Harder Than it Looks

How many times as a kid did you want to be the next big league player ? – The only thing you ever heard was it’s about one in a million, and you better stick to your studies. Probably good advice as I’m not the starting pitcher in the big game. But how many times have you wanted to test your abilities to be a professional gambler ? – Yep, you too can be the next Matt Damon from Rounders. Well, maybe not as handsome, smart, or giving up being an attorney. But you get the idea. – Gambling for a living is harder than it looks. I have had the pleasure of watching many over the years and it isn’t as much fun as you would have thought, unless you like having that big roll of money in your pocket. Here are a few tricks of the trade that professionals will never pass along.


1. – You never tell anyone what you play, how much you play, or if you win or lose. Nothing can make the train leave the tracks quicker than a bragging story over a beer.


2. – All big time players rely on a data provider or service. If they claim they don’t, they are a bold face liar. The game is constantly moving and a savvy player wants to find an edge to get them to the winner’s circle. They subscribe to big money services you’ll need an upper level degree to understand. – Then there are the video replay artists. This takes up a great deal of time, and by the time you’re completed. You need to go back and decide how you’re going to put it into play. – You are on the perfect site for examining data. They don’t tell you to play the 1-2-4, and forget about it. They take everything into account, and have a proven track record. And you’re able to use it as a novice or a hard core player. Someone has put in a great deal of time to bring you the best ideas. I enjoy a service that allows me to decide based on empirical proof, or examine the proprietary numbers to find the hidden nuggets of wisdom.

Stay away from services that have data out 72 hours – 48 hours in advance with one sheet. This is tout and not a handicapping tool. Winning Ponies allows you to change up-to-the-minute for track changes and only charges for races used. Now how many others can claim that ? – Give it a try, and see if it helps you move your mark.


3. – No drinking, partying, or hanging out with the gang from work. – Lonely is the road, but you can sure meet them afterward to buy the first round of drinks. – Keep your focus.


4. – Take and keep notes on how your are doing. Don’t try to remember the first big win you had but you’ll forget it took $500 to get there. Use your phone, ask for your year end profit and loss statements from loyalty cards. – The numbers don’t lie.


5. – Never show anyone how much you bet. – 100% of the time they will not understand, be happy for your big win, or clap for you on the way to the windows. – You’ll hear lovely things like; ” how come you didn’t tell me, or you have ruined gambling for me for life.” – It’s not for everybody and how many times has a Wall Street warrior called you up with his best stock tip he’s been watching for months. – Just like your teacher used to say. Keep it to yourself.


6. No advice. – Free advice is worth every penny they’ll pay. Why give away your hard work for nothing ? – Once upon a time our biggest player was asking me who I liked daily. My best play of the day, my only one. – After going 10-10, I gave him a horse that was 12-1 on the morning line. It got checked and blocked to run a game third. The next day he said to me; ” I bet your big horse, it cost me $10,000.” – Keep it to yourself, as gamblers only care what have you done for me lately.


7. – Keep your records, IRS slips, detailed accounts of mileage, data costs, and anything that comes out of pocket to play the game. If you’ve had a big year, you’ll like the write off to counter the money Uncle Sam took away from your bankroll.


8. – Stay away from 10% cashers, touts, tipsters, and big talkers. – This is pretty easy to understand. They just cloud your vision.


9. – Professional players don’t bet every race that pops up. They handicap around 25 races, then use the best 12. After closer examination of the 12, they cut it down to the best 5-6 races for the day. They look for multi-race plays, and hammer on a big number horse to win once in awhile and you’ll only see a place bet when they’re looking to build the bankroll, or cover a wager.


10 – Professional players take some time off a couple of times a year. A couple of weeks where they watch trends and rethink their stance. I usually take off a couple of weeks after Breeders’ Cup. Racing takes a breather, and we recoup a bankroll. – Don’t be afraid to drop back and watch, or pull the trigger and go bombs away. Patience is the key and utilizing the opportunity is your best tool.


Build a bankroll, follow on one – three tracks running, and start your focused approach. I’ll bet you have some good days ahead, and you’ll love the game more than ever. – Last weekend I studied, watched a few key race videos, and looked over the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. I was six for six early, and had a tough beat going 3/4 in the guaranteed pick four. The day was still a winner, and that was my goal. The next day I loved some races and decided I would handicap at work. You can just imagine how that day went. – The time you put in is worth every second, and if you don’t, I hope you have your rabbit’s foot or mojo bag. You’ll need everything and anything just to break even.