Everything Old is What ??

by Ed Meyer

posted on September 23, 2017 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | No Comments >>

Grandma used to tell us when we were kids that “everything old is new again” just when we thought we were inventing the wheel. – Yep, she was right then and her words echo truth now. Just to think, she was way ahead of her time. Or, was she around long enough to see things come and go and knew what worked?

I work for one track and come up with some ideas for on-track promotions for another I’ll be working in a little over a month. – We’re just in the idea phase, but that part may be just as important. I like to reach into my magic bag and draw from decades of what I’ve seen work and what has not. The rules are simple no matter what track you work. – Keep it cheap and make it fun for the players. – That my friends is the challenging part, but for an old war horse who has seen things come and go. – I just reach my hand into the hat and it always goes deeper.


“Beat the Man”

A contest that is not about kicking someone’s rump, but about picking winners in the last four or five races. – Free to enter and the management draws out five names. They must select the last four races and give them about 30 minutes to complete. – If they have a scratch, they get the post time win pool favorite. You always have a horse running no matter what. – They turn in their selections and are given a copy of “The Man’s” picks. – If they beat the man, they get a dinner package or tix to an upcoming event. – If they tie or lose they get some track merchandise.

For what sounds simple is a neat little event. – Let the players have a shot at winning and let’s hope they do well. That is the best tool to making loyal players. – Players from all walks love the opportunity to outsmart track handicappers. – Let’s just have some fun and hopefully, we’ll see you having dinner on the house.


Pigskins and Ponies

Race fans love betting sports. Well, maybe only 97% do, but you get the idea.

* Have an entry of $10 per player

* No more than three entries per player

* Give the players five bowl games on December 30 / January 1st. – They circle the team they think is going to win. – No point spreads, just pick the winner.

* Give the players two selected races each day and they MUST pick the winner. – They must select a first pick and a second backup choice. If both scratch, they get the post time favorite.

* Tab up the winners and give all of the monies back to the players. – I would like to see the pot seeded with a few hundred to get it started.

* Payout the top five and if there is a tie, the players split monies and prizes. – Fun little way to enjoy the big games and ponies all under one roof.

* If it all goes well, there is another opportunity to roll this back out in two weeks for the NFL playoffs.


Think it over and let me know. – Could you see yourself taking part?