Three Ways to Make 2022 More Profitable

by Ed Meyer

posted on December 29, 2021 in General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on Three Ways to Make 2022 More Profitable

2021 is galloping to an end. – We can start our countdown of new resolutions soon enough. Do we keep the focus and drive, or just let it slip away like our new gym membership? – Anyone can knock it out of the park for a short time, but can you step up and do it every day? – It’s all up to you. If you want to take your gambling more seriously and turn a profit; You have started in the right place.


Stop over-betting when you are losing. – Simple. Just back off a bit. – We do our best work when we are up and playing with house money. Takes all the pressure off, and at the end of the day we have more “greens in our jeans.” Try this little tool to backup your wagers.¬†Ladder wagers. – If you bet $2 to win, it will be $4 to place. – If the fields are larger and your odds are solid, go ahead and make the show wager plunge as well. For me, they have to be 12-1 or better before I even consider pulling the trigger. Ladder bets = $2 to win, $4 to place, etc…


“Stick to your knitting.” – A good friend told me this, and after years I have come not only to understand; I try and employ the tactics. – If you don’t bet a pick-six, don’t start now. Pick-3 your game, play them. – The magic is held playing in your comfort zone. The first tell-tale sign is when you start playing wagers you never bet. That is you standing on the edge of the cliff looking at the long dropdown. – Plain and simple, just stick to what you wager on. Give yourself the opportunity to win at your pace, and in time you can dabble with a small wager out of your comfort range. But, only when you are playing with house money. Think of it as an experiment of sorts as this is where horseplayers graduate into more complex bettors.


In 2022, I want you to start place parlays. Yep, you’ve been hearing it for years in my columns. But, the secret is making some nice wagers from a small beginning. – First, you look at the card and determine how many races you will play. Don’t bet the entire card as that is too tall of an order just starting out. – Let’s start with 4 races. – First race you wager $10 to place on your runner. You are looking for ($3.60 – $4.00.) Sounds easy, huh? – It hits and plays $3.80. You now have $19.00.- Next race you’ve selected. The entire $19 to place on your next pick. It scores and pays $4.00 to place. You have $38 on your 2nd leg. – Next up, you make your $38.00 bet and it hits paying $3.80. Now you have $72.20. – Before making your 4th bet as planned, take out your initial $10 bucks as to not show a loss no matter what. – $62 to place and he rolls paying $3.60, you now have $111.60. For a $10 starting bankroll which you pulled out before the 4th leg, you are up to $111.60 for the day. Not bad for a 10-spot. – Going up in amounts makes it more exciting, and I wouldn’t plan for more than four races. A good amount, and a fun day at the races while making you a sharper handicapper tuning in with playing the races you like. – The best time is when your group of four buddies tosses in a $20. – Gives you an $80 bankroll and each person gets to play their selected race. But don’t forget to take out your $80 bankroll after leg number three. -Protect your betting bankroll and have one heck of a time. – Trust me, it has kept me starting the next day with a bankroll more times than not.

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