Everyone in the Pool!

by Ed Meyer

posted on April 16, 2019 in Blogroll, Handicapping, Horse Racing, Kentucky Derby, WinningPonies.com | No Comments >>

Leave your swim shorts at home. – This pool is all about money on one of the best days of the year to bet. – Grab 4 to 5 friends, and put up some money. It is time to pool our money and take a good shot at the brass ring.

Everyone tosses in $100. There are 5 players and the bankroll is now a sweet $500. – Everyone toss their name in a hat and draw out two names. – These are the handicappers for the group and with only five gamblers you have a pretty good shot at being chosen.

The bettors make all decisions for the group and no arguments. This kinda’ dampens the idea of playing together.

The group makes a big pick-four and solid bet on the Derby with exotics. – This ensures you can enjoy the watching and making some solo bets, and no matter you have group bets on the biggest races. – The p-4 usually has a HUGE guarantee and that means you will get paid if you hit the big wager. – By making a big bet on the Derby your group is not out. – There is nothing like winning the big race of the year.

I have known mutuel clerks who all toss up five bucks and make a nice Derby bet. – There is a group of older gents who make it $500 and go for it! – There is nothing like winning with your group and you’ll have one helluva’ story until next year either way.


You can make some side bets early in the card, but if you bet against the group keep it under your breath. – Playing the early races allows you to get your bankroll back and then some, but winning with your group is a great way to enjoy the day.

If you’re new to the game, or a seasoned pro. There is nothing better than downloading the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms as they are always dialed in on the marquee days. – Best of luck from Winning Ponies!