Preakness Professional

by Ed Meyer

posted on May 17, 2012 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

I have been talking the talk as many punters for years. I couldn’t wait to wager on the middle jewel in racing. But, there is only one thing:  I really do not focus much on the Maryland product, and one day a year I shed my fears and jump headlong into the races. Nothing against the circuit, but it is just not my cup of tea. But thankfully we have the E-Z Win Forms to hold my hand, and allow me to play with confidence. Now, I am really getting ramped up for the big weekend, as I have solid guidance to be my guide on this day.

In 130 runnings, there have been 67 winners that were odds-on chalk. According to the Pimlico site, there are many wonderful things that take place at “Old Hilltop.” They present the Woodlawn vase created by Tiffany and Company since 1860. If you turn your attention to the weather vane above the clubhouse cupola, the winner’s colors will be hand-painted until the next year. In 2000, renowned artist LeRoy Neiman gave color to the weather vane for all the world to see.

They have been survivors of the Great Depression, fires, storms, and the arrival of the official mascot Kegasus. Billy Riggs was credited with bringing some of the first pari-mutuel machines to wager, and Pimlico was the first track in the country to use an electric starting gate. Five fillies have won this “middle jewel,” and Eddie Arcaro owns the record to this day with six Preakness victories.

You may have heard the tale of the tight turns, and how speed conducive the track can be. Well, it took the magic of Google earth maps to dispel the myth when they laid the Churchill oval right on top of Pimlico. They almost looked identical.  The race is special, as it is known as much for the party as is it for the race. The infield has been called one of the best parties you could attend, and how many other marquee events have a mascot dedicated to the fun and frivolity of the day? Pimlico is one of a kind, and I attempt each year to master the races.

But, my words of wisdom are easy. Check in with WinningPonies, and get your E-Z Win Forms to help guide your wagering. They have helped me more times than not, and if you take a look at the weekend, you will want to arm yourself with only the best info. If I’ll Have Another can pull off the victory, these next three weeks will be a horseplayer’s dream. So, if you are anything like this handicapper be sure to watch and wager with confidence. The data will be up shortly, and I will grab it as soon as I can. Best of luck, and may your winners be many, and your photos be few!