The Happy Horseplayer – September 5, 2017

by Ed Meyer

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The winds of fall blow gently through the trees as the sweltering heat of summer fades into the sunset. The Happy Horseplayer readies for the fall racing season with dreams of cool days and autumn foliage in Kentucky. Maybe its the thought of going to Keeneland or the Breeders’ Cup around the corner. But the next season has been calling my name for awhile. – Summer racing overall was pretty good to me, but Saratoga dealt me some cards that were less than I thought. I made most of my winnings from a few pick-fours, and Del Mar treated me well for the first time in years. All in all, it was a great run.


If you’re not first you’re last

I was working the other day and saw some friends going in the race book. – They were chatting it up and I could tell the conversation was taking a heated tone. – “ You don’t know what you’re saying.” – could be heard echoing down the hall. – I stopped down at the end of the day and made a visit with my old pals. – They were still arguing when the quote of the day was uttered: ” Listen, you old fool if you’re not first you’re last.” – It hit me like a ton of bricks. He was right and won the prize. If you’re needing the win, being second is always a loss. – Sometimes we sell ourselves being close is good; we’re in the right church and wrong pew. Sometimes all it takes is a few small words to sum up the day. – When I saw them walking out later they were buying a program for the next day and laughing. – He was right and that was the winner for the day.


Race Book Romance

No heated story of love and desire. This is where you want to be and where you want to do it. You know, it does take on a sexual theme. – Horse players overall are the least needy gamblers. No, really. – They seldom ask for anything. When a discussion was posed by a track manager he was astonished by my words. – He felt race trackers are the cry babies of the gambling world. – They are more verbal,  but how many people can stand at a slot machine and argue for 20 minutes? Once he thought about it he started seeing what my 25 years in racing understood. – ” Keep the place very clean, well lit, all of the video and TVs in top working order and have ample self-bets to clerk ratio. – Now, turn them loose and let them be. They won’t come looking for 20 minutes for a free hair brush set as that would be a time they could’ve been betting. – If you sprinkle in 5% of what you give your slot and video poker players, they will be even happier and more importantly loyal. – They spend quite a bit of time there and if you build it right they will keep coming.


The summer had some ups and downs at the betting window, but that happens. – It was pleasant and the weather good. I still think about a handful of bad beats, and just as I wrote those words. That is the last time I will ever speak of them. Gamblers can bring bad from the past to ruin the promise of the future. The gambler’s mantra should be easy. ” Wagering Gods please bless me with knowledge, passion and a short memory.” The first two are essential and the last one is law. If you think of the past as you embark on the future you are D.O.A. – As we start putting away the shorts and sunscreen look forward to what lays ahead. The summer was glorious and offered up some incredible action. Now just live in the moment and the future will take care of itself. ” So long summer. I look forward to seeing you in 5 months. Same place same feelings.”