Wintertime Watching and Wagering

by Ed Meyer

posted on January 5, 2022 in Blogroll, General Discussion, Handicapping, Horse Racing, | Comments Off on Wintertime Watching and Wagering

If you’re waiting to start changing your game. Don’t wait. Go ahead and jump in the pool, the water is fine…

Many are waiting for a particular oval to open or a meet to watch and wager. The time we’ve waited for the “Big Easy” and the long stretch at Fair Grounds, or the sunny days of winter racing at Gulfstream. Yeah, I’ve been waiting too. – For me, winter racing didn’t officially kick off until I watched the Holy Bull Stakes at GP. But, if you look closer there is plenty of incredible value to be had.

Tampa Bay offers turf, big fields, and solid payoffs. What more could a bettor ask for? – Fair Grounds has been ruled by the same four trainers and riders for the past few years. – Gulfstream will evolve into the wintertime king as the weeks progress. But don’t forget some races will be on the synthetic track located between the turf course and the main course. – California kicked off the day after Christmas and will be enjoyable for punters from all walks. – Talk about what to watch and wager?

This should be the time where you can focus on a few tracks and watch and wager with spot plays. – Now, our friends at Oaklawn would be mad as hell if I left them out, but I’ve never had any luck at the meet. Watch the stakes action on weekends and stay in touch with what will be happening down the road.

Ok, now you have your homework assignment. – Watch more races, but stick to your plan of making very few selected spot wagers. You’ll keep up on the circuits, and stick to your knitting by keeping a tight hold on your bankroll. – An old friend used to call these “scouting reports” as a longtime high school and college coach, and he would keep copious notes on horses to watch. They were horses to go to the windows on!

College football is winding down and the NFL is starting the long process of sorting out playoff teams. Right before you start changing the channel to keep up on hoops, be sure and watch the premier ovals for horses to bet back, and for runners to follow on the road to the Derby. – This is the prime time to make a cold wintery day a profitable experience if not today but the next time out. – Keep to your playing of just a few tracks, but watch the big boy tracks and you’ll be right in the mix when the roses come into bloom.

I’ve caught many horses over the years by keeping up to speed on the marquee races for the weekend. – You’ll spot some runners that will return or improve off their last race. – Make a list of races and times they run. Take a peek at maiden special races at big tracks with runners who were purchased for Fort Knox. Keep notes! – They will return and some will move forward. This is where you’ll find your best prices to come back to play.

So, shovel the walkway, and hit the store for bread and milk. Then, when the weekend arrives keep an open mind and create your own scouting report. – It will pay dividends, and you’ll thank yourself that first Saturday in May.

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