Happy Horseplayer / March

Another month has passed and we are starting to see the marquee races hit the weekend schedule. I’m starting to see articles on “Derby Horses to Watch” and “New Shooters Coming on the Scene.” – No matter what your belief, somewhere in Louisville there is a large hothouse with roses beginning to bloom.


Our Real Horse Has Yet to Appear

Many are zeroed in on runners who had a great two-year-old showing. – For me, I’m still on the fence. I’m looking for one who just broke his maiden and will appear on the major scene in a big way. I know all about last year’s story and it probably won’t follow right back with a Triple Crown winner with very few starts. – For this punter, I’m looking for some value. It’s something we haven’t had in some years, but this is gonna be the year of a blockbuster price. I’m looking ahead to the Belmont Stakes for my big ticket payoff.  Time will tell…..


Problems Abound

As every horse player who reads up on national racing. There have been some problems that have caught the pages of the racing rags. – Gulfstream Park had an issue with some wrong numbers being posted. – It had all the makings of a real finger-pointing session, and it was. – With my limited experience as a placing judge. There are two people calling out numbers and one pushing them into the tote box where they would be posted on the board immediately. When they hit the 1/4 pole the numbers stop and all three judges prepare by writing down each horse as they cross the wire. We then discuss who we have written down and proceed to examine the photo finish rundown. – When the top four are agreed upon and photos and dead heats are declared by all three judges. They are posted and the tote is called directly. – Things do happen, and sometimes there is the rare occasion where a mistake is made. – Baseball umpires miss calls, the NFL has missed calls that kept a team from the Super Bowl. – Nothing is perfect, and I’m not making an excuse. But for the many races run each and every day mistakes are few. Let’s move on and trust in the system. I am, and I suggest you join me.


Until next month, The Happy Horseplayer wishes you health, wealth, and your photos are winners!