Let It Go – Let’s Move On

If you’re still feeling the Derby hangover let it go. If you’re still looking at videos and results, they won’t change. If social media is controlling you more than ever it’s time to move on. – Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Now, pick up the pace as life is going on. – The Derby is over.

Right call, wrong call. It’s in the books. If they overturn and give the purse money back to Gary and Mary West. It won’t pay you at the windows; make you right among the world of naysayers, and won’t change a thing. – Let it go.

I was beaten to a pulp during the last presidential election that I jumped off Facebook and Twitter for three months. – Upon return, the bitching was still red-hot and I took another vacation for two more months. – It slowed down a bit, and we got back to posting pictures of our dinner, kids, and the glamorous places we wish were visiting.

Don’t hate the DQ’ed winner as he was trying to corner the muddy track in a herd of runners. – And don’t try to tell your winning story how you loved Country House and he was the best horse. – If that were the case, you would never have seen box cars for a payoff. You took a stab or had him in multi-runner tickets. – Whatever the story. Stop telling them and let it go.

I’m wondering how long we’ll read about a magic potion to answer all questions? – I’ve read “Nobody deserved to win more than XXXX.” – Bull crap. How about the other owners and trainers? They didn’t deserve a chance to wear the roses? – Or, Bob Baffert has feelings this way or that way about the DQ. – He knows better. This race with 20 runners can be dangerous. Kinda’ like the American version of the Grand National. But, I digress. – We’ve heard from the professionals, chat groups, and once a year fans who watched and gave us their opinion. – After all of this info, we are back to square one. The stewards make a decision and that is the end of the discussion. – You won’t get paid for your lost $2 ticket or that pick-four won’t come in the mail. – It stings, but that is gambling. – If you were on the receiving end of having a winner put up. Would you still be bitching?

Here is the only solution for racing fans. Take a little break from talking about last weekend, and look to the Preakness. It sounds like Country House and Maximum Security are out and new shooters are on deck. – This makes for a new opportunity and possibly great value. – I’m moving on, are you? – I sure hope to see you at the races, OTB, or text me if you’re betting from home. Let’s get back to the game we love. There are tough calls like this everyday and we move right on our way. But, this was on the biggest stage and more were watching. – You’ll start feeling better, and before long we’ll have our Preakness plans in hand. That’s the idea and it may be the only one that makes sense for racing fans. – I admit. The Derby was tough and for the first time in 145 runnings there was a DQ. That alone speaks volumes and as we add horses to the starting gate. Maybe cutting back to 15 horses? How about 12? – The quote of the Derby belongs to the elder statesman in the field, Jon Court. – “My God, some of these young riders need to toughen up a little bit and quit trying to win so much,” Court said. “I don’t care if it’s the Derby or a $5,000 claimer. They need to have a little more integrity about the equine value we ride and not cast everything so carelessly aside,” according to Horse Racing Nation.

The Preakness is up next and we’ll be better served jumping back into the betting ring. – If you still need a little vacation from playing, it is understandable. – Let’s keep in mind how much we love the game. Remember how we started long ago and the people who took the time to share their love of the game. – I’ll see you in the winner’s circle!