Wish You Were Here

Racing gets our blood pumping, and before you know it you’re a full-blown fan. The Travers Stakes at Saratoga was the cherry on the sundae of one of the best race cards to wager all year. The undercard was one-of-a-kind, and all eyes were focused on the Triple Crown winner who looked to continue his streak. The son of Pioneer of the Nile was looking for his 9th straight win, and you are in rarified company when you get this far. Matter of fact, if there was a waiting list you wouldn’t have to hang around for long. – But all of that aside, it was time to bet. I looked forward to wagering on the card. Every tipster, tout, data provider, and computer system was doing their best to show you the way. After the smoke cleared and the excuse breakfast was complete. Your friends at Winning Ponies sure hoped you dialed up the E-Z Win Forms.


I was working on this day, and didn’t have a bevy of time to pour over each race with long study time. So, I took the races which I thought were the cream of the crop. I began with race #8 and would end with race #11 – It sounded pretty good to me, and I wouldn’t have to wade through the early card puzzles and try and keep my bankroll intact. My plan was to examine who the E-Z Win Forms selected and why, and then I would apply the advice with a $2 exacta box and a $1 trifecta box in the four races. It would be $48 dollars per race, and $192 on the day. I had followed my data, made a money management play, and kept my bankroll in check. Sounds like a fun day at the races if I say so myself.


Race#8 – The (G-1) King’s Bishop – 7f


The top two tier selections ran 1-2, and one of my trifecta runners finished an honest fifth place finish. – The skinny = My $2 exacta paid $358.00 = +$358


Race #9 – (G-1) Forego Stakes – 7f

My tickets  didn’t win and the post time chalk won.  = minus $48


Race #10 – The (G-1) Sword Dancer – 1 1/2 on the turf

The top tier selection won and paid $4.00, and the fourth tier selection ran 3rd. = minus $48



Race #11 – The (G-1) Travers Stakes – 1 1/4


The third tier selection rocked the racing world to upset American Pharoah and paid $34.00  to win. Our top selection ran second, and the 2nd tier selection finished up the show spot.

= The $2 exacta paid $66.00, and the $1 trifecta paid $90.00 = + $156.00






I had wagered $192, and my winners equaled $514. – The profit was +$318 – Not a bad day indeed, and as my co-horts were enjoying the ice cold beer I bought after work, they asked me when I had the time to do that much handicapping. – This is where one could tell the tale, or bring your friend along with some sound wagering advice. – I told them about the E-Z Win Forms, and how I made a budget to utilize their selections. One liked it, and one kept arguing how he was glad to be where he was and didn’t want to follow anyone’s advice. I asked him wouldn’t it better over here at the end of the day, and his retort was about how happy he was being there. – I would love for him to have some great days, and enjoy a handicapping tool that enabled you to score. I can’t speak for my pal, but at the end of the day I can say it was a happy Travers Day for this handicapper. I hope he changes his mind someday as we hope many would utilize our wagering advice to maximize value. Your friends at Winning Ponies hope you were aboard, and if not you can always jump aboard for the big win. We’ll keep posting our results, and you decide for yourself. – Do you want the same results, or would you rather be over here at the end of the day ?