A Tale of Two Gamblers

by Ed Meyer

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How’d you do?- Did you take it down? – Any big winners? – It sounds like every conversation between friends or acquaintances. – You settle in and listen to the day’s events or spinning your tale. – It was this thought that had me ask the golden question to a couple of hard-core gambling friends.


Gambler buddy #1


He loves to play doubles and pick-fours. – He swings for the fences and is not afraid to push the “all-burger” as he calls it. You and I call it the “all-button.” – Without further delay here is his day at the races.

Race #6 – Omaha Beach = He made a $200 win bet as he thought this was a “lock” if there was one on the day. – Ran 2nd, and tickets on the floor.

Race #7 – Vasilika = He was so sure the runner from the left coast would come flying he doubled down his win bet. It wasn’t enough to cover the national debt but it was enough to make a car payment. $600 to win on the left coast closer. – Prat scooted up the rail and was bested by a dirty neck. – I think he was fit to be tied.

His pick-four tickets hinged on beating one chalk. Only one. – He had a key and was going to have a handful of 50-cent tickets totaling over $800. – Pretty good swing at the fences if you ask this handicapper.

Race#9  He keyed #11 – Uni and bet a sweet $100 to win! – He got back $460 and had the P4 rolling.

Race #10 – He used #11 – Blue Prize off a strong Kee win and #4 – Midnight Bisou. – They ran 1-2 and the winner paid $19.80! – Looking good!

Race #11 – He thought that Bricks and Mortar offered NO value. On that note, he spread to beat the chalk with: #3 – United, #5 – Anthony Van Dyck, and #11 – Arklow. – When he turned for home with United flying at 51-1 and grabbed the lead only to be beaten by a head by Bricks and Mortar. – Mad wouldn’t fit his mood. I think he’s still bitching somewhere and won’t stop until Christmas – And for the tough part, he had:

Race #12 – #10 Vino Rosso, and #8 – McKinzie. – They ran 1-2 and the P4 paid $440.80 for a 50 cent ticket. – He tossed down a handful of the most expensive stationary in the world.

Tough day at the races for sure.


Gambler buddy #2

We call him “Spot” as he’s the undisputed “King of the Spot Play.” – He was going to play two races that offered value and no more. – He said there was plenty of football and he would check back and catch the racing action. – This guy is one disciplined player.

Race #7 – #7 – Vasilika = He was so sure the California runner would take to the turf; this was going to be his biggest bet. He was just afraid of the stats promoting all of the Euro winners that ruled the race. – Well, Spot wasn’t wrong. He made an $800 place bet on Vasilaika and looked like a winner scraping the hedge. – When he was beaten by Euro Iredessa by a neck he looked like a genius! – His runner paid a sweet $5.40 to place for $2,160, and a profit of $1,360!

Race #8#4 – Mitole = When he bet $400 to win on the heavily bet colt. It was 1:09 flat later he reeled in $1,120 for a profit of $720. – Pretty good shooting for Spot.

Spot pulled off his best day in awhile – It reminds of when he drove to Keeneland on a busy Saturday. He made one bet and took home $3,800. – Right after the race he walked to the car and drove two hours home. – Yeah, it’s fair to say he’s disciplined.


If you asked 100 players you would hear 100 different stories. – Me, I didn’t pull a “Spot” and I didn’t get smashed like Hammer. – I had some fun and played the races. For me, that was the idea. – Going to the races with friends is great. – I’ve known these knuckleheads for years, and they are two of the best cappers I know. – Both are already qualified for the Las Vegas for a multiple time to battle in the biggest contest in the country. – I wish them the best of luck, and if there could be a dead-heat, I would love to see both holding big checks and trophies.