Lucky Me

by Ed Meyer

posted on June 19, 2019 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | 1 Comment >>

“As I step into the line – You can bet this winner is mine – No photo, objections, and inquiries be not – For this is my day, and I’m feeling quite hot.” – Quote from the men’s room wall at Latonia Race Course.

Gamblers can be the most superstitious people in the world. – I remember reading this on the wall of a track years ago. – Confidence is needed as the old saying of “scared money never wins.” – I suppose someone was feeling quite strong and needed to share his feelings for all to see. – Think of as Snapchat or Twitter long before they were around.

Over the years I did some reading about cultural superstitions. I have to admit I am a bit intrigued, and who knows? It may help your bankroll.

Many Chinese gamblers have a strict belief of no sex before gambling. This one’s a little hard to come to terms with for obvious reasons. But the Chinese have made it a point of pride that if they want to score big on the gambling tables, they’re going to hold off getting lucky.

A horseshoe is lucky if hung outside your home — the iron wards off evil spirits — but be careful to hang it the right way up, otherwise all your family’s good luck will drain out of it… although others claim a horseshoe should be hung upside down to stop the devil sitting in the bottom of it, so that’s a challenging one. – Horseplayers are not immune to the infamous “rally cap” or some other item that is deemed lucky. It could be your lucky rabbit’s foot, necklace, shirt, hat or other trinkets. Point is that you went out of your way to make sure you wore that nasty, old “lucky” hat today.

Ok, maybe it’s all in my head. – Then I found a top-12 list in America’s Best Racing for warding off the evil demons:

1. I never let another person buy my Racing Form for me. #Badluck. – @NYSteve27

2. When I’m live in a multi-race wager, I always watch the remaining races from the same spot I watched the first leg. – @BrianwSpencer

3. Always put your ticket in between the roll of your cash. Money attracts Money. – @RamiroRestrepo

4. Once was live to a Pick 6 and refused to put lights on in the room (as it darkened), not to jinx myself. – @TurfPunter

5. If I like the 2 horse in a race, I always play my favorite numbers (257) in a straight trifecta for $5. – @Barbaro1420

6. Take anything BUT $50 bills from a teller… – @2ndtimeblinkson and @huck_jason

7. I was a no-$50 guy, but one day ended up with a few $50 bills and had great luck. Now I try to use them! – @cwhi2125

8. Always watch “Let it Ride” the night before a big. – @RobSlats1

9. There’s a horse named Look Who’s Here. Every time she gives me a cute look right in the eye in the paddock, she wins. – @RogueClown

10. Always go back to the same mutuel clerk who sold you a winning ticket. – @AndyScoggin

11. Gray horses on gray days. Any horse with pink socks. – @SJHorseReport

12. Always put horses with gold and win in their names in Pick 3 and 4s. – @TheDelMarKid

Told you. – I bet you’ve heard quite a few of these at the races. And if you have. Jump up and down ten times with your lucky hat. – There is a bevy of horse racing movies that show how important it is to go through these little exercises. – See if you can guess the movie from these few quotes about gambling:


1. –  “I’m having a really good day.”

2. – ” Don’t let his money touch my money!”

3. – ” For years I wouldn’t kiss her face, now I’m kissing her ass.”

4. – ” Kid, you’re good. – But as long as I’m in town you’re second best.”

5. – ” Go ahead, give him the shut out.”