Mutuel Fun !


The public isn’t betting much, and the field sizes are small. So what’s a player to do ? – The new fan doesn’t know as much as the old guard, and playing the races can take more work than dropping in a coin and pulling a lever. Mindless, all random luck with no thought but wild hope. – I guess it could be fun, but how about another idea ?


For new players, seasoned veterans, and the bus trip group that just pulled up. They can get in the game at a controlled price. – We’ll call it “Mutuel Fun.” For a $20 share, you’ll receive a share in the group wagering pool, a free soda / beverage, hot dog, brat, or mett. – You’ll have a tailored tip sheet, and see the selections on a TV screen or monitor. For everyone in the world who has a smart phone can log on and have the group selections in hand. – Easy to get into, and you don’t have to put in any work. Think of as a slot machine, but with lunch and a chance at a better payout.


If it doesn’t sound like fun, go ahead and check your pulse. – We’ll project a modest pool of 200 shares being sold. – That is $4,000 to start up the betting, and we’ll have the track handicappers put together a pick-five, pick four, and begin a good size rolling place parlay. – At the end of the day if there are monies to be divided, simple math can pay each share accordingly. If it all goes south, you’ll receive a “bounce back offer” to get a share at half price next week. – Sound good yet ? – Easy and just like the slot machine. The work is done for you, and all you have to do is enjoy your light lunch and root like crazy along the rail. – We need to create a way for bettors to get in the game cheap and introduce them to the fun. What do you really have to lose ?


Handicapping contests have been popular over the years, but fans are going on-line to play now. If you love the contest circuit you’ll see more tracks jumping out of the “brick and mortar” travel here to play. – Make it easy. Have a player signup on-line, fill out a rewards / loyalty card application, and away they go ! – They’ll have a chance  to win weekly prizes and the top ten each week will come back to play in the “Tournament of Champions.” – The top three winners receive a trip to a sister property and enjoy the incredible accommodations to introduce them to your brand. – You’ll create a new player, introduce them to your brand, and capture data where you can send tailored email offers. – Sounds like a win-win for everyone, and you’ll be able to check the interest of the players. – The contest is free, and you’ll have a track handicapper break down the card with a custom tip sheet to allow them to have the inside info without doing the legwork.


There are plenty of ideas to engage your customers, and it is up to the powers-that-be to make the best of every opportunity. – I use the 2% rule of player return. if you have 8,000 players over the course of a meet sign up online and play in the contest. You have 8,000 names for your database to send tailored offers, and if the 2% model hold up you’ll have created 160 new players who will be interested in your product. From there, you tweak the contest design, and create a cross-over program for the racino / casino patrons. – The work will be a little more effort, but we live in the times of creating fans in small batches. Catch their interest, keep them engaged, and you’ll start seeing subtle changes to the bottom line. – What do you have to lose ?