Last Minute Shopping Ideas for the Racing Fan

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 19, 2016 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

I used to see many sons and daughters looking to get that race track gift for the racing fan in their life. They would peruse the gift shop and look over every item with a puzzled look. There is no sure fire way to please your special fan, but here are a few ideas to find a gift that keeps giving.


1. – If your racing fan really wants something in hand to give them an edge. Go to Winning and make a purchase of some E-Z Win credits for the best handicapping information around. I guarantee they’ll love the easy to use data, and if you purchase in volume you’ll get a great deal ! – There are stories, blogs, free selections, and a dedicated Internet Radio Show talking about the sport of kings. – There is no data site that provides a complete effort to educate, inform and entertain. Make this holiday season the year of the winning horse player !

2. – Nothing works better than a cash voucher. – When your gift hits the palm of your racing fan, you can rest assured they are already planning their next trip.

3. – If tracks have a great restaurant or sports bar. – A gift certificate is a perfect item. They can grab a bite and enjoy the game. They’ll thank you after a great day at the windows all the while enjoying a nice lunch or dinner.

4. – If you have a new fan, you may want to check in with your local oval to see if they offer a “behind the scenes” experience. Maybe they can head down to the paddock and watch up close their favorite runners being saddled. – How about getting to watch the track announcer call a race ? They’ll have the best seat in the house and see the race like never before. – How about a backstretch tour where they are up close and personal to see how the horses live, cared for, and meet the trainers who bring the runners to post. – Some tracks offer a breakfast with the works in the morning, and while enjoying coffee and danish they’ll meet and chat with the trainers who put on the show.

5. – There has been a great effort to get fans together to form syndicates to purchase a horse with others. – For a small investment, you can give your racing fan the opportunity of a lifetime by owning a piece of their own runner. – Tracks have a like group of investors ready to get in the game and will introduce you to trainers who are more than ready to head to the winner’s circle.

6. – If you are the boss and are looking for a night out. How about making arrangements to have a dinner or light appetizers to enjoy with a few libations of the season. Cap it all off with a special group photo in the winner’s circle named for your group and you’re sure to be the boss of the year !

7. – Check out the track’s entertainment schedule and I’ll bet dollars to donuts they have special evenings where there is great music, drink specials, and low cost wagers to get you involved and winning at a small investment. – Nothing like being the group leader who puts together the group to meet and celebrate together. – This is a winner all around !

8. – If you’re a newbie to the races, call and arrange a lunch or dinner date at the race and spend some time with your special player. – Who knows, you might be a regular in no time flat !

9. – If they love track merchandise, I’m sure you can visit the local gift shop or go on-line and order from their favorite track. – When I put on one of my many caps from other tracks, it always makes me think of the wonderful person who knows what I like.


Make this year a winner and by getting involved in what the player enjoys. You’ll find yourself having that common bond that can be the most exciting way to share the action. – Race fans love the sport and why not skip the robe and slippers and give the gift that they’ll be sure to enjoy. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies and Happy Holidays !