Race Track Time Machine

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 12, 2018 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | No Comments >>

I was sitting in my office looking out the window. – We are six floors up and the flurries were whizzing past like a snow globe.  It was a winter-wonderland rolling through my mind. – It took me back to days gone by and memories they held. – Just staring out the windows overlooking the track had me thinking about the incredible adventures I spent there. With 21 minutes to post the memories came flooding back. – Kinda’ wish there was a time machine of sorts that could take me back to days of yesteryear.


I wish I could climb in the time machine one more time for a night out with my dad and papaw. – Oh, how I loved tagging along in the backseat hoping to get to make a $2 place bet. – It was these trips that grew my love of racing.

I can remember with laser precision my grandpa walking across the parking lot where I was working just to say “hello.” – I was his first grandson and my last memory of seeing him at the races.

How I would love to see my Uncle Don come out to the races to watch my horse run. – He was a man of few words but his affection could be felt just in his presence. – He would travel out with my dad and both had as much fun as I did owning this cheap claimer.

All of my first dates were at the races. – I figured if they could stand the ponies we had a pretty good shot. – Thanks for sharing your time. – I think about them often.

The big winners over the years meant more than money. –  Just getting to go back and celebrate again would be a gift.

To the many fans who became friends. – When you work at the track you get to know people. I had the distinct honor of really getting to know many. – I walked through the racebook the other day and those faces are a memory. – I can remember everyone, and would love to go back when race tracks were packed. The swirl of humanity and energy of the track was wild. People coming and going and lines at every teller station. It was the place to be. – I would love to go back on a busy Saturday and see some folks that have been gone a long time. – Great memories I’ll cherish forever.

My treks with my dad have slowed. Partly because I work at two tracks within our driving range. – We would talk horses and he would play speed horses with cheap jockeys. – He wasn’t a big bettor and was looking for a price. – ” I’m going to be on the lead and they’ll have to catch me if they can.” – I heard that so many times and would love to hear them more. – We drove down to the Keeneland contest a few weeks ago and enjoyed my time playing the races with him. – For the many photo finishes and close calls, we enjoyed the time spent together. – Thanks, dad. I love you.

I met two of my best friends at the races, good friends to this day, and many professional acquaintances. – I wouldn’t trade any of these memories for the world. – I can recall every hot tip, bad beat, and great time. – I’ve had the opportunity to work at five tracks. Two of which could be the same under a new name. – I loved every second and still do. There’s a magic that goes along with working at the track. The energy from the old days has declined due to players betting from home and increased competition. – If you’re lucky, you can still hear the roar of the crowd and thunder of hooves. That will never go away for real fans who love the game.

As the horses are nearing the starting gate, I get in position to watch the race and relish the opportunity. It never gets old. – If you haven’t been for awhile take the time and head out for some races. Take someone new or hangout with some old friends. Fall in love all over again and enjoy the ride. – Trust me, the memories last forever.