Who Are You ?

Just like The Who song, we have plenty of questions to be answered. – Who are you? – Well, maybe it would be better stated as what type of player are you. Are you a “methodical player” who searches for that spot play or are you a “pick and punch” style gambler? – Believe it or not, it matters what type of player you’ve become. Matter of fact it may make all the difference in the game on how you’ll do in the long run.


Methodical Madness

You find yourself pouring over the data, and combing over past performances. You stare at the type on the page until it could almost disappear into blankness. – I’m sure you know of players who fit the bill and at the end of the day, they need a vacation away from handicapping. – I have to proclaim I’m this type of player when it comes to Derby Day and the Breeders’ Cup. There’s just so much money in the pools, and a pick four that could pay a $100 may yield up to $250. – Yep, I spend way too much time pouring over the data. – After BC, I take a month or so away from the game. I need some time down and it takes a toll. Makes me wonder if I’m doing the right thing after all. – I started using Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms to shortcut some of my homework and find the little hidden gems that cut back on my study time by hours. If you find some data that makes your handicapping time drop, grab and keep it close. – Why would I change my usual methods just because there is more money in the pools? I guess you are tossing out your tried and true methods and replacing them with longer versions. – So, are you doing the right thing by studying longer or are you wasting time where you could be deciding on how to use the data in wagers? – The jury is still is out for this handicapper, but there is something about putting in the time that justifies the amount of money I use as a bankroll. – Study long and study wrong my old math teacher would have told me in 8th grade. But what is the proper amount of time needed to really find the answers?


Pick and Punch 

Nothing like tossing the noodle against the wall to see if it’s done. Well, that’s how they told me to do it to see if it sticks for maximum readiness. – “Pick and Punch” is a player who dances around and loves the action. – There is nothing better than having the action of horses turning for home for this type of bettor. It’s not about winning the big score, it’s about having action. – They like to think of gambling like a Chinese buffet. The more you try the better chance you’ll find what you want. – Fun, but not very effective. P&P gambling is stabbing and grabbing. The action is the driving force and you may drive yourself off a short pier trying to turn a profit. – Win $20, and toss away $23. In the long run, you’ll find yourself going broke slowly and losing weight running to the windows. – I guess that part may be the answer to the gamblers diet, but it will drive you crazy in a hurry. – This is also known as “tap dancing” and “running and gunning.” – Leave this style in your rearview mirror.


Now, what type really works? – I would use a little of both. – Study enough to give you information, and make the right amount of plays to give you a shot. – If it sounds easy, it is anything but. – This is where I started using the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms. They cut back on my study time I would have been wasting, and this allows me to decide how I’m going to use the data to wager. If it sounds easy, it really is. Take the time you would have been overdoing homework and decide how you’ll use it. – The rule of thumb is if you study for an hour, you need to put in an hour to decide how you’ll use the data. – You can just toss that noodle against the wall and guess if it’s done. You need to put in enough time by using tried and true methods to decide how you’ll put it to work. – This is where Winning Ponies has helped me since 2008. – The E-Z Win Forms cut back on my time as they pull out the positive points and allow me to dig into my handicapping.

Find your stride. – Winning Ponies has been a helpful tool and overall a time saver which has allowed me to be more effective. – Go ahead and give it a try. Winning Ponies offers up free selections, stories, blogs, background tales from the players in the game, and a Weekly Radio Show on Thursdays. Never a better time than now to give it a try and as we start dialing in on the Road to the Derby Trail. Be sure to check back this weekend for some free plays and red-hot selections. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies!