Everyone Into the Pool!

by Ed Meyer

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When you hit this pool leave your suit and towel in the car. – I’m talking about a swelled wager where many come together and pool monies. – It can be used for that giant pick-six or pick-four pool. It’s fun to win but more exciting to win as a group. Come on in, the pool is fine…

You’ll see this type of wager on your favorite ADW and it’s usually on the Triple Crown races or the Breeders’ Cup. – The carryover is swelled and your monies only make the pool bigger. – I have to admit I’ve bought in for small shares in the past and it is fun. Once I put in $10 and my return was $140! Not a bad return at all.

My only question is why don’t you see this at race tracks? – You have a big carryover and you can buy in for shares. – Try making it a $10 minimum buy-in for a slice of the big action. – The track handicapper makes the selections and the ticket is posted on video screens and announced by the track handicapper. – ADW’s can jump in and your folks on track can take a shot at the big payoff. – Your ticket will reflect how much of a percentage you’ll take down if the wager wins. – Sound fun?

I spoke to a few decent players and they loved the idea. – All at one time or another have taken a shot betting from home. – The track handicappers can be the morning line odds-maker and the track announcer. – The ADW’s do this with folks who post selections on their site. – It’s a cheap way to get involved at a large payout and you can bet the minimum or go bigger if you like.

New players can get involved at a cheap price and win with the group. Maybe we’ll get them involved and they’ll become more interested players. – They don’t have to do anything but make an investment and root like hell! – Sounds fun to me.

Tracks can draw attention to themselves with an innovative wager and the fans on and off-track may watch and wager more. – If there is a carryover, you can pump the info on your website, program, video, and announcements. Let’s make the game fun and easy to get involved at any level. – You can bet the minimum or jump in for a couple hundred. It’s all up to you and if you’re not careful we may have some fun again.

Picture this. – There’s a guaranteed pool advertised, and for two weeks you let the players know they can get in the pool. Bettors can wager in advance and find the tickets on the website, video slates, and announcements. – You gotta love the idea of winning as a group, and having a larger pool to wager allows the handicappers to swing for the fences. – I’m in, how about you?






Small Bets, Big Action

by Ed Meyer

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You don’t have to wager Fort Knox to feel the thrill. – I work with a fellow who bets small, and he has the best time in the world. He loves to bet a $1 to win and place and root like hell. – There’s no better action in the world.

Kenny loves to make bets. Just this past weekend I had the races for the big pick-four at FG. – He had no clue, and gandered at the paper for five minutes. – He made a 50-cent pick four. Single, single, single, all. It cost $6.50. – As the last leg crossed the wire the winner was a nice price. – It came back a sweet $193 bucks! – No better feeling in the world.

When I taught him the art of the place parlay, you would’ve thought I passed along the secret sauce for every restaurant. – He still employs the parlay and loves every second. – The stories in between races are the best. He just got beat by a dirty nose, or how the favorite failed and his horse cruised on by. – Watching the small player relish the game is incredible. This is how many of us started and watching him enjoy is better than the law allows.

His wagering is kept tight and his discipline is super. – He stops at the casino on the drive home and goes in and wagers $10 bucks. – Loves the penny slots or plays 25-cent digital roulette. – I always look forward to the stories the next day, and no matter the outcome he still presses on with a positive attitude. – He’s a happy man who loves the action.

One day we were working at Belterra Park. – He had $100 for his birthday and wanted to do a place parlay and make a couple bets at Saratoga. This was his day of celebrating as I bought us a couple “monster burgers.” – He started at Belterra and by the end of the card he ran the card from my picks. – He started with $2 and had $89. – He said, “who do you like at Saratoga on the turf?” – Two guys were on a mission and the sky was the limit.

I told him I loved Irad Ortiz in back-to-back races. – The feature race was my best bet of the day. – I told him to take out his initial $2 so he would not lose a penny for the day. – He asked how much to bet on the first one. – ” I told him he’ll come flying late and Ortiz is ultra-strong on a closer. He was 6-1.” – He made a $20 place wager and started to sweat as this was out of his comfort range. It was his day and he didn’t know it.

As they turned for home Ortiz kicked out and moved to the middle of the track mowing them down. He won and and paid $6.00 to place. – $60 bucks was a great win and he was stoked. – “OK, how much do I bet on the 2nd runner you really like?” – This was an easy decision for me, but me I treaded with hesitation for him. – ” Keep the $87 you won  today and let’s go all-in. – $60 to place on Ortiz. – His hands were shaking but still went to the window.

He had made the biggest bet of his life and was a little pale. – When I told him he couldn’t lose as he was going to be $87 up for the day no matter what. ” It’s rare to have a win-win, and today is your day.” – As Ortiz went wire to wire and paid $5.20 to place there was one happy bettor at the track that day. – The next day he bought pizza for his video crew and especially for us. – ” I don’t know if I can do that all the time, it’s just too nerve wracking.” – “That’s OK, just stick to your knitting and play as you normally do. Today was special as we cleared 10 bets and your were in a good position to score. – He smiled and gave me a big hug and headed for the door.

He still bets $1 to win and place and his $6.50 pick-four was a decent bet for my friend. – He has more fun than anyone at the races and I can’t wait to see him employ his small betting strategy this Thursday night. – Best of luck, Kenny!


Time Well Spent

by Ed Meyer

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Nothing beats it. Remember when going to the races was an event? – You dressed up and went out for the evening. – Meeting friends to enjoy the action. Or, maybe it was driving out for the last few races. You still had on your work clothes and made the jaunt to catch some mid-week pony action. – Nothing like it.

I was heading out to work and get there about an hour early. – Sometimes I see a friendly face and catch up a bit. – Friends made at the track last a lifetime. – This particular pal was a long time bookie and over the years.  I got to thinking about making a visit and this was the day. Don’t know what prompted the idea, but sure glad I stopped by. He was there with two older gents where there used to be 10. People lose interest or life just goes on. – We talked and laughed and yacked about the big horse we liked in the feature. It was as if we never left off from my past visits.

He still sits in the back of the Race Book and books the action of the two older pals. – The walk to the windows has gotten tougher and he books $2 to win or place and pays out as soon as the race is official. – I’m sure the track wouldn’t care for the competition, but sometimes we just look the other way.

I offered to buy him a soft drink. ” Diet, my friend. And do you know what would be the perfect addition? – A super dog with mustard and relish.” No problem. – For $4, it was the best time spent with an old friend. – He still uses the program while others have computers and tablets to read their betting info. – ” I couldn’t spell computer much less use one.” – He’s right; as I reassured him he was doing fine. He polished off the last few bites and washed it down with a cold Diet Coke.

He loves to tell tales of how he nailed a big score and where he and his crew went after the races. – The story feels like it happened five minutes ago, but it was before I was able to walk. But, still good talk. – Time spent with old friends is always well spent. – I still enjoy hearing how he took in the day racing at River Downs and jumped in the car and drove ten miles to Latonia Harness for a full card of racing action. – If all went well, he knew of at least three card games taking place that night. – ” Sometimes I would leave at 11am and get home at 5 am the next day. But what times they were.”

The talk of ladies who would meet him at the races, and the friends he still knows to this day makes my heart smile. – He does tell me he wished he would have went out to Las Vegas for daily trips to the Race Book all day everyday. – ” I would have loved that life, but I would’ve missed my grand-babies growing up. Old guys like me have a meeting ground and Vegas is perfect.”

“You know, I love coming to the races. I’d come in cold or heat and love every second. I still have the love, and it’s been my steady gal for over 60 years.” – The look in his eyes would tell a thousand tales, but the time spent sitting with an old friend was worth a dozen exactas. Well, maybe three…

As time was drawing near to head up upstairs, he said it was time to go home. ” It’s getting dark early, and I don’t see like I used to. None of us do.” – I got up and he stood up with the aid of two canes. – We walked slowly to the door and he reached over and shook my hand. ” Babe, it was great talking with you. I always love shooting the bull with you. I think you may be the only one I can out handicap!” – He was right. His old school love of the game was still intact and our friendship continues. – I just picked up the phone and gave him a little ribbing. No racing for him today as he was headed to the doctor. I told him I liked a horse on Thursday and he said ; ” Be sure and call me tonight. What are his odds?” – That’s my old friend. – Known him for years and we’ve traded back and forth the same $100 for what seems a lifetime. After all, any action for a bookie is action eternal.


The Happy Horseplayer / Happy New Year!

by Ed Meyer

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Just a few days into the New Year and the H.H. is off and running! – So far 2020 has been good to me. I took some time off after Breeders’ Cup and did a little “refresh” for my handicapping. Oh, I made some wagers, but a little less than normal. – Sometimes less is more and the heart does grow fonder when you feel the absence.

Taking a break is a good thing. I came back hungry and ready and the ponies always deliver the action. Taking time out to examine what you’re doing wrong and making adjustments can make all the difference in the world. – Many handicappers just keep plugging along and never examine their game. – I put so much into the Breeders’ Cup some introspection time is needed. I like to look back and see what I would have done differently if given the chance. Not to find an excuse for betting the winner, but how I placed my wagers for maximum value. After all, being a good bettor is just as important as being a good handicapper.


Winter racing

Gulfstream Park gets a great deal of my betting attention. – I love the rider colony and turf racing in 75-degree weather. My top riders to watch: The Ortiz brothers, Paco Lopez, Luis Saez, Tyler Gaffalione, and Javier Castellano. – Watch the barns of Saffie Joseph, Todd Pletcher, Mike Maker, Bill Mott, and Jason Servis. – When they hook up with one of the top three riders you may want to double down at the windows.


Spot Plays

I have enjoyed making a spot play or two in my time and the winter is a great opportunity. – Take a look at Fair Grounds but steer clear of cheap claiming races, state-bred claimers, and cheap maidens. You’ll find a golden play or two if you peruse the card and any winner is good for your bankroll. – When Oaklawn Park gets rolling add them into your spot play target as well. As with FG steer clear of cheap claimers and state-bred claimers. – At the end of the day, I think you’ll be glad you made the effort. – The top barns usually return each year and be on the lookout for California and New York trainers making the trek.


Reach in your jeans and pull out some greens

We have all heard of aftercare facilities for retired Thoroughbreds. – Make the trip to visit and drop off a donation for a great cause. I think you’ll leave with a renewed sense of how important these are for racing. Be sure and get some pictures with your favorite runners from yesterday.

The PDJF is in support of the “Permanently Disabled Jockey Fund.” – Brave athletes who put on the show for years need our help. – Injuries are part of any sport, and this incredible fund helps those pay for medical bills, rehab, and assistance in paying the bills. – Jockeys have to carry their own insurance and the cost can be incredible. – If you attend a PDJF event I bet dollars to donuts you’ll be back. – You’ll be able to bid on donated items from champion runners, equine art, and meet your favorite ridder from years gone by. Donations are always welcome and your favorite rider will be more than happy to pose for a selfie or sign your favorite racing memorabilia. – Make the trip. You won’t regret it!

Free Selections / Thursday 1/16/20

by Ed Meyer

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The weather is getting cooler and the action is beginning to heat up. – Who said  there is no such thing as a free lunch? – Just check back on Winning Ponies and whet your inner-handicapping appetite for some winners to build your bankroll! – Best of luck from Winning Ponies!



Gulfstream Park


Race #7 – #9 – Pugilist = Beaten chalk last out and switches to high % rider Irad Ortiz. – She is 11 for 15 ITM on the greensward.


Race #9 – #5 – Global Ambition = 2nd time Lasix for this daughter of Ghostzapper. Switches to Irad Ortiz and Michael Matz is winning 22% at the meet.


Race #10 – #5 – Weekend Madness = She drops down in class and ships in from Belmont – High % rider Gaffalione in the saddle.



Fair Grounds


Race #2 – #3 – Change D’ Oro = Fresh off the claim for Broberg who wins 28% with his new runners.


Race #5 – #3 – Commanding Candy = This son of Candy Ride is 3 for 6 ITM on the green and takes a plunge down the class ladder.


Race #9 – #1 – Pirate’s Punch = Speedy type drawing the rail and will give them fits on the lead under Albarado.


Race #10 – #8 – Hierarchy = Closing sort who will come motoring down the outside under Beschizza.


Be sure and take a look at the selections to get you rolling and download the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms for the definitive answer on how the races will take shape.




A New Beginning – 2020

by Ed Meyer

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The world has made another trip around the sun and the process starts all over again. – What seemed like yesterday is back in full effect and ready to begin. – I love how players come out the last day of the year or the first day of the New Year. – The real players hit both. They want to go out on a winning note and kick off the New Year in fine fashion.

Every year we start a list of how we’re going to change and what we’re not going to do anymore. – Eat right, exercise more, and get focused on our gambling. That’s the usual to-do list for anyone who bets the ponies, plays cards, or tosses the dice. – The gambler’s wish list.

I used to enjoy talking to players from every walk. – There were some who played small and frequent and others who bet my paycheck in a single race. That was the neatest thing to see working at the races. – You would walk through the rows with just a few words here and there, and others you’d pull up a seat and yack for an hour. I used to start around noon and by the time my first trip through the Carroll seats was complete, it was time for a late lunch. – I would ask a player at random who was one of the regulars to join me for a late lunch or an early dinner.

If they had a buddy they would be invited as well. – We would have some grub and talk about the horses. Sometimes they would make bets during lunch all the while getting to know each other. – This time was not a sales pitch or a customer service angle. It was friends breaking bread and enjoying the day. – This was the best part of my job. – It’s when I got to know the lifeblood of our sport.

When I would see other good players in their usual seats I would drop them a note to enjoy lunch in the dining room on the house. – Who said there’s nothing better than a free lunch? – It was connecting with your most important people at the ground level. Everyone enjoys being recognized and receiving a little “thank you.”  If you invest in your players they’ll become loyal and true. – Just treat them as you’d enjoy. It’s just that simple. – Management doesn’t look to racing as a growth industry and doesn’t yield the same payout as the VLT’s, Instant Racing, or slots. But, it does offer a great opportunity to cross-promote your product.

I work with a gent who loves racing. We talk shop and gab about the sport. – He told me that he wanted a full-time gig to do player development. – I asked him the $10 question.  ” What do you plan to do? – I’m just gonna walk around and talk to people and get to know them.” – ” What are you gonna do at your track, Ed? – I’m gonna come over and take your best 10 players with sweet offers and amenities you can’t give. – He looked at me like I was crazy. “How do you plan to do that? – Easily.” – I’ll leave the 90% of small to medium players you can chase your tail trying to hold a conversation with no offers or rewards. – I sure hope he gets that job. – I’m not about to give you a Machiavellian glimpse into The Prince, but I will come loaded with an arsenal of ammo to give the players what they want. Treat them fair and appreciate them with a whole new plan. – It will work. It has before and somethings never go out of style. When is the last time you heard of people being treated fairly and they left unsatisfied? – Never.

As 2020 is on our heals and the New Year brings promise and hope. I’m betting racing will undergo a facelift like you haven’t seen in the past 50 years. – White elephant tracks are being torn down and replaced with streamlined facilities that make it an entertainment destination. – The ball is getting ready to drop and hope fills our hearts. For the sport, there will need to be some drastic changes. – I think 2020 will be the year racing starts a comeback. It may be slow but we’re going to focus on what’s important.

Have a safe and Happy New Year from your friends at Winning Ponies! – We will always be your one-stop-shop for all things racing. – Blogs, free selections, stories, The Winning Ponies Internet Show, and the one-of-a-kind Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. – If you haven’t tried your hand at downloading the E-Z Win Forms, it’s never too late to start. Matter of fact. Make 2020 the year you take your game to the next level. With over $9,406,424 in exotic payouts for the year, it may be your turn to step up to the plate.


Best of luck in 2020 from the Winning Ponies team!




Backstretch Christmas

by Ed Meyer

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No photo description available.



The holiday season is special. – We gather to eat, drink and enjoy family and friends. The backside of the track is a place of hard work and dedication to horses. But after the horses are fed, bathed and bedded down. It’s time to celebrate!

In every barn, there are parties taking place. Some have pizza and hoagies for workers and friends to enjoy. Others have the aromatic sweetness of home from other countries. You’ll find everything from gumbo, paella, bbq from every meat in the world and plenty of libations. – The day is one of light-hearted celebration and anyone is welcome. You’ll only be a stranger once and a friend forever.

Earlier in the week, there is a huge party. Dinner and gifts for the children whose parents work on the backstretch. The adults are treated to new gloves, warm sox, coats, and other necessities we may take for granted. – Oh, and don’t forget that Santa makes a grand appearance for photos and chats with all the good little girls and boys. – To say a good time is had by all would not begin to show the warmth of fellowship. – This party was started long ago and many angels continue the good works.  Just seeing the children happy makes the evening magical. Toys and Christmas stories accompanied by a hearty dinner. Nothing better…

So many people who tend to the horses live far from home. The holiday season can be lonely for many, but the backside is a family within a family. – They care for each other and always have your back. – This is a time where nobody is a stranger and you’ll never be alone. I think the world can take a page from the race track backstretch and learn a little more about love and friendship.

I’ve been working at the track for many moons now. It still does my heart good to see the kiddies and parents rejoicing at the yearly shindig. – The same folks who battled it out on the track the night before are laughing and celebrating together. That’s the backstretch. I’ve always called it a world within a world. – Many would fall in love with racing if they only spent a day on the backstretch watching the care for the horses. Seeing people toiling in a labor of love does your heart good. – But this week. There was just as much celebration as work. – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your friends at Winning Ponies!


Race Track Life

by Ed Meyer

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The windows are high above the track. Six floors to be exact. – You look down and see a smattering of fans walking on an apron that used to be jam-packed. The winds roar past the ancient building where age has taken its toll. – Horses walk slowly toward the starting gate as riders make final adjustments with reins and setting their stirrups. Assistant starters load runners one-by-one as horses’ jostle and bustle in the iron starting gate. With one push of the starter’s button, horses break from the gate in a thundering woosh. – And they’re off!

In the morning I work in the racing office. – We answer phones and take entries for horses to be entered into races. There is a bevy of races that cover every condition for the trainer’s needs. Maiden special weight, condition claiming races, some long and others short and there are a few sweet allowance races that offer up swelled purses.

Trainers and agents call and speak quickly with questions. ” Do you think the race will go? How many entered today? – When will they call the final?” – You never know who you’ll speak with. One call is a small-time trainer who’s been in racing longer than you’ve been alive, and the next comes from a Hall of Fame conditioner looking to get his runner entered into the stake. – It’s the start of the morning and the energy is high.

I’m still new to the process and every day is a learning opportunity. That’s the best part. There are two worlds at the track. There is the front side where players watch and wager, eat, and enjoy the races. – Then there is the backside where the horses live and the racing office is located. Both are dependant on the other, but two separate worlds altogether. I must admit it’s kinda special how the process comes together.

After we get the overnights out and read the program proof for mistakes. We take off and have a few hours to ourselves. – In five hours, we’ll be back for the second part of the day. At night, I take the elevator to the highest point in the building. I walk into a small room where three placing judges will watch the race, call out the top four runners as they fly around the track and decide as a team the entire order of finish. – After the race, we examine the finish and determine if a photo is needed. The picture is then sent to the video room where it is sent out on every screen showing a full-color proof of how the race finished. – Then you have 20 minutes until the next race goes to post. Being a placing judge has been an interesting part of the racing process. – Three of us call out numbers that get posted to the tote board; when they turn for home the numbers go out and the fans watch and root until the horses hit the wire. Very high energy. – Then you get a break until the horses take the track for the next race.

I’ve worked in parking, admissions, marketing, player development, ADW manager, calling races, creating morning line odds, writing, and now working as a racing official. I must admit I won’t be a millionaire, but I’ve never regretted a day my car pulled into the parking lot. – I guess I’m a lucky lad. To be able to do what you’ve enjoyed and made a living is a gift. – It’s not for everybody, but it’s the only job for me. – See you at the races!

Free Selections / Turfway Park / 12-18-19

by Ed Meyer

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Nothing like a free appetizer to get your inner-handicapper rolling. – Here are a few free selections for Turfway Park in Florence, Kentucky. – The weather will be in lower 30’s and the winds will be kicking. – But one thing for sure – The poly track will always be fast!


Race #3 – MC $15,000 – 1 1/16 – 7:13 pm EDT

#9 – Sweetlucybelle = This filly is 30-1 on the morning line and takes a huge drop in class from Mdn Sp Wt. She has a stalker trip and the trainer is 1/1 at Turfway Park. Light up the tote board!


Race #4 – Claiming $8,000 – 1 mile – 8:12 pm EDT

#7 – Seattle Treasure = Ethan West trainee shipping in from Woodbine seeking his 3rd win in a row. – Box up with #8 Shakedown coming from the hot Ron G Brown barn.


Race #6 – Claiming $15,000 NW3L – 1 mile – 8:42 pm EDT

#2 – Gianna’s Gift = A speedy filly who goes from a sprint to a route making a nice drop down the class ladder.


Race #7 – Alw $46,000 – 6f – 9:12 pm EDT

#8 – Miss Hannah = Churchill shipper running for Justin Godsey and the CD horses have been doing well. – She cuts back from 7f and has been running solid efforts.


Race #8 – #1 – Aspen’s Little Zip = daughter of Temple City and she ships in CD. Fresh off the claim and Genaro Garcia wins 20% from this new edition to his barn.


Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies!



The Happy Horseplayer – Back From Vacation

I’ve been taking a little vacation. – No, I didn’t hit the beach or go to the mountains. I took a break since the Breeders’ Cup. – Now, that didn’t mean I stopped reading or handicapping the races. It was a little hiatus from the windows. – Right after the BC, I took a little break away to freshen up.

I would suggest we all take a little break from time-to-time. –  You come back hungry and ready to do the homework needed to find the winners. – It’s all up to you. “A shot at the title or a seat by the band.”


Breeders’ Cup Break

When you do so much handicapping for two days you get a little tuckered out. That was me. – There’s a needed break for handicappers. – Once upon a time, we had downtime. There were no OTB’s with every track in the world to wager. Constant action can dull even the sharpest blade. – If you were lucky enough to have a local track. There would be a time when live racing would end and you could build up a bankroll. In my neck of the woods, it was Latonia (Turfway Park) with a couple months off before the River Downs (Belterra Park) meet would begin.

You built up a bankroll, did some needed home repairs, visited family and friends. Anything but gambling. – Now, if you wanted to watch the races you could drive to Lexington or Louisville. But these trips were rare.

The downtime is good for your handicapping soul. You come back refreshed and fall in love all over again. – Whoever said; “Less is more” when it came to the races may have had a good point. – From my front door, there are 7 casino/racinos in action 24/7/365. – Constant action with everything from racing, slots, VLT’s, Instant Racing, sports wagering, and charitable bingo parlors. A cornucopia of gambling and the dollar only goes so far.

As I embark on my return to the ring. I’m ready. – I’ve been watching and reading and the ponies are calling. It won’t be long and the winter tracks will be offering marquee races as the road to the Derby begins again. – Great time to be a horseplayer. – The horses go to the farm and rest. They run and jump and get a little fatter eating hay and grass. They become a horse again. – Then after a period of time, they begin the process of working and jogging. Before long they come back to the races. They are fresh as a daisy and ready to run.


What do you buy a horseplayer for Christmas?

Gamblers are funny sorts. – They can all use underwear and sox, but maybe a gift more fitting their love fits under the tree. Give these ideas a “think” before wrapping up that ugly sweater.

My Dad buys a handful of scratch-off lottery tickets. – As people come in for the Christmas eve celebration everyone is given one with a lucky penny. – Nice way to start the night as everyone watches to see who’s the big winner.

How about a nice betting voucher in a heartfelt card? – Maybe a $50 betting voucher will hit the gambler’s wish list. – Nothing like starting the day a few bucks to the good.

There are track packs with dining, programs, and tip sheets. – All you have to do is call your local track and see if they offer a packet or gift certificate. – I guarantee this will be a night to remember.

Now, what to buy your significant other who loves the ponies? – How about a couple tickets for the Derby or Breeders’ Cup this year? – Make plans and go together. – They are already on sale and the planning is the best part. – Going to the races is great. Sharing the adventure is worth its weight in gold.


Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from your old friend, The Happy Horseplayer. – May this year be filled with health, wealth, and happiness. – Enjoy the journey and relish each trip you make to the track. – Oh, and do the H.H. a big favor this year. Take a young person to the races for the first time and spend the day sharing your love of the sport. Or, call up that friend or family member and catch the action live. Nothing like spending some time with those who matter most. I’ll bet dollars to donuts it will become a tradition.