Good Guys Finish First

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 23, 2010 in General Discussion | 3 Comments >>

I hate the old saying of hearing that good guys finish last… I was reading about the glorious life of Noble Threewitt, who passed away at age 99. He was a very good trainer, but even a better human being.

It is not always the big tracks and big circuits. I have had the honor of watching some of the best people, and I have seen them do amazing things and go unnoticed. That is until now, and I want them to know that we have appreciated their efforts, and they have made a difference.

Father Frank Niehaus – He has been the priest for Turfway Park and River Downs. He not only serves people spiritually, but he takes care of them daily. The cook-outs that he created fed the hungry mouths on the backstretch. He held Christmas and Easter parties with gifts for the children. They would have never known the joy, but they can look back and remember fondly. He rounds up clothing, and always has time to listen. He is growing older, and his health is failing. But, if I could be 1% of the man I have mentioned, I would consider life a success.

George Bush –  Nope, not the president, the trainer…. He always smiles and brings joy where he goes. He works long hard hours with his wife Ellen, and has a wonderful family. He loves being a dad, and makes most men look bad, just by him being so good. He relishes life, and embraces every moment. He loves the little things, and takes his family everywhere with him. Never to complain, and always to compliment. He leaves the room a better place just by being a genuinely good person.

The Russian – Now, this name sounds like a mafia type. He speaks with a raspy cigar voice, and has an eastern accent. Hell, he could be Russian, but I doubt it… He is always there to help Father Niehaus. Where the Russian gets his help and his goods, is his business. The world needs a few more Robin Hoods….

John Englehardt – This man is one of a kind. He is a spin doctor of publicity, and holds down many jobs nobody knows about. His upbringing was what the bible spoke about. His parents taught him love, and shares with the world the gifts they have taught him.  He is a photographer who took the HPBA picnic pictures for kids. He convinces our boss to pay for pony rides at the track. That is magic during these tough times. It was just the other day, he was telling me he walked in circles taking kids rides in the hot sun. We run when it is blazing hot, and when most of us are in our offices, he takes cases of water that he buys out of his own pocket so that the pony people have a cool drink. He has offered more fatherly wisdom, and hasn’t judged too harshly. He has taught me life is a journey, and we should enjoy the adventures of the day… He is the first on the track when a horse goes down, and the first to attend a funeral to offer support. He has taught me many things, but the most important is we should all be better men…..

The Cowboy – He plants veggies on the backside, and brings them over to share with the folks who are in attendance. Mom always told us our vegetables were good for us, but being a sharing person means more than anything.

Billy Hays – This man has won more races than many. But, this past summer, he purchased a horse for a young lady who was in a horrible crash that killed her boyfriend. All that she wanted to do was ride, and Billy made her dream come true. He wasn’t asked, but he wanted to make her smile come back after such a long trip of pain and suffering.

These are just a few people I know. I could go on and on…. But, Mr Threewitt, you have done so much good on earth, you can rest easy knowing there are some that are doing good things for those who need it the most.