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My First Love is Still Going Strong

by Ed Meyer

posted on August 25, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on My First Love is Still Going Strong

“Built for comfort, built for speed“. – That’s what a real horse has under its hood. We look at the beauty and pageantry only one sport can offer. To gaze at a majestic 1,000 lb animal dance lightly with the power of a freight train. –  “Lord have mercy won’t you look at her run.”  […]

Tom Drury – Trainer to Watch

          The holiday season has me in an introspective mood. – I’ve been thinking about the good men and women who make the sport of racing. People who work seven days a week and don’t know the meaning of too many hours at work. – There are plenty of good nature, […]

The Return of Racing

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 2, 2013 in General Discussion, Horse Racing, | 1 Comment >>

The return of horse racing. Not that it has gone anywhere, or has been hiding behind a slot machine. But for 17-days in October you would swear that heaven has fallen to Lexington, Kentucky. The Fall Meet at Keeneland Race Course is one of the rare treasures that fans from all walks can enjoy together. From […]

Lucky Man

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 21, 2011 in General Discussion, Horse Racing | 4 Comments >>

Everyone has heard the saying that some are blessed, or have the luck of the Irish… Well, I don’t know which fits, but I do believe in luck. I knew a guy who always loved the races. His first job in the sport of kings was parking cars in the bitter cold. But, he loved […]