Three Things That Made Me a Better Gambler

by Ed Meyer

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Everyone likes to dream about the big winner and crowds carrying you out the doors to the heroes tune. Throngs of gamblers patting you on the back as you light the winner’s cigar. – That’s all fine and dandy except one thing. Not one single word is true.

I have come up with my own speed figures and numerical magic at least a hundred times. There is not one single stand alone number that can sum up the outcome of a race. It may help and even give you an edge. But one number will not do the trick. – I had to find my way. – Most just want the end result cashing the ticket at the window. But the truth is putting in the hard work that brings about the big payday.


1. – You have to put in the time

There is no substitute for taking copious notes and watching race replays. – For me, this was a good start until the “free” stable mail systems came about. “I once was blind where now I see.” – The hard work resides in taking notes about what really happened and not an excuse for a losing bet. Go back and watch a few times. Funny what you’ll see when a bet is not on the table. – Keeping notes on a stable mail system is golden. They are everywhere and the best part they’re free. They will notify you 48 hours when they’re going to run, when they worked out, and if there’s a big carryover that needs your attention.


2. Stick to your knitting

These were the words of my best friend’s Mother. – It means stick to what you know and do it. – Don’t grasp at tracks or have a bet just for action. – Think of making wagering decisions like a Wall Street investment. You’ll start seeing the bottom line show a profit sooner rather than later. – When your hard work starts paying off you’ll find yourself more dedicated to the process.


3. Take a break

We take a vacation from work to keep us fresh don’t we? – Why wouldn’t you treat gambling the same? -There is action 24/7/365. You’ll always find a big weekend or some races that need to be played. – Skip it. Take a break sometimes and come back fresh as a daisy. – My breaks take place after the Triple Crown, and for about a month after the Breeders’ Cup. – You’ll find it keeps you fresh and ready to come back swinging. Once upon a time there use to be downtime in between meets and long before simulcast. – Gamblers could recoup a bankroll and come back hungry after a month or so on the bench.

I think the last one is the hardest. – I remember my Grandpa sitting in his garage cleaning his tools and collecting scrap metal from his jobs. – He would cash in the scrap and be ready when the horses came back. He would go fishing, do odd jobs for the family, and take his dogs to the field trials. He always stayed busy until the final months of his life. – We can take a page from his book, but only if you want to sharpen your game.


You can follow the game by reading and even make “mind bets” of what you would do if you had a bankroll in play. You’ll be amazed at what a little  down time will do for your game. – Best of luck from your friends at Winning Ponies and we’ll see you in the winner’s circle!