Listen To The Doctor

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 20, 2011 in General Discussion | 1 Comment >>

StethoscopeI have gone by many names over the years… The Professor of Ponies, The Sod God, Bad Luck Louie, and as of late… I like the “Doctor.” – OK, just kidding… But, a good pal of mine has been ill, and has beaten long odds. He is a retired teacher, and was an investment wizard. He has plenty of stew in his wallet, and said he had no plans this year… But, that was before the “good doc” prescribed a little racing trip for this lifelong fan.

First, I said drive your R.V. down to Florida. Start at Tampa Bay, and take in some of the best hidden jewels in the sport. The fields are great, and the colony will give you plenty to cheer about especially if you play Daniel Centeno. Stay a week or so, and then take in Gulfstream Park for at least two weeks. I would advise hitting some Jai Alai at night, or head over and catch the dog races. Big fun for the Sunshine state!

Now, you need to go over to the “Big Easy” and see some historic racing in cajun land. I would give this a week to ten days, and try and catch a sampling of Delta Downs while in the area. Pack it up, and head on home to Kentucky……

Rest up, and get back to being a simulcast player for awhile. It won’t hurt your therapy…. Give it a month or so, and start by making some plans to book a nice room in Lexington for the 15 days of Keeneland. This is God’s little gift to all fans. While you are taking it easy during March, book some Oaks and Derby tix, and stay at the Galt House. This month of action will allow you to see some of the best racing during the year.

This will take you through the spring, and the doctor will begin planning your remaining rehab for the summer in New York, and a flight to Del Mar. But, let’s not get excited too soon. Just enjoy the sport as I have prescribed, and remember how lucky we are. A year ago, we thought you had seen your last Derby. But through Divine grace, you have been given a new lease. So, the doctor will help you along with your rehab.

Just relax and enjoy…. I am glad to have you back, and be sure to bring me back a hat from every track you visit.

Good luck, and know you are in good hands with the “Doctor.”