A Little Sugar

The Power of Money … It is Your Vote


I have a good friend who loves the races. – Great guy, but he gets in his own way when it comes to making cash at the windows. – He was recalling a butt-kicking from the past weekend and gave all details that verged on TMI. – I love the guy, but he couldn’t cash a ticket if the race was official. But I digress. He always asks; ” Hey my man, how about a little sugar for the next race ?” – You give him a horse and it runs well, and only one thing gets in his way. He talks himself off before pulling the trigger. – He calls me on Wednesday and wanted me to head out and catch the last three races at Keeneland with him. ” Hey big man, how about a little sugar for the races ?”

Normally, I would’ve made the 5 minute drive. I’m close enough, and you don’t have to pull my arm to bet Keeneland. Add in that I didn’t look at the races, and I had to regretfully decline the invitation. – He said he couldn’t stay long, and told me had $100 to put into action. – I told him I was writing about the races for the weekend when he asked me about Winning Ponies. – He would love the site, but why look if you’re not going to play the E-Z Win Form predictions ? – But today was different. He said he just wanted to enjoy a beer or two and sit back and make a few bets. ” What should I do with the E-Z Win Forms ?”

One of my favorite moves is a place parlay. If you stick to your guns and it all comes through. More times than not you’re getting a nice payday. – I told him to use the top tier selection for the last three races and make a place parlay. He liked the idea, and said he wasn’t even going to look at the names. He was going to enjoy a beer and watch the races. – The plan was made and he wagered $100 to place on #6 – Ironclad in the 6th at Keeneland. He won the race and paid $5.20 to place. My bad-luck friend was doing well with a $260 payoff, and a $160 profit. – He grabbed another beer and made his second wager. He stuck to his guns and didn’t waver. He bet $260 to place on #6 – Camelot Kitten in the 7th race. – The top tier runner ran second closing stoutly and paid $3.80. – Bad luck Bill now had a whopping $494 for a $394 profit. He called to tell me, and I was glad to hear. He told me he was going to have one more beer and stay for his last race. The sound of his voice was good to hear and I sure hoped he could pull it out one last time. – Off to the windows he went and wagered $494 to place on #1A Jack West, and when the race was official the top tier selection won and his runner paid $4.80 to place. – His $100 investment was now worth $1,185.60 and the bad luck cloud was gone !

He called later when he got home, and stuck to his guns. No wavering, changing his mind, or trying to outsmart himself. Bill said he found his “sugar” for the ponies, and he could download and roll on little notice. – He said he was going to use them according to his wagering plan, and not get off track anymore. – Bill was hooked, and wanted to learn all about the E-Z Win Forms. His interest was back and attitude renewed. – I’ve always said they’re easy to use, and this first timer is proof in the pudding. I’m glad for my friend, and look forward to the next time I see him at the races. – Betting the races can be so much fun, and even sweeter when you win. Let Winning Ponies do the work, and you decide how you’ll bet the E-Z Win predictions. – My prediction, you’ll start having more fun betting the races and winning days are on the horizon.