What’s a Player to Do ?

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Now that the heat of summer has turned to the cool breeze of autumn, many horse racing fans are preparing for a long hibernation after the Breeders’ Cup. Think about it. – The Triple Crown leads into the Saratoga and Del Mar seasons, and you’ll see the trail to the Breeders’ Cup put on finishing touches via Keeneland and Belmont. After the biggest weekend in racing, many players go into a hibernation of sorts. Players turn to football, honey-do lists that have been on the shelf since last April, and some make small to non-existent bets on the computer. – So how do we get players off the couch and following the sport they love ?


In the winter months, there are a handful of tracks that offer up a quality card to play. – Churchill Downs does for a portion of the meet, Aqueduct in New York brings the heat with the inner-track, and Hawthorne and Gulfstream-West offer up the remnants of the Florida and Chicago circuits. How about Turfway Park with one of the last remaining poly track surfaces ? – This should take us right into the starting of the new year as Fair Grounds kicks up in November, and the highly anticipated Gulfstream meet which opens in December. Oaklawn Park has always been a winner for solid action from the south and mid-west, and you always can bask in the sunshine with Santa Anita which usually opens right after Christmas. – As you can see there is action all year-round and it always leads into something better right around the corner. How about this for keeping the handle up and the players in action.

Any track, or OTB that wants to take part can enter with a $2,000 fee. – Any ADW that wants to be the sole portal for wagering can apply with a $3,000 fee. Now let’s say you have 20 tracks and OTB’s that wish to take part. – There is a $40,000 seeded pool for the players. – The contest will have a $200 entry fee for players wishing to take part on-line, but will have the option of a “buy-back” if they go tapped by exhausting their initial bankroll.  – Now, here comes the best part. The $200 entry fee is a 100% payout and the tracks and ADW make nothing in the form of takeout, but have the opportunity to showcase their product and attract new handle. – The rules would be pretty straight forward. Once the entry has been completed at the selected ADW, players will be asked to wager $2 to win and place on four selected races from around the nation. Every week the tracks will change, and there will be alternates in case of any cancellations.  For every passing Saturday, the wager goes up $1 to win and place. – The first week is $2 to win and place, the 2nd week $3 to win and place, and 3rd week will be $4 to win and place, etc. – Since the contest will be offered on-line, you will have a data provider who wants to put out the contest races for free for players.

So, how much is in the pot and how can we become big winners ? – I am guessing that since it is a cash contest and players get to keep their bankroll, and play for prize money on top. I would say that 500 entrants from around the country would not be a surprise. It is a contest designed to keep interest up and players involved in the ponies and they can’t go all-in until the finals of the contest to be held on Derby Day. – If 500 players @ $200 enter = $100,000 + the $40,000 seed money from participating tracks. – That comes out to a sweet $140,000 for prize money, and players get to keep their cash bankrolls betting to win and place. – For a $200 investment, you could have a great deal of wagering enjoyment at a minimal cost, and have a shot at making a nice payday on Derby Day. – I would limit the contest to 2 entries per player, and one “buy-back” for each. The sliding wagering scale will allow you to always have a chance at catching up, and the “all-in” element on Derby Day can change everything around in one bet. – Does this sound like a nice way to spend the winter in your man cave ?