This and That

by Ed Meyer

posted on March 5, 2013 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

For players at all levels, there exists a “things to do” list that keeps our eyes keen on the prize. Here are a few recent things going on that have been on my mind. Remember, we all have opinions, and we would always love to hear yours.

1. I wrote about a decision to enter the Grade One Gamble or try my hand at playing smaller amounts to eek out a profit. Well, I sent the email at 11:00 a.m. exactly, and I am in. Last fall it filled in three minutes, and my email hit the time on the nose. I started thinking about regrets we have in life, and at sometime or another we wish we could rewind the clock and “give it a whirl.” This was my deciding factor, as life is too damn short not to “toss your hat in the ring.” Thanks from our good friend Steve who posted a response. It pushed me over the top to take a chance. Wish me luck!

2. The Kentucky Derby point system can get a little tough. I’ll bet if you ask 5 fellow gamblers, three will tell you they get points, but don’t know what is next. They run 50-20-10-5 right now until 3/30/13, and then they jet to 100-40-20-10. This will continue until the Lexington and Derby Trial where they will become 20-8-4-2… Now, do they not feel these races are important, or was it a guess?  Someone should call the owners of Charismatic who won the Derby in 1999, and who set the current speed record in 1:41 for the 1 1/16. The big points would have kept bigger fields trying their hands.

3. The Florida cage match is set to begin on July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014 for Calder and Gulfstream. Every weekend, both tracks are planning to run. They are eight miles apart, and you can bet that nobody will win. The horse population will draw thin in summer months, and the heat will give them a little taste of hell. But, both sides have pointed the dirty stick at each other, and they are not going to support each other’s race meet anymore according to John Marshall / Calder’s VP and GM. This little opera is another reason why racing is hurting. Gulfstream is not talking, and Calder refuses to address this any further. The horsemen and owners have asked for this to stop, but this has fallen on deaf ears. Remember, that Calder is owned by Churchill. They ate up Turfway Park’s September dates quickly after years of holding the Northern Kentucky meet during this month. Gulfstream has been doing well as of late, and Mr. Stronach’s oasis has been pretty quiet. So, when things are all calm, that is when the real trouble brews… This will be a tough summer in Florida.

4. Can you believe it is only 60 days until Derby at the time of this writing? For folks that have enjoyed racing, and have never been. Put this on your bucket list, and get down there. It will be a little pricey, but in the end. It is all worth the trouble and money. There is something about the crowds, the dress, and hearing the Louisville marching band play ” My Old Kentucky Home.” I guarantee there will be no dry eyes in the house, and for two minutes everyone is a part of history forever.

5. Try not to get trapped into new trends. If a runner wins the Arapaho Stakes for a million bucks, don’t get caught up into this. Remember when War Emblem won the Illinois Derby, and we all started looking to Chicago ? – Or how about the poly-track angle where there would be no winners, and Animal Kingdom set that straight. Go with the same logic that you employ everyday. It is just another race, but it is the most popular two minutes in sports. As our good friend John Engelhardt always says, ” bet with your head, and not over it.”