Thanksgiving Free Selections – 11/26/2020

by Ed Meyer

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Pass the drumstick and I’ll have some more stuffing. – Oh, and while you’re at it, how about some free selections to cap off a great day watching horse racing on Thanksgiving? – You got it. – Best of luck, and Happy Turkey Day from your friends at Winning Ponies!


Churchill Downs


Race #2 – #5 – Reason to Soar = He looks for 3 in a row for Robertino Diodoro. – The barn is winning 22% on the year and 4 for 6 ITM at CD. David Cohen in the irons and fits well winning 18% for Diodoro.

Race#4 – #6 – Hardly a Secret = hails from the Diodoro barn fresh off the claim where he wins 24%. He just missed last and switches riders to Cohen. He is 7 for 11 ITM on off tracks.

Race#5 – #11 – Pappy’s Best Girl = a daughter of Constitution who wins 20% with his first-timers. She was off slow, adds blinkers this outing, and I’m tossing out her first effort to bad luck. Maybe this filly will light up the tote board (20-1) on the morning line.

Race #10 – The G2 Falls City – #3 – Bonny South = She was a beaten favorite in the G2 Black Eyed Susan for the Brad Cox barn. Churchill is home base and will come rolling late in the lane.


Fair Grounds


Race #3 – #1 – Foldover = Speedy gelding under Angel Suarez who has been off 56 days. Ships back to FG and is 3/6 ITM over the course. Catch him if you can.

Race#6 – #2 -Proxy = Draws the golden rail where it’s won 21% in the past. Son of Tapit adds Lasix and just missed last out with respect at the windows. Angel Suarez in the saddle for Mike Stidham and Godolphin LLC. – Look for a solid closing effort.

Race #8 – #2 – Nitrous = Hails from the Asmussen barn and been off 56 days with a drop down the class ladder. This son of Tapit is a closer and there is plenty of speed to keep the pace honest. He will kick in for the long stretch run.


Use this as a nice appetizer for a grand day of grubbing! – For the most comprehensive view on how the races will take shape. Be sure and download your easy to use Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. Color-coded, easy to read tier level ratings, and your best tool in the handicapping arsenal. Best of luck today – Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Winning Ponies! 

Thanksgiving 2020 – Things to Be Grateful

by Ed Meyer

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Norman Rockwell would be at a loss for artistic creativity in the year 2020. The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way we’ll see life for many moons to come. With daily projections skyrocketing and states locking down little by little. Even grandma would be hitting the eggnog or holiday punch long before dinner was served. This year has changed my way of thinking. No longer will I hold that grudge, look to have the last word, or make plans that never get done. – I’m grateful for many things, and most importantly the opportunity to un-do some things that I’ve been putting off.

I got a call from an older friend to meet him at a local OTB. He just wanted to bullshit and play some horses. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that keeps us on track. I agreed to come, but asked what’s up? – He was down in the dumps as his daughter just canceled Thanksgiving. He was all ready to dress up and spend the day trying to watch football with two grandkids and his family. Not that football is such a big deal, but the meal served with love was what he was looking forward to. “I really don’t like turkey, I’m a chicken man. But, when she goes through all the trouble, I like to enjoy my family time no matter what’s on the plate – This year, It will be a P&B loaf sandwich and chips watching the games at home.”

Knowing I wouldn’t see my friend on the big day. I pulled up to his favorite chicken joint and asked for a bucket of his favorite spicey bird. Double-breaded and fried to golden goodness. I even asked if the biscuits could be wrapped separately, and ordered him two family-size sides he loves. – He had a full day spread he would enjoy second to being with family.

I put it in his car as he always leaves the doors open. – ” Hell, let em’ take it. It might not make it to the corner.” – I stayed just one race as he was about ready to call it a day. I was there later than planned, but the wait will be worth it. – I just received a call thanking me for his dinner; as he was already making plans to have a little now and a bigger dinner tomorrow. ” I knew it was you. Who in the world would have known what I like for dinner.” – He gave his friend money to make some bets tomorrow; watch the horse races on TV, football galore, and enjoy a tasty extra spicy meal. Not a bad day for Thanksgiving in the time of COVID.

As I drove home I felt good. I knew he’d be happy and I’m sure he’ll get to the P&B loaf sandwich around the 4th game as a snack. – As I was driving I started to think of the many little things we sometimes take for granted. Here are some of the things this handicapper is truly grateful for during this crazy time and days to come.


  1.  I’m thankful my family is alive and well all things considered.    We’re all a little older, but that’s the idea of living a long full life. Love to all.
  2.  Many friends who have helped me over the years, spent time with me and were there when things were tough for me.  Thank you.
  3.  I’m grateful for having a job to go to, and working in racing is extra special for me. Thank you.
  4.  I’m grateful for a son who is doing a pretty good job handling the crazy lockdown stuff. I know it’s been hard, but when we come out the other side. He’ll be on his way for his junior year in college with real classes on campus. You’ve had some wild moments, but I’m sure I would have done much worse at your age. Love you, and very proud of you.
  5.  It’s good to believe in something bigger than yourself. – I’m very grateful for stable health and happiness.


As we’ll be grilling monster rib-eye steaks, garlic mushrooms, baked potatoes, and my son’s favorite dessert of red-velvet cake. We’re doing pretty good for two bachelors on Thanksgiving. – It’s not the norm, but what is this year? – Be grateful for what we have and look forward to a fresh beginning coming soon. Take the time to do the little things you’ve been putting off. – I’ll be watching football, the marquee races, and enjoying the company of my son. – From your friends at Winning Ponies, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. We’ll see you in the winner’s circle soon.



Cajun Homecoming

by Ed Meyer

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As we drive, fly, or find our seat on a Greyhound, many make the trek back home to gather around the table for good conversation and incredible food. – But, this year is different. – No matter where we find ourselves sitting or what dinner we’re having. – Let the reminder of past Thanksgiving’s warm our hearts, and allow us to look forward to when we’ll all be sitting around the family table again soon.

I worked with a gent who was from Louisiana. – Most are proud of where we came from, but he was defined by coming from the Big Easy. – His voice was a cross between a pure southern gentleman and Foghorn Leghorn. Everyone has character, but not everyone is a character. Except for Roy. He was a crayon that didn’t fit in the box with the others.

( In the voice of a roused up Foghorn) – ” Eddie, you people up here have no idea of what the f*** Thanksgiving is all about. You dumba** Kentucky folks only try and do your best. But, it’s no way close to home. Fair Grounds opened on Thanksgiving and the cajun riders would all come home for the celebration, but more importantly to ride where the best jockeys in the country come from.” – Names like Guidry, Simington, Ardoin, St. Julien, Borel, Meche, Emigh, Delahoussaye, Desormeaux, and Melancon just to name some of the best.

Roy would light up a Camel non-filter one right after the last, and tell me about some of the great traditions. He had a particular way of educating you on the finer things of southern living. – ” Eddie, now you’re a dumba** and have no idea. Women would cook for days and we would eat all day. – Did you know New Orleans had the biggest per cap of fat men in the country? – We would start with some bread and gravy. No, not chicken gravy, but a true Italian gravy of meatballs, pork, sausage, and spices. – We would have a little lunch and off to the races.” 

Foghorn made the day sound like an event. – His tales of great racing were interesting, but his style was a little lacking tact. Roy put the ass in class when it came time to imparting holiday traditions. – But, every year we worked together, he would dress up in black slacks, a black shirt, and a black and white tie covered in dice. I guess this was his costume for the day and would get more wound up as the first at Fair Grounds approached.

I loved hearing about the riders and storied connections. There was a tradition of racing and this goof was a proud member. – He would tell the same tale of how he lost all day and won in the last with $10 to win on Don Simington in the race. He had ridden 3,427 career wins and paid a whopping $103 to win. – I guess he was ready for rounds two, three, and four of family dining.

I love learning about new traditions and cherished days of opening days at the track. – He used to say there was a “magic” about Fair Grounds when the gates would swing open and friends and family would come from everywhere to take part. – “Eddie, I like to call it Cajun homecoming.” 

Past the insults and poor imitation of Foghorn Leghorn was a man who loved his birthplace. – The stories of racing were incredible, and the food sounded like ambrosia. – Looking back, I sure miss Roy. I’d sure like to hear the stories of Cajun homecoming just one more time. He’s been gone for years now, but his spirit lives on. When I’m watching the Fair Grounds first and grilling steaks and lobster on the barbeque for my son and myself this year. I’ll be thinking about Roy. I’ll be thinking about Thanksgiving’s past, and most importantly what we have to be grateful for. – From your friends at Winning Ponies, we’d like to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving no matter what you’re having, or if you’re celebrating long-standing traditions. Be safe, and know that next year is just around the corner. 

Thinking About Giving Thanks

by Ed Meyer

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Just a few days until we would have gathered around a large table with family and friends. I guess a Norman Rockwell painting would have done it justice, but this year may be a little different. 2020 will be the year to be grateful for what we have, and not what we are doing without.

From the time I was an infant sitting in a high-chair, we have always had a family dinner. – Now, before anyone takes a stance on how much it matters or the flipside of how it is just a meal. – It is time to give thanks for what we have in our lives. Believe me, there are many in our lives who are not so lucky. With this in mind, I have a few ideas for handicappers who approach the holiday.

If you are reading this. You are very lucky and have plenty to be grateful for. It’s not about what we don’t have, but rather focus on what we have in our lives. – Take the time and let that sink in and I bet you’ll feel better in a few minutes. – Not getting together this year may be the best gift we can give ourselves and others. You can take a twist from the Triple Crown and have a HUGE Thanksgiving feast in February if the virus is subsiding. I’m always up for a big dinner with the people I care about. It doesn’t have to be on a traditional day. The Triple Crown taught us that the race goes on no matter what day it’s held. – Be grateful.

If you’re in the mood from taking a break from football. – Here are some races to watch and wager on the gathering day:


Fair Grounds – Thanksgiving Classic

Churchill Downs – G3 Cardinal Stakes on the turf / G2 Falls City

Del Mar – G3 Red Carpet on the turf


Churchill, Del Mar, Golden Gate, Gulfstream West, Hawthorne, Charles Town, Laurel, Mountaineer, Parx, Remington, Woodbine, and Zia Park. – If you’re not familiar with some of these ovals, just download your Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms and enjoy a day at the races.

These are just some places to watch and wager chock-full of great undercard action to keep your inner-horse player plump and full. There is plenty to be grateful for with racing, and we can cook at home, or grab a wonderful take-out and bake-at-home dinner. – Add in some football and phone calls to family and friends, and we’ll get through the day in fine fashion. It won’t replace that Rockwell painting, but we will stay busy and be grateful for what we have. – Here’s to 2021!


This handicapper has tons to be grateful for in his life. – These past few years have been dicey on the health front, but all is good and happy now. Live in the moment and not in the distant uncertain future. Thanks to the wonderful family and friends in my life.-  Enjoy the races, have a November cookout, watch some football, and eat plenty of pie/cake. – This too shall pass. – I spoke to my doctor the other day and she explained the vaccine and answers will be coming. We just need to keep our heads and focus on the future which looks bright ahead and coming closer with every passing day. On behalf of your friends at Winning Ponies, we wish you and yours a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s to a great 2021, and next year will have us truly grateful for all of the wonderful things in our lives. – Check back a couple of days before and I’ll have some free selections for you as an appetizer for a day of thanks.




Free Selections – Churchill – Wednesday, 11/18/20

by Ed Meyer

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The world’s most historic track is in the final furlong of the race meet. Breeders’ Cup is in the books, the backward Triple Crown looks forward to next year, and fans await their chance to walk in the gate and enjoy a normal day at the races. – Let’s keep the bankroll moving forward and look forward to better days!


Churchill Downs


Race #1 – #6 – Frost or Frippery = This may be a “free spot” from the Brad Cox barn. – Florent Geroux in the saddle and he is a perfect stalker. Of the last 10 races in 2020, he has 7 wins and three 2nds. Looks to be solid and maybe the free spot you are looking for to start your day.


Race #2 – #8 – Sworn Silence = Corey Lanerie in the irons and fresh off the claim for the Chris Hartman barn. They score at a 15% win clip with new runners to the barn and looks to be a solid closer. Since August, he looks like he is in a good form cycle.


Race #3 – #3 – Funnybet = comes in for the Dale Romans barn with Corey Lanerie in the irons. 3rd off the layoff and owns a bullet work coming into the race. The barn wins 18% off the last race win.


Race #5 – #1 – Dash to the Top = This gal is 3 for 4 ITM lifetime for Wayne “The Catman” Catalano with Gabriel Saez in the saddle. They exit a tougher non-graded stakes event and take a big drop in class going from a route to a sprint where the barn wins 20%.


Race #6 – #6 – Credit Enhancement = She is 2nd off the layoff for Chad Brown winning 26% on this move and comes back to score 28% as a beaten favorite last out. Tyler Gaffalione aboard and they take a big drop in class where she may fit nicely. Maybe another free spot for multi-race wagers.


Race #8 – #5 – Bacchanalia = hails from the Chad Brown barn with Tyler Gaffalione. Shipping in from Belmont yields a 28% win clip. This is her 2nd start off the layoff and the barn wins 26% on this move. Look for a strong late move.




Bad Beats; Race Track Regrets

by Ed Meyer

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Without fail you can remember every bad beat with laser-like precision. Winners are sweet, but the losses are like a bad taste in your mouth you can’t get rid of. –  We’ve all had them and hopefully, we’ll have plenty of stories telling tales of the big win.


You’ll never forget your first:


No truer words were ever spoken. You never forget even if you wanted to try. It’s like looking down and seeing that panda bear tattoo on your leg from a night long ago at Daytona Beach. But, I digress. Here’s a couple I’ll never forget.

I took $100 to the track with me for the marquee day at Latonia Race Course. – Big races and big money awaited, and the seasonal drink was ice-cold over a mound of mixed fruit. Good times were just around the corner. – I had been close all day but no big score on my dance card. I had never lost a hundred bucks ever and it was getting close.

I loved a horse in the last race by the name of Tiger Man. – Jesse Garcia was aboard and was (7-2) on the board not budging. – Well, I had $20 bucks to my name and it was the only thing that stood in the way of my big score. I wasn’t going to lose $100; I took my key horse and used him over everyone in the race except some 60-1 shot. He had no shot and was ridden by a low percentage rider. – Well, as Tiger Man drew off to a huge lead the teletimer was showing a new track record was only a 16th away. The rest of the field was super tired going a route of ground and started to bunch up like a heard of cows. – Then as my winning runner scored I looked back at the field hoping for a good price. Well, I got one alright. It was the 60-1 shot splitting tired horses to finish the exacta. – I wasn’t mad as I still had my $2 and hadn’t broken my $100 loss rule. – That was until I saw the exacta paid $502.00. – Scared money never wins.


My horse was running at Hoosier Park. Just as a time marker, they still ran Thoroughbreds on the 7/8th’s track at that time. – Our horse was ready but had some feet problems. But, we were pretty confident we’d win after shipping in from Kentucky facing better runners. – I had a couple hundred in my pocket and like every owner were ready to take the plunge.

We were on the front side after checking on our million-dollar cheap claimer. We were 90 proof and ready to get our picture taken. – Alex Birzer was aboard State Budget that evening; ready to give an academy award ride to the winner’s circle.

I started capping with our gelding on top. – I had won about $150 prior and had plenty of cash to fire. – I used him on top of three and all, on top of five, six, and some single tickets. I had bet almost $300 and was ready to watch the big show. – When we went to the paddock our trainer was an older gent who didn’t speak much. I wanted the instructions given like a plan. – The old saying about riders and instructions; ” Good ones don’t need it and bad ones won’t heed it.” – But this young rider had a look in his eye and absorbed every word like a novel.

Mr. Birzer rode him as planned. At the 3/8th’s pole, he tipped off the rail and came moving like a good thing! He won by 5 widening lengths. – After jumping and kissing, we started to look at our tickets. My buddy had won $400 as I looked through a bundle of trifecta tickets. – As I dropped a heap of expensive stationery onto the floor. I came up empty except for $20 to win as he paid $20 to win. Not bad, but if I would have used my horse on top of all-all for $1; I would have cashed for over $22,000. – It was a good ride home laughing and celebrating. But, when I look back to the big night, it could have been much sweeter. – But hey, we won!




Bet the Farm

by Ed Meyer

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There is more truth to the title than you’d ever believe. I really have to be careful about how I recall this story because my friend is a regular reader. – ” Hell, I don’t care if you tell the story, just don’t mention my name and tell it right. My wife would be mad as hell if she knew it was true.” 

My new pal was introduced to me by a banker friend. The banker looked at all horse trainers like Bob Baffert; they were pretty big in his eyes. I just didn’t have the heart to tell my buddy most don’t have enough gas money to get home.

So a new friendship was created as he would walk his runners over to the paddock. That was sometimes. Other times he would pay a groom to tend his runner. – Then after a few times, I noticed that when I didn’t see him his horse won and paid a price. Funny how that works.

A hardworking family with cash. His mom and dad were going to hang onto their cash on until the last shovel of dirt hit the box. – The family gathered when his parents passed and the land was broken up. – But, he had an idea that would allow him to fulfill his dream and stay a while longer.  – The same banker secured a loan against the property and he bought out the family farm. Cost him everything but his wife and the dog. He really liked the dog.

We’ll call my horse training pal, Kevin. – He put up a sale sign on 200 of the 400 acres and decided he tried to make some money. Half the land was plenty for him to train. Just a farm that never really seemed to make a flower grow, but he loved learning about horses from his dad. His dream had just begun.

He borrowed $200 from his wife. Told her it was for feed and straw. – She should’ve known he was lying as the horses ate before they did.  – I digress. He went down to a little poker game at the local bar. Older guys, railroaders, and folks from every walk would come in. Once the game began in the backroom it could last for days in the inner-sanctum. People in a small town may drink cheap beer, but they bet with both hands when it came time for the game. Back in the day, it was more popular, but a great way to enjoy the night. You could always count on the draft beer being cold, and cheaters frowned upon greatly. The night began and what a run it was for a new farm owner broke to the gills.

15 hours later, he was up $14,000. People would leave and come back, and new faces would replace the old. But, the game was solid and looked to be his day. After calling his wife telling her he was at Churchill looking at a horse, he was free to go into night number two. The money started to drain from his wallet, and if you sit long enough you’ll be broke or make a good run. Well, the latter was the truth. He turned $14,000 into $23,000. Not bad for a small-time working town in the country. Said his big hand came late in the night. He caught four queens and took it down. They finally asked him to leave and to get a shower and come back later. – The shower and 10 hours of sleep later; he was at the track checking on his crew. All seemed in order and was asked if he’d saddle a horse for a big outfit coming in from Lexington. – Being a pretty good guy and a good hand with the horses. He agreed.

His crew fed and cleaned the shedrow. – He waited for the horse van and met them at the receiving barn. – Once the players met and talked about the race, Kevin was allowed to do what he does best. – He wrapped his legs and was getting ready. As the folks who came up with the horse were ready to go over for dinner and races. – ” Hey, Kevin. – He’s doing really well and should run big.” – Now, everyone who’s involved in racing has said these exact words at least a million times.

Kevin noticed some really extensive leg work had paid off greatly. When he grabbed the program; he was coming off a 6-month layoff with three works under his belt. Solid works and looked fit and cool. Minded his manners and had a big horse quality of behaving like a gentleman. – Kevin hired a groom to walk him over and would meet them in the paddock. He had one stop to make and it was a date with the betting windows. – The horse drew off like his tail was on fire and the poker bankroll swelled to $56,000.

He was able to keep his horses fed and even made a couple nice claims. – He made his way back home and saw 5 vans transporting 10 or 12 well-dressed men. – Walking around with survey gear looking at the land. – Things were not going to be the same on the farm.

Within moments there were handshakes, coffee, and an offer from a company in Arkansas. – These well-dress gents came from Walmart. My new friend had money to burn, or at least buy a new farm and a truck. – He still trains horses; I don’t see him when they win, and he’s still a great guy. I’m sure glad I’ve met him, and finally knowing someone who bet the farm and won makes me smile.

The One That Got Away

by Ed Meyer

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If you listen closely, you can still hear the pick-five / four tickets being tossed on the floor. Mine included. – But, in keeping with my betting average of one good day, and one where I didn’t know my name. 2020 was not any different. – I look back on a weekend filled with incredible winners, and some things that left me scratching my head. Oh, well. Next year is right around the bend.

I started my weekend by doing a couple blogs for Winning Ponies. They were longshot plays that could make your day. – Friday started with a (30-1) winner with Fire At Will in the 7th race. Nice! – Race #8 – had a $15.20 winner! Sweet! – Not bad from four races on the card, but Saturday was a little different. 0 for 5 on the day. Not my best handicapping.

Now, I love to play pick-five and pick-four wagers on big days. There is a huge guarantee, and this weekend did not disappoint. Well, that was until Race #9 – BC Mile. – I know longshots win, and sometimes we miss. That is gambling. I’ve accepted that fact since I’ve been playing since I was 13-years-old. – “Don’t cheer too much when you win, and don’t cry when you lose.”

That was until Race #9 / The BC Mile. – The winner paid $148.40. Big balloons if you were on board. There are a few magic mojo items that apply to the winner. An AE who drew in when there was a scratch. The rider Christophe Soumillion tested positive for Covid-19 and missed out on three winners to be replaced by Charles-Pierre Boudot. And, for added pain, he broke from the #15 post and his past performances never had a top-three finish in Group company; his last effort was dead last beaten by 47 lengths. – Now, I like to longshot hunt, but this was like the needle in the haystack. One the size of Texas. – I guess I’ve bitched enough, but this race was like betting a condition claiming event for this gambler. I guess you could have had this runner; if you pushed the wrong button,#15 was your lucky number, or you hit the ALL button. – Congrats to those who cashed for big money!

I love going to Keeneland. I would’ve loved to make the drive and enjoy the races. – The public was informed there would be NO fans, only owners, grooms, and trainers. – When I saw the stands, I felt like an outsider looking in. – Looks like there were a few people there. – I feel horrible for my friends who mailed their tickets back in for a refund. I’m usually the one who leads the cheer with a seat by the band.  But, this was tough to see as a racing fan, and more importantly as a fan who’ve respected the rules for safety. – 75 miles from my front door, and you could’ve bet I would have made the drive. Mask on all day, and social distancing would have been in full effect. But when TV coverage showed winner’s circle photos with around 7,000 or so fans. The races might as well been held on the moon. I can’t go there either. – According to a friend in racing; ” It was an invitation-only event.” I guess regular fans who bet with both hands didn’t make the list.

Photo: Breeders’ Cup World Championship

There were many wonderful things that happened. Most importantly that the weekend was able to take place in times of a pandemic. I enjoyed watching the races and had some up and down strides. But, that’s gambling. – The Kentucky Derby is meant for big hats, mint juleps, and a packed house. – The Breeders’ Cup is a weekend dedicated to the gambler. I sure hope the next time this marquee weekend hits Lexington I’ll be able to make it. It will be at Del Mar in 2021 and returns to Keeneland in 2022. – I’m counting the days!


Last Minute Handicapping

by Ed Meyer

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If you’re getting down to the nitty-gritty of handicapping. Now is the time to really buckle down. – Not that you haven’t, or been slacking. But for many in the final hours, it’s like cramming for your history exam. – Some just want to get it over and let the betting begin. But, just keep your powder dry and take your time. Everything we’ve done up to this point has allowed us to make our final decisions based on everything we know as fully informed bettors.


Take your time and don’t get mired down in the gully with a last-second idea. Whether you’re listening to your favorite talking heads or gazing over a final work that happened days ago. – “Stick to your knitting and do what you know.” This isn’t time to toss aside all of your hard work for an off-the-cuff comment by a talking head that will have you completely changing your game plan.

Talking heads. Yep. Talking heads. – They can give you the color and feel of being at the races with dabs of interesting stats. The good stuff you learn just by listening in. This is my favorite part of the daily coverage.- Stay away from locking your wagers into someone else’s multi-race wager. Most of the time they wouldn’t ever go to the windows. Sometimes you’ll wonder why they tossed in the 30-1 who really doesn’t look that good. That’s because they want to swing for the fences looking for a huge score. – Just don’t get caught up in dumping your betting plan just because you hear someone blabber on about the life-changing score.

Don’t bet early if you can afford the time. You may find something good at the last second when you’re between horses. – If you have to wager early on your way to work, you get a pass. On your way to your kid’s game? You’re doing the right thing. – But, if you want to bet to get it over with. 9 outta 10 times that will be the result of your quickdraw betting. I can’t begin to call it handicapping as you’re just shooting to sit back and watch. Take your time and enjoy the best part of being a horse racing fan. – The enjoyment is the process of taking in the info and making your best estimation on how the race will shake out. Then, watch your pony turn for home three to the good after putting in the work. Go ahead, put in the work. You’ll enjoy the day much more.

Do your homework, have a plan, and stick to it. Pretty simple. Don’t become the crazy pick-six player after you realize you’ve never played one. Today isn’t the day to re-invent yourself. Keep the same you, just stick to your gameplan with the info you have.

If at the end of the day you’re more confused than when you started, or you are a first time player who wants to learn the game. – You are in the right place. If haven’t tried the easy-to-use Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. “You can’t win unless you get in.” – Color-coded with easy to understand tier levels will give you a comprehensive look on how the race will take shape. – If you’re a first-time player you’ll understand the info as soon as you look. For the powerhouse handicappers who come to table loaded. You’ll find this tool to be integral to your gambling arsenal. You’re already here, and if you haven’t downloaded your info. Now is the time. – Best of luck, and be sure to let us know how you do. We love hearing from players making the big score or just enjoying the day!

Live Long$hot$ – Breeder$’ Cup – $aturday

by Ed Meyer

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Nothing like some knockout prices to get your inner-handicapper rolling. Here are some solid prices that could make your exotics and make your day a winner! – (Bets) of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies!


Guaranteed Pick-Five / $2 Million


Race #8 – The G1 BC Mile – 1 mile on turf – 3:15pm

#11 – Diamond Oops (12-1) = Loves the distance and has a win over the KEE surface. 3rd off the layoff for Patrick Biancone and Florent Geroux. Bullet works make this gelding look very attractive.


Guaranteed Pick-Four / $2 Million


Race #9 – The G1 BC Mile – 1 mile on the turf – 3:15 pm

#14 – Raging Bull (8-1) = Chad Brown trainee who is 3/4 ITM at KEE. A deep closer and Jose Ortiz wins 20% with late-running turf horses.


Race #10 – The G1 BC Distaff – 1 1/8 – 3:54 pm

#9 – Ollie’s Candy (10-1) = 2nd off the layoff for John Sadler and Joel Rosario. That was a great prep in the G1 Spinster at KEE last out and she’ll benefit from the trip over the track.


Race #11 – The G1 BC Turf – 1 1/2 on the turf – 4:33 pm

#10 – Mogul (4-1) = Not a barnstorming price, but I think the odds will go up. Winner in Gr1 company at Longchamp last out and Euros have had a great percentage in winning this race.


Race #12 – The G1 BC Classic – 1 1/4 – 5:18 pm

#3 – By My Standards (10-1) = Bret Calhoun runner and has been showing great form all season long in 2020. He’s been off for two months and fires well freshened up.