Never Been to the Derby?

As you walk in the gates, you’ll see throngs of fans dressed in the finery of the day. The sights and smells fill the air as fans walk every which way possible. “Let’s get a drink; get me a program, where do we go, and the words you’ll hear more than any. Who do you like?” That’s an idea of the Kentucky Derby. Racing is the melting pot where a guy in a $1,000 suit is drinking a beer with a shirtless gent. There are homemade hats that have been passed down to the next generation, and every year it is your duty to attach a piece of your trip. Something that is close to your heart. That’s an idea of the Kentucky Derby.

After a cocktail or two, and a South Carolina BBQ sandwich. You make your way to the seats. No matter where you sit, it’s the best seat in the house about 5:30 p.m. When the University of Louisville band strikes up My Old Kentucky Home, it’s OK to cry. Just look around, you won’t see a dry eye in the house. It all culminates with a building whirl of sound that only a crowd of 150,000 can make. As the horses pass during the post parade, the crowd starts picking up their pace. When the horses are loading into the gate, the talking and chatter disappear until you hear the announcer say; “they’re at the post for the Kentucky Derby!” You’ll feel chills running down your arms until the ring of the starting gate bell and the announcer’s voice shrill; “and they’re off!”  An explosion of sound erupts, and for two minutes everyone one in the world is a racing fan. That’s an idea of the Kentucky Derby.

If it’s your first trip, be sure to get there early. Parking is not as usual. You pull up and park in someone’s yard. They’ll watch your car, and prices range from $30 – $50 depending on how close you are. No worries, there have been folks parking in the same yards for years. You’ll smell the wafting aroma of fresh BBQ grilling, and ice cold soda and beer being sold as you leave your car. If you’re a mile or so away, no worries. You’ll see large six seat golf carts driving fans to the gates. Be sure to tip the driver, and make arrangements for them to pick you up at a certain time and place. I found this out the hard way when my gal broke her high heal in the pouring rain. It was right about then I noticed the golf carts with every seat filled.

Don’t bring the silly stuff. Think of as going to the airport. If this doesn’t do the trick, be sure to check the website for the list of prohibited items. It’s always a good idea to lock it in the car if you’re in doubt. We all have snuck in an airport size bottle of our favorite adult beverage, but I wouldn’t advise doing this at Churchill. They have a wanding station, and ladies count on being asked to open your purse. Here is the award for being the “world’s smartest dumb guy.” My doctor had never been to the Derby and he was really excited. When I was in for a wellness visit, he told me about his plans. So, I gave him the quick 1-2-3, and then realized I’m telling a doctor what to do, so I stopped. My next visit some months later was a story filled as well. He told me the miserable people at Churchill would not let him bring in his gun. Well, Doc. There are only 150,000 people, and you can count on quite a bit of bumping around. Maybe I should have continued our 1-2-3 talk.

If your a handicapper, do some work in advance. If you’re not, have a drink or two and enjoy the best people watching. I like to get there early and make some bets on the undercard. If you’re in the grandstand, infield, or a location without private windows. Bet a few early races in advance. This will allow you to enjoy your day, and stay ahead of your wagering. Slim down your data, and come prepared. For players of all levels, you’re in the right place for the best handicapping material. You get full past performances, handicapping icons to alert you, and the one-of-a-kind tiered predictions. If you’re new, you’ll love the ease of use. If your use to downloading the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms, you don’t start your day without them. The E-Z Win Forms allow you more flexibility. If it rains, just change the track condition tab, and print out a whole new set of updated information. There is no other data provider that allows you to change. They usually post selections 48-72 hours in advance, and just tell you who to bet. The E-Z Win Forms inform you in color coded easy- to- read tier levels, and show you how the race shapes up. The Last Race Ratings, the Composite Ratings which cover the horse’s last three races, and the Turf Class Ratings for the races carded on the greensward. Put this all together and you have a full arsenal of handicapping. Winning Ponies is an ultra-effective tool paying out this year over $2,406,765 in exotic predictions. In 2008, I stumbled across the site. I heard some good things from players, and took a look for myself. Well, I’ve been a part of Winning Ponies team ever since. I haven’t lost on a marquee day with the E-Z Win’s, as they allow me more time to use the info to find maximum value. Go ahead, take a look for yourself. I think you’ll like what you find.

Most importantly, enjoy the day. There are many who will watch the race, but it is a rare treat to be a part of history. You’ll be there, and there is no telling what you’ll see. Just a reminder, get there early, come prepared, and don’t forget to download your E-Z Win Forms. See you in the winner’s circle!