The Happy Horseplayer – July 2020

by Ed Meyer

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As the cooler month of June expired it left us with hope. As we begin to gather, visit, and start the process of returning to living openly. Cherish every moment. What was a “had-to-do” has turned to a “get-to-do.” As horse racing is beginning to open the doors and welcome back fans. Take a moment to realize how good we have it. A simple pleasure in the grand scheme, but an important part of sharing life. – Take the time, and go back to the races. Follow and adhere to the rules of safety, and we’ll be good to go. Enjoy the minutes between races as we watch the horses walk to the paddock. See the bright colors of the silks when they take the track, and when the horses break from the gate you’ll feel your heart start racing. – What are ya’ waiting for? It’s almost post time!


View from the Booth

I have the best seat in the house. It’s not because I bought a high priced ticket. It’s because I have the unique position of calling the races at Belterra Park. There has not been a morning that my car pulls into the parking lot that I wanted to be anywhere else. Now, most would be first to say it’s not Belmont, Del Mar, Monmouth, or anywhere else. And that little smile you’ll see on my face is gratitude. “I know. That’s what makes it special.”

As we first opened on June 4th, the excitement returning to the races was incredible. As the horses took the track there were about 40 people total on the apron. Mostly grooms, trainers, or handlers who would take the horses back to the barn following the race. The paddock workers all wore protective masks; the starting gate crew; and every person who was near others. There were no fans allowed, and the silence was deafening. But, the show must go on. It went on for the fans who would watch and wager on their favorite ADW, or if they were lucky enough to be betting at the track with full-card simulcast. Some call this the “new normal” but I’m calling it what we have to do for now. – Eventually, fans were allowed back on track, and I must admit it did my heart good.

As long as we follow health directives, we’ll be looking toward a new beginning. Fans of all walks of life just talking horses and watching the races together. That will be worth the price of admission.


5 Days of KeenelandĀ 

In this unique environment, Keeneland invites you to take in the excitement and carry on your race-day traditions from home during the Summer Meet at Keeneland, which covers Wednesday, July 8 through Sunday, July 12. Keeneland is offering this unprecedented spectator-free five-day race meet as a celebration of the finest traditions of Thoroughbred racing in the heart of horse country. The Summer Meet at Keeneland will be held Wednesday, July 8 through Sunday, July 12. The first post each day is 1:05 p.m.

If you’re looking forward to this one-of-a-kind meet, here are the races you’ll be following:

I can’t wait to watch the horses’ thunder down the stretch with the melodious sound of Kurt Becker doing what he does best. I applaud Keeneland as they have turned from the “old guard” who didn’t embrace change to being the innovator of the industry. – I will be watching the racing action and I’m sure I’ll make a few bets along the way.

Keeneland always had the 30 best days of racing. 15 days in the spring, and 15 days in the fall. – The weather is perfect and its like Heaven on earth for horse racing fans. – No spectators will be on-track, but you can bet dollars to donuts we’ll all be watching. – The weather in the Kentucky area is forecast to be hot and the action on the track will be sizzling.

As Belterra kicked open the live racing meet it’s been a labor of love helping anywhere we could. – But, we’re up and racing and every day is a gift. You’ll start seeing more stories, blogs, and free selections. So stay tuned as The Happy Horseplayer will be making some regular appearances with one of the best sites in racing with Winning Ponies. Until then, best of luck and I’ll see you at the races!