Tougher the Race the Better the Player

I know this sounds like complete bunk, but if you give it a good think you’ll find some truth. For me, when I have a six horse field in a nice allowance race it probably looks like shooting fish in a barrel. But seldom is the case. When I am faced with a daunting card filled with many players who have a shot. I find myself digging in deeper to get to find the best value runner.

While you’re still with me let me explain why. – There is a fallacy that a smaller field is easier. Now there are certain days this holds true, but if you’re in love with a payoff more than $3.80 you may want to seek the larger fields. – Many moons ago now defunct Beulah Park use to have $1 million dollar Mondays. Yes, you heard it correct. The little track outside of Columbus use to handle a million dollars or more on a cheap claiming card. – Why you ask ? – The bigger the field size, the tougher the capping, and the better the payoff. Hard to believe this ever took place, and even harder they could do it week-in-and-week out. The Beulah Twins Katie and Jenna were in full-swing and the handle was brimming. Many thanks to Mike Weiss who oversaw everything at the “Saratoga of the Mid-West” and they did it with bottom level claimers. 

Boutique meets are hard as nails to play. We love them because they are filled with top-quality runners for huge purses. – Keeneland is the best example as I’m not much of a fair circuit kind of player. Maybe I should as I’ve watched many fellow bettors nail them daily. But I digress. – You’ll want to do your homework coming into the 15 day meet. There is a bevy of info on the homepage under the racing tab. The connections, the riders, who does well with who. Many trainers target this meet in Lexington for more than the burgoo. – Some are on their way to Churchill shortly after and many look for a win at the prestigious meet. Here are a few names who fit the latter: Rusty Arnold, Graham Motion, Christophe Clement, Bill Mott, Ken McPeek, and Shug McGaughey. Be on the lookout for shippers from Gulfstream, Fair Grounds, and the occasional horse from New York. – If they loved the turf last meet, they’ll love it this meet as it’s one of the best in the nation if not the world. – The bigger fields offer up great value and it may take a little more time watching some replays, barn reports, and keeping daily tabs on the action.

The upcoming meet at Belterra Park may hold some good value. There has been a purse increase, and the stalls have been sought after for a packed house on the backside. Trainers report there may be capacity horses on the backside with 1,000 horses stabled on the grounds. Compared to last year with a little over 400, that translates to bigger fields and some great opportunities. I’ve been hearing for quite awhile that some pretty good riders are going to stay or at least ride the majority of time at the track. – It is hard to draw shippers to make the trek all the time, as the competition goes tooth and nail to battle for horses. – Keep an eye peeled as the meet is slated to open on 4/28/17 with a 1:20 post time Thursday – Sunday.

So what about the Derby picture ? – It’s as cloudy as coffee, and it’s not going to get much better. That my friends translates to a bumper payday if you’re willing to put in the time. Many just want  short fields and hopefully use it as free spot in multi-race gimmicks. – You may have to go back and watch replays and follow trainer reports. – For me this looks like a great opportunity for a pick-four which often holds a sweet guarantee. You are going to have to handicap a little in reverse hoping to catch a small number of horses used in one or two races and spread like crazy in the Derby. – Take a 3 X 3 X 5 X 8 ticket = $180 for a 50-cent ticket. Now, that may be above your bankroll limits and you’ll have to fine tune along the way to make it more palatable. The bigger the field the better the reward. It’s worth the swing, and you’ll thank yourself when you take down the prize.

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