The Lost Five Commandments

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 4, 2017 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | No Comments >>

I was perusing some racing articles on this cool morning and came across a great article in US It was the ten commandments of racing, and after reading them I found truth in every single one. – Great read to start the day. – But it took me back to an old movie that used to make me laugh til’ I had tears in my eyes.


After watching the clip you have to wonder what were on the other five. I know I sure did. – For many of my gambling friends, I think this may apply.  – Thank you, Mel Brooks…..

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With tongue-in-cheek here are the other five that may have been lost on the way down. – You may want to give it a thought if you have been a race-tracker.


11. – Thou shall not be jealous of thy neighbor’s winner. – Plain and simple NO bitching or complaining.

12. – Thou shall not try and get in on pick fours, three’s or other wagers once the first leg has won. – I have two good friends who asked if they could buy into my pick four after I had a $22 winner in the first leg. – Where were they when I went down and made my bet? – Oh yeah. They were telling me it was too much of a risk.

13. – Thou shall not gossip or talk crap when a player gets nailed at the wire. – No “I told you so’s, or maybe they should have backed him up.” – God hates a coward, and betting on the ponies is the place where we back up our opinions with money.

14. – Thou shall leave your small change with clerks and tellers. – They have a family and would like to go see that big movie on Saturday night. Go ahead and leave them the 40 cents. – If the 200 people they waited on did just that they could take the kids out for a bite and would be the first ones in the door to get to work.

15. – No rooting under your breath. – You know who you are. You’re the SOB that burbles under their breath ” I hope they get caught or I hope they fade down the lane.” – Now before you say there is no such person. I have a friend at work who only walks in the middle of a big race when I have a nice bet rolling. He always asks about the 1/4 pole; “who do you have?” – Right about then, my horse starts to fade and he immediately walks out of the room. – He comes back in a few minutes and asks “did you hold on ?” This kind of spineless wonder can make Secretariat lose in the Belmont at the 1/16th pole.

Plain and simple. Be kinder than necessary and maybe when you finally man-up and make a wager someone won’t come walking in and ask “who do you have?” – I doubt if there was a #16 commandment, but if there was it would have read that we are all here for the same reason. Just be a good egg and don’t try and make a tough game even tougher with antics and black magic mojo.