New Shooters Welcome!

“Newbies” are the fresh faces that came to the track and wanted to play. Initially, they were drawn in with free music, cheap food, and beer. Now, how do we keep them? – Many tracks were stopped in their tracks as they didn’t have a plan beyond that part. – That’s fine. We’ll help you get your bet-on right now.


Free Handicapping Seminars

If you are new or would like to sharpen up your game. Head out for a free handicapping seminar. – Yes, they are free and usually have free food, programs, or a drawing at the conclusion. – This is a great way to keep your game sharp and feel confident in making wagers. – I’ve had the opportunity to introduce many players to the sport with free seminars. – This isn’t a place where you get every winner for all of the races, you’ll get some fresh perspective on runners who look good and why. There is a complete explanation on how to understand betting materials, and many times I have conducted a 101, 202, and Graduate seminars. – You can learn about the game on your time and not feel intimidated. – The idea is to get you selecting your own runners. But in the meantime, we’ll help you get started!


Casinos do it

Many gamblers wanted to stand at the packed craps table and cheer with the winners. The only thing holding them back was not understanding the game. – Casinos offer up free training sessions and usually, there is some type of drawing or bonus to get you started. – What better than to learn something new at your own pace? – The action awaits, and “you can’t win it unless you get in it!”



I have seen plenty on YouTube and many racing websites. – Steer clear of sites that offer you a GREAT deal if you just sign up for a package deal. You want to use handicapping materials when you want. After all, it’s your money and your entertainment.


Find Your Data Source

There are many types of handicapping materials and you need to find which one you like. – Use ones that are priced to your budget, allow you to use them when you want and have offered up something extra for you the player. – Winning Ponies is a great source of info for the new player to the hardcore gambler. The color-coded tier levels are easy to read and have a complete explanation. There is NO pointing toward one horse and tell you who to bet. WP wants you to see how the race takes shape with handy icons and complete data. From there you can choose who you like. – You like the odds-on runners? See where they fit in the race and make your decision. – Longshots more your style? – Winning Ponies shows what makes runners eligible to win and why. – Take a look if you have not pulled the trigger. – Winning Ponies is a complete site that offers free selections, blogs, stories, and the Winning Ponies Internet Radio Show with host John Engelhardt. – We have the biggest names in racing and focus on the big races for the weekend. – Can’t make it for 8pm EDT? – No problem. The podcast allows you to enjoy the latest episode or go back and peruse the library of shows. – Winning Ponies wants to take your game to the next level and we offer something for all horseplayers.


Going to the races was an event. It was a day or evening out to watch and wager on the action! – It still offers beauty and pageantry whether you play from the comfort of home or make the trek to your local track. – Watching and wagering on the races is a one-of-a-kind experience. – If you’re new to the game find the beginners window where new players can take their time. If you prefer betting from home, do what is easy for you. Just make a trip or two a month to the races. Walking down to the paddock for the sights and sounds will be lost sitting behind your computer terminal.

If you’re a long time player. Be sure and take someone new to the races. – After all, this is how we all learned long ago. – Be sure and stop by to say hello to some familiar faces. – That is one of the best parts of betting the ponies. You share thoughts, make friends and cheer together. – How many times have you seen ten people standing around a slot machine jumping and cheering home the outcome? Me neither. – Take in a day at the races and be sure to keep involved by seeing what type of events, promotions, and music are on the calendar. – It’s not your grandpa’s game anymore and the track is a great place to enjoy an evening out.

Be sure to bet more when your winning and less when your not doing well. – As my good friend John Engelhardt says; “Bet with your head and not over it.”