The View from Above

by Ed Meyer

posted on February 16, 2021 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on The View from Above

The days of packed grandstands have taken a break. Just a little break, not forever. – There is nothing like looking down and watching the sea of humanity talking horses, laughing, and enjoying the day. Over the years, people have asked me my favorite part of the racing day. – For me, it’s easy. The people.

I love to come to work a couple hours early. I stop and chat about who we like for the card. – Nothing better. Some of the folks are new faces wanting to talk about the sport of racing, and others remember me when I was a young parking lot kid many moons ago. That is the best start of the day.

As the track announcer, I enjoy having friends stop by and catch a race from the best seat in the house. The friends are ones I’ve known for decades and new ones who ask to come up are always welcome. – Many folks in this occupation don’t take enough time doing this. – I like to think of it as being on a roller coaster. Is it more fun to ride by yourself, or have a packed car of excited people there for the same reason. – I like to share the ride. Answering questions, letting race fans watch, or if they’re bold enough they can call them on the track and even a few have tried their hand at calling a race. – These are the best moments.

The booth sits at the highest point and I have the best seat in the house. I watch horses walk up to the paddock, owners, and trainers excited about the upcoming race, and families and friends enjoying the day. – If you’re there and have a birthday in your group, an anniversary, or some great news. Stop up and see me. I love sharing the good news with everyone and give a special shoutout making your day a winner.

Watching the fans has been a one-of-a-kind joy. Some come daily, others make the yearly trek to the races, and new fans enjoy the energy of the day. – On my way out, I stop and speak with fans who are hanging around for that late simulcast race when the card is complete. – We talk about big scores, the one that got away, and what we’re looking forward to tomorrow. Good stuff. -The privilege is mine, and by the time I find my car I’m already thinking about tomorrow. –  Best of luck, and I’ll be looking for you at the races!

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