The Happy Horseplayer – June 2019

Can you believe it’s already June? – The snow gave way to spring rains, and your favorite summer tracks are ready to swing open the gates. – Top it off with the “Test of the Champion” this Saturday with the Belmont Stakes and the H.H. is one happy camper.


May was a crazy month

The first DQ in 145 years of the Derby was filled with comments from the top racing scribes to the once-a-year fan. – The DQ lost me the pick four, but I agree with the final decision. – At the top of the lane in sloppy conditions, we almost saw a bad incident. Just when you think the smoke has cleared. There are lawsuits, co-winners desired, and a headache that needs three aspirins. – Horse Racing Nation posted audio of the film review. Give it a listen and see if you have any more questions.


Round #2

After watching the Derby replay a thousand times and reading everything out there. – The second leg of the crown was not going to produce a Triple Crown winner. – I guess we’ve been spoiled the last four years watching some incredible three-year-olds. – For me, it was going to be a new day and a chance to put the Derby behind us. – Even this race had an awkward beginning giving the media some fun to poke. – But, if you watch the race you’ll see a strong winner emerge.


Racing needs a doctor right now. – The horses are running too much. There used to be a “down time” on the Kentucky circuit where I grew up. The downtime was no racing dates and this allowed runners to rest, and bettors to build bankrolls. – When racing returned we were excited to go. – We need to examine the drugs. Plain and simple. We need to adopt a national program to which all tracks adhere. If you’re a trainer and have a bad positive with illegal drugs. You get a very stiff penalty. – If you doubt the effectiveness of penalties take a look at the Japanese racing system. Horses, riders, and trainers are quarantined. The human athletes are prohibited from communicating with media and outsiders. – The game is strong and they bet more on an average Friday card than we do on Breeders’ Cup Day. Oh, and the horses are guarded for safety. Add in fewer dates, and we may have a model to examine.

Be sure to get out this week and watch and wager on the Belmont Stakes. – Leave your computer alone and head out to the races. You may fall in love all over again. – Until next month, The Happy Horseplayer wishes you the best of luck!