Chasing The Prize

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 23, 2012 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

We all know what to expect when we bet with our local OTB, ADW, or the race track of our choosing. This is pointed at the wagering menu for the most part. But things don’t have to be so stale. I salute the tracks and out-of-the-box thinkers. It is up to the people that put on the show to keep our interest, and who knows it may even be a lottery size pot of gold for us to find.

“The Big Ticket”

The folks that make their way in on a Friday night for the cheap beer and music may enjoy plunking down a buck. Let’s say that you can walk up and slap down a dollar bill. You will receive a ticket with a pre-selected number, or you can choose your own if you like. If it has a lottery sound, well that may be a good thing. The winning number of the winner and the place runner will be added. Example: Number #3 wins, and #7 runs second. The total for race equals = 10 by adding up the numbers.  Now, the wager will not be on a single race, but selected races on the card. You can have a total carry-over if nobody hits the wager, and this may allow the pool to grow. This will keep interest for the evening, and they are getting in cheap.

“Parlay Payday”

You know by now that I love the parlay. This wager could be a win-place-show type wager. It could be on the live track only, or the track running in your state. You could wager $2 win on #5 in the third race, the entire amount to place on #1 in the fourth, the total bank on the #8 in the fifth, and finally round out with your fourth wager. There must be a minimum of four races to complete the wager. By keeping it to your track, or the track in state makes it easier to sell, or design on self-bet machines. I have always felt that if the wager is alive, the pools will grow because the entire amount goes into the next bet. Give it a good think before you shoot it down. Parlays have always been a staple for bookies for years, and once someone cashes for $800 for a small investment. I think we may be on to something. This gives the player the power to choose whatever races they like, and not be stuck with the consecutive races that may not be appealing.

Put your noggin to this question. What type of wagers interest you? Is the current wagering menu enough? These are questions tracks, and wagering outlets have been asking. If you have an idea, go ahead and bring it to the attention of your mutuel manager. You may have a super idea that may be of interest to all players.