind, why are you almost tidying up, I also said that this will be my fame battle, it will make people want to rule the world, but you have snatched the limelight, and the rest is let Give it to us.The evil spirit on Li Tian s face.The people of the Wang family were aggrieved, who would dare to despise them like this Now they have been repeatedly humiliated, making everyone tremble.All that can be done today is to kill them all.Ye Fandao said calmly.He made another move.He fell from the sky and smashed a huge warship with one foot, and rushed out with a punch.The ancient treasures and flying swords in front of him were shattered.Countless people became blood fog.Was bombarded.It s a pity that I won the battle of fame, so I won t miss it next time.Li Tian shot.Yan Yixi also fluttered in white, walking like an immortal, but with each blow there was a large bloom of blood.
There is a country villager who ate the ambition of the leopard fat burning pills bodybuilding, came here to stir, destroy my gate, and constantly inquire about the virtual reality of the Bajing Palace. Quick weight loss price The boy cried, his fractured right hand was in spasm, and his head was covered with cold sweat.In the distance, a young man walked with a calm temperament, wearing a five color dragon suit, a purple gold crown on his head, and his hands on his back.He walked in the void without anger.This is a man who is not very young, but in his twenties, he has long eyebrows into his temples, black hair and bright eyes, and his eyes are cold.He is not handsome, but he has a strong momentum.A heavenly king in the lower realm.My eldest brother has only been in retreat for a year, so some people can t wait and want to get the idea of Bajinggong He was extremely indifferent and walked towards the mountain gate.Ye Fan stood outside the mountain gate, standing on a piece of bluestone, swept through the powerful divine sense, and felt that this piece of fairyland was no more than two or three people.
It was very beautiful acai pills, but it was frightening. Fast effective weight loss pills The other two Primordial Kings got cold all over and quickly blocked the front, and the royal masters of Primitive Lake also flew out, blocking there, everyone was frightened.Chapter 813 The Crisis Divine Silkworm Princess flicked her purple hair with slender fingers like scallions.Her white and shiny face was very calm, but it made the ancients in front of her feel frightened.Everyone couldn t help but regress, and the two ancient kings were also beating in their hearts, and even had the urge to run away immediately.His Royal Highness, please calm down.You have killed an ancestor king.Let s stop here.One of the ancient kings insisted.In the four fields, people were surprised that a queen was killed, they actually endured it, and so low key, it can be seen that the god silkworm princess is so powerful.The people from Primordial Lake also stepped forward, guarding the Proterozoic in it, and isolating it from the Emperor, fearing that the innocent would be involved in it.
Now he is a Saint Master level figure over the counter hard on pills, with ancient scriptures trained and unmatched in his flesh, so there is no need to live stubbornly. Does saxenda work Even if I live in the ancient purple star field in myths and legends, I am not allowed to be bullied.This ancient source of life has no emperor soldiers, but it is extremely prosperous and has various ancient patriarchal traditions.If you want to To sharpen oneself is really a god.After becoming a saint master level figure, what he fears most is the deterrence of the emperor soldiers, but now there is no such supreme holy relic hanging over his head, he has a sacred tactic, and the world can go and get it.The Ziwei Ancient Star Territory has long been circulated in the Middle Ages, and there are many legends.Ye Fan guessed that when there was an ancient road connecting two places, he wanted to find it.At the same time, he also had a guess that the Big Dipper domain does not lack extreme weapons, mostly related to the disappearance of imperial soldiers in the Ziwei Ancient Star Domain and even other ancient lands.