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Grandstand Memories

    In every sport we have them. – You can hear the arm-chair warriors carrying a torch for their team or runner. – That’s just fine. It makes the game interesting. But, over the years, I’ve noticed some pretty good imitations of a rider walking around in the grandstand. – They’re not going to […]

View From Above

by Ed Meyer

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I have the best seat in the house at work. Think of it like a corner office┬áin the city. You can see everything, and pretty much they can see me. – The families, the fans, and the gamblers. Best seat in the house I tell ya’. – I have watched fans from every walk and […]


by Ed Meyer

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Have you ever seen the guy or gal that can kick a ticket like a professional soccer player without any effort ? How about the guy who runs around and angles everybody for a few bucks ? I have known plenty, and in the game of racing they have been there long before me, and […]