Getting With the Times

I’m not about having a circus in the parking lot, or is that just what we’re missing? – The old days of ‘build it and they will come’ went the way of the dinosaur. If racing is going to make it to the next generation we need to loosen up and have some fun. – After all, that’s the reason we started going to the races in the first place.


Pick up the pace

There used to be 30 minutes in between races long ago and that was fine. It was the only game in town. – We now have professional sports, college sports, casinos, racinos, movies, and a plethora of things to do. People want to be entertained. – I know why we have 20 minutes in between races. You have to allow players to wager, and the handle is what drives the sport. – How about drawing two names for on-track players between races for concession packages, free programs for a weak, or upgraded seats. – For fans who are playing off-track allow them to enter into drawings for merchandise prizes by signing up on the website? – I went to an arena football game some years ago. –  During every time-out, they would draw for upgrade seats, dining packages, and sponsored prizes. It was a carnival and I loved it! – Constant action and the fans loved when a time-out was called. – If you want their attention, grab it.

Theme songs

We would all love to hear our own theme song as we walked into the track. – Now since it would be impossible to have everyone’s favorite tune playing. How about when a rider wins he or she is serenaded with everything from Garth Brooks to Motorhead? – Just a little fun to keep the place moving. – I’ll bet you a beer you can hum the “Brady Bunch” theme or the theme song from “Batman.” – When we hear the Allman Brothers playing; I’ll bet you’ll know exactly who is going in the winner’s circle. – Have some fun. Loosen up.

Class is in session

Every Saturday, have a free handicapping seminar. – This is for new players who would like to learn the game. You might even have a few regular players looking to pick up some handicapping tips. – As they walk give them a free program, a quick 20-30 minute “how-to” session and turn them loose. – Keep it simple and light. Make it fun as the game can be intimidating for players who would like to play. – As they arrive; they sign up and will be given an entry ticket. At the conclusion of the seminar, there will be some drawings for door prizes. Make them a winner before they make their first bet.


People love to play slots or video keno because they are easy to use. – They don’t make the player have to learn the entire process before plunking down a few bucks. – Make it easy and try to have some fun. – I watch from above every day and see what the players enjoy. They hate standing in line. No more upcharge to have a seat. Keep the pace moving with music and some prize drawings to keep their attention. We are in the times of staring at phones, constant video games, and a million things that keep us engaged. – When people come to the track it is our job to reach out to them. – This isn’t your grandpa’s game anymore and we need to evolve with the times.