Get in the Game!

If you’ve ever wanted to own a horse. Now is the best time. – A few friends have called and asked questions about how to get started. I’m sure it sounds simple, and with a little guidance, this can be an exciting time for you.

Local tracks have been trying some programs. – They have horses ready with longtime trainers, vets, farriers, and grooms. They are ready to get you started in the Sport of Kings. All you have to do is get in the game.

Being a part of a syndicate may be the most economical entrance into the sport. – “Shares” are sold to own a part of a Thoroughbred.  Your shares range in what type of horse, and you’ll be teamed up with others just like you. – Trainers that take part are seasoned veterans who know the game. They go “live” on FaceBook and keep you up to speed with morning workouts, daily routines, and even watching your runner get a good bath! – If it sounds like fun, you can bet dollars to donuts it will be a blast.

You’ll be kept up-to-speed with everything about your runner. – You will receive a bill for monthly costs, and it will be broken down to your share. No more, no less, and you’ll be informed when they work and races that are on the horizon. – Just like the big outfits, you’ll know the feeling of watching your runner take the track.

The first time I owned a claiming horse with a couple of friends, it was like having my own professional team take the field. – The rider carried our colors (silks) and the excitement just kept growing. – By owning a “share” it was easier to absorb the costs. And, when there was purse money coming your way. The check made the game worth the effort. – There is nothing like owning a racehorse. And if you’ve been on the fence, now may be the time for you!

Here are a couple of sites you can visit or contact about getting into the game. – Racing could use dedicated owners like you and it is more fun going to the winner’s circle with a large group! – Read it over, make your decisions, and get in the game. – After all, “you can’t win unless you get in it.”


I remember the first time our claimer circled the field and went to the winner’s circle! – There were 50 people in the winner’s circle and the moment will last a lifetime! – We had plenty of success and being an owner was one of the best times in my racing life. – Best of luck, my friends!