Magic Behind The Numbers

I have always enjoyed hearing handicapper methods from all walks. Some are based in numerical theory, or as my favorite sitcom The Big Bang Theory would describe as hokum…. No matter what “magic” is prescribed by the handicapper, the game has offered a little bit of everything to make money at the windows.

The 1-800 Number:

Long before the Internet, iPhone, iPads, and the computer you searched for that 1-800 number in the back of your favorite racing publication to find golden info. They would be listed as ” Uncle Lucky, Hot-Horse Harry, or the Professor of Prognostication.” They usually charged a flat fee, or if they were recorded, you would pay the $1.99 per minute for the handicapping wisdom of a capper’ from his apartment, or the lower level of his mother’s house. My pal had a GREAT day, and had won over $1,000. This was big money, and he had always wanted to try his hand at chatting with the professional hot-line. He waited until early evening, and called the 1-800 number to reach “Walt’s Winner’s.”  On the third ring, the phone was picked up by an older man who sounded like he had just gone to bed. His TV was on in the background, and upon giving his initial spiel about his winning ways. He was heard grabbing the Daily Racing Form, and turning the pages loudly. He finally found the race he was looking for, and started talking about his red-hot-block-buster specials…. My buddy wanted to start laughing, and he said the money he paid was well worth the show. Not to discount anyone who is in this game, but there are some fellow capper’s putting on a dog and pony show.

The Number Game:

I have read some info that makes the updated tax code look like a comic book. They talk numbers, algorithms, theories, and angles. My experience trying to understand these types has put me into the mindset of baffle them with B/S…. I am sure they put in many hours creating the “Unexplained and Perplexing” method that will destroy your bankroll. I appreciate the work, but it may be an exercise from a frustrated Wall Street executive, or a math teacher looking to make some extra scratch.

Trip Handicapping:

I have always bought into this one with both hands filled with money. Currently, I have been 4/4 with wins at Belmont in the past two weeks. That doesn’t make for much gambling, and many aren’t ready to put the time into watching the race replays with an open mind. The trick is not looking for things to happen. Let the race fall over your senses, and watch for slight checking down the lane, a tardy break, getting blocked in, and not getting that hole along the rail. I hate playing runners who broke their maiden and return in an O.C. $75,000, or a listed stake. I won’t touch them, but I do look for some type of race to build upon. Toss in a solid work after that race, or a rider change to a high percentage jockey. Keep an open mind, and if you had a wager in the race. You have to approach with a clear vision, and be sure to document the race in detail. I think you’ll have fun waiting for your horse to return to the races.

Racing Data Services:

Working in racing has allowed me to see about everything. The things that turn me off are services that give you the info as soon odds are posted. This can be 48-72 hours in advance. It is hard to recognize track bias, weather changes, or a jock who is not in the saddle that day, but they have your money and they wish you well…. In 2008, I was perusing the web and found Winning Ponies, and we have been working together ever since. I like the E-Z Win Forms as they allow you to make changes. When the weather gets nasty, all  you have to do is “click” the change of track condition tab for a brand new set of forms. This is one up on many services. Other data just tells you who to play, as WP shows you in easy-to-read color coded tiers. There are Last Race Ratings, Composite Ratings, and Turf Ratings. The handy icons catch your handicapping eye before you dive in. Nothing like seeing: ” Monster Work, Dropping in Class, or Layoff Runner of 180 Days.” I used to jump around from site-to-site for weather, scratches, and track changes. It is right here on one site in real time. Good or bad, WP posts how they are doing. They show which tier level they came from, and the payoffs you may have taken down. There is national news, unique blogs, free selections, and contests  there for the taking. It is up you… Do you want old data that can’t be changed, or do you want up-to-the-minute information to make your day a winner ??