I’ve Got a Horse Right Here

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 18, 2018 in Blogroll, Free Picks and Tips, Handicapping, Horse Racing, WinningPonies.com | No Comments >>

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We all get the golden question ” who do you like today?” – I have a good friend who loves to bet but doesn’t have time to sit down and handicap. – ” So, Ed who do you like at Gulfstream on Saturday?” – I looked over the card and gave him who I liked. – They didn’t do poorly, but I did have a bad case of seconditis. – If I only turned him onto the Winning Ponies this day he may be sending me a fine bottle of wine for the holidays.

Gulfstream is going to get better by the weekend and as January creeps around the weekend stakes will be super. – That’s the best part of racing I enjoy as the stakes start the official road to the Derby. – My friend is in the holiday spirit as he received his bonus a little early and wanted to play some ponies this weekend. – My picks were good, but not up to snuff with the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms.

He bets $20 to win on my top pick and I make him a nice three horse exacta box. – Now, if I would have used the top three selections from Winning Ponies. His day may have turned out a little different.


Race #1 – #7 – She Loves Me = $5.80 to win would have brought him $58.00 – It was their top selection. 

Race #2 – #8 – Erasmo’s Dream = $5.00 to win would have yielded a crisp $50 bill. – Top Selection.

Race #5 – #6 – Sir Anthony was the top pick and paid a whopping $53.80 to win, and the exacta paid $210 with the top two selections. – He would have won $748 !

Race #6 – #1 – Blue Sky Venezuela = $6.60 to win for a sweet $66 payoff.

Race #9 – #8 Capala Temptress paid $10.00 and the exacta with the top two selections paid $48.80 – This would have cashed for $148.80

Race #10 – #7 – Dream Pauline = Paid $5.40 for an additional $54.


At the end of the day, he would have been a much happier camper – My picks hit the board and didn’t do bad. –  But there is nothing like cashing your voucher at the end of the day for some real cash! – I sent along the www.winningponies.com website and told him if he really liked money to check in with what the E-Z Win Forms had to say. – We’re all decent ‘cappers but when you find a source that will make your day a winner why not use that handicapping tool? – He is signing up today after I forwarded him the payoffs for Winning Ponies and I don’t think I’ll be getting his call as much. – That’s ok. I want him to win and they have shown a profit for years with easy-to-use E-Z Win Forms. – He could have paid for Christmas in one day following the E-Z Win Forms.


Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies, and a Happy Holiday Season to you and yours!