Sitting Around On a Sunday

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 21, 2010 in General Discussion | No Comments >>

I wrote a little ditty about watching the races on a Saturday. I watched, and some of the selections held sway. But, the overall theme is that backing off can cleanse your palate. I guess my cleansing worked.

Today, I had a friend that received his taxes back already. I guess he went to Mr. Tax, and they did one of those quickie payouts. Either way, he was asking me if I really liked anything today, as he was holding money that his wife did not know about. He didn’t have time to study, and he calls doing homework opening the program and picking a name. It doesn’t take brains, it only takes money…. So, he made the call and I was glad to impart my selections to him.

I was watching today and made a few bets myself. I was winning a few shekels, and I could only imagine what he was doing betting with a killer bankroll. I sure hope he nailed them, and he and the Mrs. can have a happy day.  I had a couple of very nice runs, and I could see him parlaying the day into a trip to the local casino to play $5 – $10 Texas Hold ‘ Em. He loves poker, and it takes a roll to sit down.

I guess not hearing from him has assured me of his day. I can see him with a bottle of beer, and stack of chips in front of him. All in due part to a couple of 6-1 shots that locked up.

I watched yesterday, and my palate is cleansed. Today was positive and you can watch with a purpose, or you can watch your life go by one minute at a time. I sure hope my pal took them down today. The groundwork was poured, and auto-pilot was on. All he had to do was bet enough, and the little lady and he could look back on this sunny Sunday with happy thoughts.

Just as I am writing this, the phone rang. I took a brief break, and it was my pal. He did do VERY well at the track. He was playing the rest of California, and going home for a shower. He has already called in for a personal day, and is heading down to that comfy chair at the poker table. The little lady is happy, and all is well. The best part about handicapping is winning. Coming in a close second place is sharing the info with your friends…