The Mid Summer Derby Is Just Around The Corner

by Ed Meyer

posted on July 29, 2008 in General Discussion, Horse Racing, Other Events | No Comments >>

We are enjoying the sun, cutting the lawn, and outside dining. The heat can be as hot as the Georgia asphalt, but we don’t mind its summer after all. This is what the fishing hole and lemonade where made for. But there are some looming thoughts on horse players’ minds. The Travers on August 23, 2008. It will held at the Spa, and talked about until Breeders’ Cup. Be sure to mark your calendar, you won’t want to miss this one…

The past week was the running of the Jim Dandy. It was a knockdown battle between Macho Again, and the fast closing Pyro. If you watched the race, where did Pyro go at about the 1/8th pole? He was inhaling the leader, and went out to the parking lot for a hot dog…. He got back on track instantly, and was just bested. It was little jitterbug that cost Steve Assmussen the blue ribbon on this day.

They will hook it up again on Travers Day, and they may have to run against the likes of Big Brown. I am beginning to wonder if Iavaronne knows what’s up?? First they have a path, now he may retire, then he wants to go back to college. What is it going to be? Get your head on, and get in the game. I know that this level of attentionĀ has you reeling, but the other fish wants to know what’s in the pond. Also, I forgot to mention the most important in the mix. The betting public and fans of the game.

The summer sun is hot, and the lemonade cold. Go ahead, kick back and get ready as the rumble begins.