Christmas Wishes

by Ed Meyer

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As we enjoy our time with family and friends take a moment or two for reflection. – A time to remember those who are gone, but touched out lives in countless ways. Every horse player has a set of beliefs, and I’ve always believed there is more prayer at the races than the Vatican. – But, I digress. – This is a time of gathering with those we love and friends we cherish. – Winning Ponies wishes you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


I wish for the safety for rider and horses alike. – As in all sports there is a dangerous side. – Over the years, I have gained an extra respect for the athletes who ride. They are going 40 mph on a 1,200 pound animal. – Pound-for-pound jockeys are the best athletes in sports.

For the many tireless folks on the backside. – Cold, snow, heat, and rain doesn’t stop them for caring for the horses. – I was  watching works and chatting with a trainer friend. ” Ed, the horses eat before I do.” – These simple words have stuck with me for many years. – God Bless the hardworking men and women who care for the horses like they are their children.

Support the game, or it may face tougher times. –  Racing gets a bigger piece of the handle when you come out versus betting from home. – The “takeout” is split between the horsemen in the form of purses and the track to pay salaries, taxes, keeping the lights on, and improvements. – If every person who lives close enough makes two more trips out to the track, the bottom line can be affected in a positive way. – We want racing to continue and making this small gesture can save the game we love.

For the many who are no longer with us. Keep them in your thoughts next trip to the races. – If they were fans, make a token wager on their favorite number, horse, or jockey. – I was reading on social media how a friend honored his comrade with a trip to Aqueduct before attending the services. – It’s what they agreed upon, and he kept his end of the bargain. – He left before the last race, and looked back at the results to find his friend’s favorite trainer won the final race of the day. – He knew he was watching over being with him in spirit. – For me. I had a friend pass away this year. Good guy. Loved to drink more than bet, and always had a smile on his face. I remember one of our last conversations. – ” Ed, I just wanna go back to the track and have a few beers.”  – No worries. Before I start everyday at Belterra, I think of my friend and how he loved standing in the sun swilling a beer and betting the ponies. He’ll always be at the races in my heart.


From your friends at Winning Ponies, we wish you a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!