“Just My Luck”

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 16, 2014 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | No Comments >>

If you see an old lady wearing her lucky sweatshirt, or the guy who sits in the third seat in the third row. know the search for good luck is abound. People generally believe in luck and feel there is a magical force that comes into play. If you surveyed 100 people walking into the track or casino, I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts 50% have an object they believe will assist them in finding good fortune. For the other 50%, they probably keep a close eye on the folks with the lucky seat. If things go their way, maybe they will get there 30 minutes early and grab their seat tomorrow. You know, just so they can have a better view of the races…

Having worked in racing, I have to say Thoroughbred fans can be a little touchy at times. If someone is screaming for the horse gaining on the outside or rooting for their horse and rider to find more energy. This can be the end of the world. The distraction can be deafening, and it will throw them off their game in a heart beat. Just think, if some goof is hollering, or the guy two rows back is snapping his fingers in a wild whipping fashion. There are some that should call it a day, as they are more tuned into what others are doing instead of keeping focused.

I used to believe luck played a part. Yup, I drank the cool aid and felt there was a force that could go off at anytime. But after years of watching and wagering, I have changed my thought process. I don’t know if your lucky amulet or four leaf clover has any power, but there is one magical weapon I know exists and it can be found anywhere the dice are tumbling, or a wager is being made. – Your attitude.

If you keep your cool and tone out the crazies. I bet you’ll start concentrating on your gambling. Who cares what others are doing or saying? Is it really that important? Why do they have this power to change my day? I know, all valid questions. Just take a deep breath and ask yourself if you have been the victim of someone else grabbing your focus. Many will say yes, and still others will disagree. But, if we’re all honest. We’ve all been affected at one time or another. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when you start seeing Leprechauns running down the aisle clacking their heels.

1. – Stay away from negativity = There are people you gamble with, and there are people you gamble around. Your game of choice is tough enough without toting more weight around your neck. Don’t bring along people who talk the “woe is me” song.  They are never happy and they never like to see anyone win. Sometimes playing alone is not a sin.

2. – There are no such things = Friday the 13th, black cats, broken mirrors, spilling salt, or stepping on a crack. Belief in bad omens goes back to our grandparents. The evil songs of the past were, “Crossing two knives will bring you bad luck, or if the cow moos constantly, there is danger to the health of its master.” Belief in an outside force allows us to focus our fear on an event or item and attack it.

3. – The blame game = Blaming and making excuses are ways to avoid taking responsibility for one’s own life. It is a common trait among unlucky people. However, if you suggest that there is no value to blaming, and that it may even cause more bad luck, the blamer is likely to get very irritated. “But it really was his fault,” he might insist. Many unlucky people can point out every person and circumstance that is to blame for their bad luck, but they cannot see what their own contribution to their situation is. Blaming and excuse making is a terrible approach to life. It eventually makes looking for causes outside oneself automatic. It is difficult for such a person to ever recognize the personal changes they need to make. After all, is it someone else’s credit if you win?

There can be a thousand answers for every loss. Know your limits when you play, know the complete rules of the game, and play with prudent money management. How can you go wrong with a bankroll, knowing how to play, and not getting caught up in the process? Keep yourself  in good company and your gambling dollars in the best. The punter who bet it all on the 99-1 shot will win every blue moon, and the chalk player will have some great days. Live and let live and you’ll find yourself paying attention to what is important. Best of luck, or would you prefer if I keep my thoughts to myself?