View From Above

by Ed Meyer

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I have the best seat in the house at work. Think of it like a corner office in the city. You can see everything, and pretty much they can see me. – The families, the fans, and the gamblers. Best seat in the house I tell ya’. – I have watched fans from every walk and watching never gets old. The view has allowed me to guess pretty good on where you fit in the crowd. I’ve always said the fans are the best part of the game. If you don’t believe me just grab a seat up high and kick back and do a little people watching. It runs a close second to the action on the track.


The families

This is always good. – Little kids with Mom and Dad, or just sharing some time with grandpa. – They make their way down to the paddock and watch the 1,100 pound Thoroughbreds saddle up and walk in the ring. – They have the look of a boxer getting ready to climb in the ring to do battle. – They are close but far enough away to be safe. Some take pictures and others just soak in the sun watching them ready. – If you haven’t been down go ahead and make the walk down. It’s always a great place to get up close to the action.

Kids standing near the outer rail waiting for an out-riding pony to stop. They’re gentle but strong and the riders bring them by for the little ones to feel the velvet softness of a horse’s nose. – They gently brush their face and the pony riders give the kids mints to feed their horses. – Simple pleasures before the pony take the horses to the starting gate.


The Groups

They are easy to see. – They usually travel in a group, sit together, watch the race together, and leave together – They get there early to grab the tables near the rail. – The best place to catch the action and close enough to talk with others. These fans usually dress for the day and have special hats and bright summer clothes. – A day at the races has been on their calendar for months and you bet they’ll make plans for the next trip before they leave.


The Horseplayers

Also easy to see as they have a program rolled tight in their back pocket. A Daily Racing Form in hand, or a clipboard filled with notes. – Mostly they are alone and sometimes you’ll see a few in a group. – They are the lone wolf as it allows for quick and easy access to head up and make a bet. They make play simulcast or follow the live races. – Either way, they move on a dime and know exactly what time it is by which race is coming up. – They have been the lifeblood of the track since the first race took place.


Stoopers and Dumpster Divers

They walk around and have the agile ability of a soccer player kicking over a ticket. They’re looking for a lost or dropped ticket and sometimes they strike gold. You will see them in every part of the casino as well as they walk swiftly and look for machines that have a 10-cent balance left on the machine. – I was playing my favorite penny slot and left a 3-cent balance on the machine for the next lucky player to start on a win before pushing the buttons. – Out of the corner of my eye, I see a person converging on the abandoned machine like a hawk on its prey. – Tough way to gather a few pennies, but gamblers can be an odd sort at times.

Dumpster divers are the folks that you’ll see bending into the trash bin looking for a program. They won’t pay for one as it will cut into they’re betting money. I guess if they find one its a score. –  I see them walk along and look for empty tables or seats to grab up a tossed program. – Stoopers have been around since the beginning of time. I watched a man over the years do it so much he began to have a curved body shape. No kidding..


The track has always been the great melting pot of gamblers and fans alike. – You’ll see a little bit of everything if you sit back and watch in between races. – Sometimes the people watching is worth the trip alone. – The track has always been the place where you’ll see the construction worker and businessman rub shoulders and talk racing. I have always liked watching people go through their paces. Some sit in the same seat and others will stand in the same spot. You can see them easily, and over the years you’ll see them come and go. – Nothing like a day in the sun watching thundering horses run for the wire. I’ve always loved racing and I guess I’ll always will. – A day at the races on my off day is just like above. All except the dumpster diver and stooper. I did find a $50 ticket on the ground once but that’s the end of my lucky floor watching. – I used to go as a kid with my dad, and have taken my son on many occasions. I’ve taken bus trips and driven to the races alone. – Yeah, my window is the best seat in the house. You get a birdseye view for people watching and seeing the majestic horses take the track.