One Day Pro – Revisited Again….

by Ed Meyer

posted on October 10, 2020 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on One Day Pro – Revisited Again….

Long ago, I wrote a blog called “One Day Pro.” – It was about wagering on a track you never play, and may not like. Well, as long as it’s been since my first edition years ago. I’m calling out some goofballs who fall victim to this stupidity. And yours truly leads the pack.

Pimlico was having the Preakness. I’m sure every fan on the planet knew the event took place and we embrace the filly who showed up the boys. – My friend Thomas Drury brought Art Collecter to post and that was the extent of my plans for making a bet. Well, plans are subject to change.

I tried to really dig in deep and do may handicapping days in advance. I knew the weather, the players, and my bankroll. – It fell apart like a cheap dollar-store paper towel. I broke my cardinal rule and went against the grain. After running 3rd so many times I lost count. The “One Day Pro” story came back to memory. It had been a long time, and I had forgotten about betting tracks without having a solid base. If my foot would have reached I would have kicked myself through the goalposts. – But, to make matters worse. I had the answer all along and didn’t follow suit. It was using the Winning Ponies E-Z Win Forms and box the top three selections in an exacta box. Good info, and it always comes through on marquee days. That is for everyone except me. – So, here’s a glimpse of what Winning Ponies did on the day.

Race #1 – $39.60 exacta

Race #2 – $15.60 exacta

Race#6 – $11.20 exacta

Race# 8 – $131.60 exacta

Race #11 – $75.60 exacta

I always tell you to download your E-Z Win Forms, but guess who didn’t follow his own advice! – Oh, well. Maybe I’ll be smarter the next time around when it comes to reaching out for solid wagering info. – As always, be sure and download your E-Z Win Forms for the most definitive view on how the races will take shape. – Until next time, best of luck!