New York’s Jewel

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 31, 2010 in General Discussion, Other Events | No Comments >>

I know we are a few days away from the drawing of the official post position order, but here are a few thoughts to keep in mind when examining all of the action this week. I know we may change our mind between now and the race, but as of right now, I am taking the road less travelled.

Fly Down

A lightly raced colt by Mineshaft, and he should enjoy the added distance. I like the fact that he did not get caught up in Derby fever, and Nick Zito is a perfect example of what to do if you want to win at “Big Sandy.”  He is 4/5 ITM, and won an allowance event easily. He was steadied in the LA Derby in the drive, and came back to win impressively in the G-2 Dwyer. Zito is getting his photo taken 20%, and he did not face the crazy Kentucky Derby. He looks fresh and lively.

First Dude

This namesake of Todd Palin looks good…. Dale Roman looks to have this son of Stephen Got Even ready. The last race was incredible, the way he dug in gamely after breaking from the #11 hole. This will be second off the poly track, and after a game performance, I think Romans has him tight.  6/7 lifetime, and is maturing nicely. His style should be to stalk in the first flight, and historically this has not been a race where downtown closers rule the day. They usually have the race in control by the half, and at the 3/8ths pole, you will see many get leg weary. He should get busy at this point, and it could be lights out if all goes well.

Ice Box

If there is a torrid pace, or if the speed goes suicidal to the half, Ice Box could be the man. But, the race should not set up that way, and for him to win, he will have to show more than the Silky Sullivan efforts, flying down the lane like a train going downhill fully loaded. This son of Pulpit should be able to get the distance, but his running style concerns me. I said in a past blog that in the Kentucky Derby there would be 19 reasons he would not win. This was because he would have to pass every one of them down the lane…. He did, and got a nice part of the exacta. He will come rolling, and depending on the fractions, it will dictate if he is a part of the trifecta or the super. I like him, and don’t get me wrong. I am just concerned if he does not get rolling. If the racing gods allow him to move at the half, then the race could easily be for place. But, as cooler heads prevail, this part of team Zito is there to pick up the pieces, and to be the reverses rabbit. If anyone goes too quickly, he will be there to spank them soundly.

There it is… First glance after listening to many of the scribes and professionals as they are on hand. I look forward to fine tuning this week, and the undercard should be incredible, with many great Pick-4s and guaranteed pools…. Stay tuned, Saturday is coming soon…….